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Enterprise DNA Online Training

An online training portal with comprehensive Power BI training for paid members and a range of free resources for casual members.

Onsite Power BI training

Three distinct options for Power BI training

Our three onsite training sessions contain material that cover every essential concept that would enable any participant to go and create compelling analysis almost immediately with Power BI

Power BI Workshop

  • Querying & Transforming data 
  • Data Modelling 
  • DAX Calculations 
  • Data Visualisations 
  • How to automate all your reporting and analytical requirements

Mastering DAX Calculations

  • Key concepts of how DAX works
  • Optimising your models for DAX calculations
  • How to apply DAX to answer analytical scenarios
  • Learn beginning to advanced DAX formula concepts 

Customised Workshops

  • Customised session using your own data
  • Learn how to develop a best practice analytical model using in Power BI
  • Learn concepts in all key areas of Power BI and DAX
  • How to extend Power BI to discover unmatched insights

Live Power BI Training

Upcoming public trainings and Power BI Bootcamp series will have a business function and industry focus

  • Learn - how to use Power BI as an analytical engine, turning raw data into unmatched insights 
  • Save - mountains of time by learning how to automate analysis and reporting 
  • Participate - in intensive sessions on key concepts and features of Power BI 
  • Focus - on analytical and commercial concepts, not just features from an IT perspective 
  • Learn - how to find the insights that make a difference and add value to decision making 
  • Develop - compelling visualisations that showcase insights that will add value to internal discussions and actions

Remote Mentoring & Training

We offer on-demand training, mentoring & consulting to solve specific issues that you may have with Power BI

One on one sessions

  • Best practice training and assistance
  • Fix problems with existing Power BI models
  • Empower individual users to discover actionable insights
  • Virtual mentoring on Power BI related topics

Group sessions

  • Group training and advice
  • Work collaboratively to fix Power BI related issues
  • Consulting and advisory service around Power BI implementations
  • Ongoing support and Power BI partner

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