Enterprise DNA Analyst Hub

Creating the most valuable analytical thinkers & users of Power BI around the world

  • Master key DAX formula concepts and techniques
  • Practical summaries easy to digest & understand
  • Added audio files to every single DAX function page
Enterprise DNA DAX Clean Up
  • Make your DAX code easy to read
  • Fastest and most flexible DAX formatting tool
  • Edit your formulas within the app itself
Enterprise DNA Power BI Colour Theme Generator
  • Get a monochrome colour and adjust it to your taste
  • The best way to get colours from your photos!
  • Generate new palette with a refresh button
Enterprise DNA Power BI Chatbot
  • Talk to EDNA with any Power BI queries you have
  • Focuses on Power BI & DAX geared toward all levels
  • Get instantaneous answers relevant to Enterprise DNA