Enterprise DNA Analyst Hub

The social network for Power BI users. Improving the speed and effectiveness of your Power BI development work by a factor of 3x.


Check Out The Latest Webinar Detailing The Analyst Hub

Announcing Our Revamped Analyst Hub Pre Sale

We’re making huge updates to the Analyst Hub and want you to be a part of it!

  • A brand new application built completely for Power BI users
  • A web-based app to speed up and improve Power BI development
  • A community based app that brings tips and techniques together for all users to benefit
Sam McKay, Power BI

Be Part Of Bringing Our Updated Vision To Market!

"For some time now we’ve thought there must be a way for analysts to scale their development work in Power BI. Not only that, there should be a better way for individuals and teams to collaborate around their analytical work happening in Power BI.

After collating a list of many apps that we knew would help any Power BI users create reports, I decided why not just build this ourselves. We’ve started slowly with some individual web-based apps, but now we’ve decided to go bigger and build a comprehensive web-based portal called the Analyst Hub and we want you to become involved in making it become a reality.

We have an amazing vision for where we want to take the Analyst Hub, and this pre sale is all about detailing what we’re up to and also give our early supporters the best deal we can.

Learn more about what we’re up to below.

Thanks for all your support.

Sam McKay, CFA - Founder, Enterprise DNA

Check Out Our Initial Design And Feature Set For The Analyst Hub

We’ve developed our MVP for the application and here’s what we’re building right now

  • Log in and sign up for your own individual profile within the app
  • Dive into individual apps within our app center
  • Quickly navigate around different apps tailored to supporting Power BI development
  • Format your formulas with our DAX Clean Up tool
  • Save your formulas and DAX measures to your personal documents area for future referencing. Save 100s of formula patterns if you like
  • Edit your formula formats right within the app
  • Dynamically search through DAX formula information within the app
  • Find any colour theme combinations for your report designs
  • Save your themes for simple and easy referencing and uploading
  • Ability to save any individual development resource to your documents section
  • Edit, revise or share publicly all your documents with the community
  • Leverage off others by saving ideas to your own documents within the app
  • Variety of immersive community features including likes, comments and more

And many more unique features that would take too long to list

We think the community and documents area of the app is our killer feature that will supercharge users development efforts


Check Out Our Entire UX Design For The Analyst Hub

We want to be totally transparent about what we’re building so that you can be part of it.  Check out our completed design for the Analyst Hub below.

Here's What We Have Planned For The Analyst Hub

With your help we can make these updates we have planned for the Analyst Hub happen much faster

Data Model Design App

Quickly mockup the design of your Power BI data models. Share and collaborate with others in your team or the community to optimize your Power BI data models and table relationships.

Dashboard Wire
Framing Tool

Use this tool to mockup report and dashboard designs. Do this for yourself or get inspiration from other ideas posted to the community documents area.

Data Pipeline Mockups

Visually represent how your data flows from its original location into Power BI. A powerful enterprise tool that can simplify data management.

Analytics Planner Tool

Plan out your Power BI deployment. List activities to prioritize, and collaborate with your team to speed up report creation and optimization.

M CODE Format Tool

Easily format code for  Power Query. Save queries to your private documents. Leverage off other Power BI users techniques and code sharing.

Private Collaboration Tools for Teams & Organisations

Have a single virtual location where all users of Power BI collaborate internally within your organization. Share notes, ideas, and feedback all around your analytics initiatives.

....and more based on your feedback!

Here Are All The Details To Participate In This Pre Sale

Expected first release to those who participate in this pre sale of the Analyst Hub application is mid October, 2020


This will be our best pricing we’ll ever have on the Analyst Hub.

70% OFF Future Proposed
Subscription Pricing

  • Never will there be better pricing for access - <$4 per month for 2 years
  • Complete 2 year access for your upfront investment
  • Save up to 70% off proposed subscription pricing
  • Early access once launched, 2 weeks before everyone else
  • We’ll refund your entire investment if you don’t like the app once it’s launched
  • Be part of early discussions driving the direction of the Analyst Hub
  • Get early access to new features and development we make to the app
  • ...some other benefits we’ll dream up as we go. If you support us now we’ll make it worth it many times over!
  • Master key DAX formula concepts and techniques
  • Practical summaries easy to digest & understand
  • Added audio files to every single DAX function page
Enterprise DNA DAX Clean Up
  • Make your DAX code easy to read
  • Fastest and most flexible DAX formatting tool
  • Edit your formulas within the app itself
Enterprise DNA Power BI Colour Theme Generator
  • Get a monochrome colour and adjust it to your taste
  • The best way to get colours from your photos!
  • Generate new palette with a refresh button
Enterprise DNA Power BI Chatbot
  • Talk to EDNA with any Power BI queries you have
  • Focuses on Power BI & DAX questions
  • Get instant answers relevant to Enterprise DNA

"I hope through detailing of what we’re up to you are as excited about what the Analyst Hub could become as we are.

We’re just starting and we need your support to make this a reality faster as I have no doubt this will have a huge impact on Power BI users based anywhere around the would.

As always, thanks for your support. Look forward to launch date in the near future!


Sam McKay, Power BI