Center of Excellence Reseller Partnership Program

Earn partnership fees by reselling the pre-eminent Power BI empowerment platform, Enterprise DNA's Center of Excellence. The process is simple, Enterprise DNA will support you in your marketing and sales efforts and handle all ongoing client management.


Enterprise DNA: Trusted by individuals and organizations all around the world

Over 6,000 individuals with platform access

Community spread across more than 120 countries

Over 4,000 business leveraging our content & resources

Well over 200,000 data professionals impacted by Enterprise DNA

Why Become A Resale Partner?

Earn Competitive Partnership Fees

Take the opportunity to introduce your corporate contacts or clients to Enterprise DNA's Center of Excellence so they can take advantage of the pre-eminent Power BI empowerment platform while earning a partnership fee. There is no fee for you to sign up as a resale partner.

Power BI Freestyle Session w/ Sam McKay

Client Management Is On Us

To make the process simple, all you have to do is focus on selling Enterprise DNA's Center of Excellence to your corporate contacts or clients and our team will provide set-up services, ongoing administrative support and relationship management directly to the client.

World Class Analyst Teams Choose the Center of Excellence

"Material is always presented clearly, and with obvious enthusiasm. Attending one of Enterprise DNA's webinars or classes is always a pleasure because he clearly delights in teaching others how to improve their Power BI skills. Keep up the great work Sam!" - Heather R

"For me Enterprise DNA's Tutorials and course content has been invaluable. I am pleased I paid for the subscription. It is genuinely good value. As a kiwi living in the US I appreciate what EnterpriseDNA does to help businesses globally. Power BI is changing up every month so Enterprise DNA will keep us on top of it all!" - Dean Marris

"Thanks Enterprise DNA for putting so much effort in creating absolutely amazing content. All your videos are very clear, very professional, you are a great teacher. I found it so easy to understand concepts from your videos." - Grace

How Does It Work?


Submit your interest to become a reseller here.


Our team will connect with follow-up information on the partnership agreement and supply resources to support your sales efforts.


Start selling!


Our team will handle all administration and client relationship management and you will be paid regular partnership fees.


Who manages the clients' concerns? We want you to focus your energy on selling so we'll take care of access, management and handling any other concerns or questions if they arise.

How does payment work? Referral fees will be paid on a regular basis to the resale partner once the referred client pays their subscription.

How much can I make? There’s no limit - the more you promote, the more you can earn! Our referral fee is a competitive commission rate. 

How long does it take to get started? Sign up today and we’ll review your information and be back in contact within five business days. 

What kind of advertising is prohibited? Spamdexing, article spinning, and spamming social media are strictly prohibited.

My question is not listed, how can I get more details? Please click below for more information on becoming a resale partner.