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"Enterprise DNA you are just "AWESOME", have been following your tutorials since long and it offered me a lot to learn from basics to advanced topics, "a complete structured packet for Power BI." Sam Ranjan

"I am very grateful for Enterprise DNA, thanks to your courses and materials I am able to bring so much added value to my company & provide my managers w/ many valuable insights." Kasia Grotkowska

"Thanks to Enterprise DNA training I have improved my Power BI tool skills and have deeper understanding of data analytics. They do excellent job teaching and problem solving." Brian Marron

"After having tried many Power BI tutorials, this is the only one I recommend anymore. It will get you to where you want to be."
Gregory I Felton, CA

"Enterprise DNA is truly the Master of Power BI and their videos are just the best anywhere! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us." Eric Tremblay

"Membership is really 'WORTH IT'. Great tutorials taught by someone who knows Power BI very well." Rupert Bennett

Learn The Essential Analytical Techniques For Power BI

Power BI & DAX Master Class
- April 19th - 22nd

  • Learn how to optimize data
  • Review the concept of context
  • Create compelling reports and dashboard that add value

Analyst Hub Best Practices - Live Webinar
- April 27th

  • Learn how to use all the current apps within the Analyst Hub
  • Discover how to collaborate specifically around your Power BI implementation
  • Boost your productivity by a significant amount by using the community and template documents

Getting Started With PowerApps
- April 29th

  • Integrate Power Apps within your Power BI dashboard
  • Learn the suitable apps that will bring your productivity to the next level
  • Know the limited transformations in the power query editor
Advanced Analytics Examples w/Power BI - September 2020 - Enterprise DNA

Create Value With Your Power BI Analytics
- May 6th

  • Develop advanced Power BI analytical techniques
  • Representing changes to your variables
  • Combining scenario analysis with other DAX techniques

Learn About Others Valuing Our Content!

"I was using Power BI in the past few months, but I was really not aware about the context of DAX. With this course I was really enlightened about knowing the context of calculate, filter, etc in DAX. It's really awesome. I'm really glad that I finally took up the course from Enterprise DNA, as every course is very good paced and Sam in particular makes sure that he's trying to explain everything around the topic."

Ankit Kukreja

"To become excellent in anything you have to gravitate to centers of excellence. Enterprise DNA is the main center of excellence. Better than Microsoft by a country mile! There's no flannel, no consultancy pitches, no hype. Instead solid meat and drink for report designers, data analysts and anyone involved in implementing data visualization on behalf of their company. Great stuff Enterprise DNA!"

Joe Claxton

"It is a remarkable experience for me, so many things that were very difficult to understand earlier, have now become easy to understand. I enjoy working on getting insights from data now, which was a very distant thought for me when I started working on data. I will always be thankful to Enterprise DNA for making my career an enjoyable experience for me."

Wajahat Mahmood

"The naturism on this site and the way it gets delivered is done of the most professional and in depth content any Power Bi user could wish for. It direct matter whether you are undertaking simple or complex builds this material sets out how and why with simplicity and structure Sams knowledge and detailed application of dax helps create elegant / workable solutions. Some of the best training you find online."

Steven Stanford

"Enterprise DNA, I can´t thank you enough for all things I´m learning from from your tutorials. Trying to learn PBI from other sources was very confusing, and sometimes a nightmare, until I found your training material. Your courses and resources pushed my knowledge forward very quickly. Your style and resource content are incredible. Thank you for helping me preparing analysis and reports I never believed I would."

Pablo Lorenzo Jauregui

"I was beginning to use Power BI on my own and found myself struggling to properly learn and to apply the capabilities of Power BI in my organization. Using your guidance, my entire organization is now moving toward the invaluable visualization of data capable with Power BI. Your training is the best and I am a super advocate."

M. Begley - Director



eDNA Community Event

Join a casual conversation with Sam and other experts to discuss Power BI, Enterprise DNA, and other data related topics.

  • Learn many best practices from Sam as you develop your skillset in Power BI
  • Discover how to leverage Enterprise DNA's education platform to significantly improve your analytical skill level and productivity around Power BI
  • Learn about all new Enterprise DNA initiatives. Get customized demos and all the latest details and updates.

Sam McKay
Founder and CEO
Enterprise DNA 

Here's the Catalog of Events Coming Up

Power BI Mastermind w/ Sam McKay & Mudassir Syed Rashid Ali (Member-Only Event)
May 13th, 2021 @ 5pm New York (EST), 2pm Los Angeles (PST)

  • Learn many best practices as you develop your skillset in Power BI
  • Develop an entire reporting dashboard that contains compelling insights
  • Unique concept will be covered to empower you to complete high-quality analysis

Business Intelligence Summit
May 24th - 27th, 2021 @
5pm New York (EST), 2pm Los Angeles (PST)

Session 1 - Evaluating Your Data and Planning Your Model

  • Take your raw data and imagine what’s possible
  • Learn to plan in your mind the insight possibilities before even starting
  • Use the query edited to optimise your data and eventual model
  • Construct a comprehensive data model for your analysis outcomes

Session 2 - Thinking Analytically and Developing Effectively

  • Develop a workflow methodology for effective Power BI development
  • How to efficiently create meaningful insights from your data and model
  • How to use the DAX formula language to enhance your analysis
  • How to organise your reports to bring scale to your development 

Session 3 - Enhancing Your Insights and Value Proposition

  • Explore the insight generation possibilities with advanced techniques
  • Begin using combinations of formula patterns in your reports
  • Learn to build robust and easy to navigate Power BI models
  • Find unique insights seamlessly with many best practise tips

Session 4 - Distributing Your Analysis and Driving Better Decisions

  • Make sure your data visualisation’s showcase insights effectively
  • Learn how to make your insights flow appropriately within your reports
  • Engage the consumer in your reports but also scale your distribution
  • Utilise the online service to develop your data culture internally

Learn To Become A Power BI Super User
June 3rd, 5pm New York (EST), 2pm Los Angeles (PST)

  • Know the 4 pillars of high quality Power BI solutions
  • Show essential way to source data for Power BI
  • Best practices for transforming data in the query editor
Power BI Mastermind w/Sam McKay & Greg Philps - Enterprise DNA

Power BI Mastermind w/ Sam McKay & Greg Philps (Member-Only Event)
June 10th, 2021 @ 5pm New York (EST), 2pm Los Angeles (PST)

  • Learn many best practices as you develop your skillset in Power BI
  • Develop an entire reporting dashboard that contains compelling insights
  • Unique concept will be covered to empower you to complete high-quality analysis

Business Analytics Week
June 21st - 24th, 2021 @
5pm New York (EST), 2pm Los Angeles (PST)

Session 1 - Optimizing Key Performance Indicators

  • Calculate second order impacts using measure branching
  • Dealing with product price changes through time
  • Analyze different performance based on segments
  • Understand and optimize trends through time

Session 2 - Discovering Unique and Valuable Insights

  • Using DAX ranking techniques in your analysis
  • Create secondary tables to add context to visuals
  • Calculate turnover and occupancy metrics effectively
  • DAX techniques for pareto rules and more

Session 3 - Advanced Analytics w/DAX Formula

  • Understand purchasing and customer behaviours
  • Unique time related insights
  • Complex logic within DAX iterating functions
  • Dive into dynamic cohort insights using DAX

Session 4 - Evaluating Patterns and Outliers Dynamically

  • Understand deviations from the normal in your analysis
  • Break out outlier results over time
  • Create trigger points based on created logic
  • Dive into abnormal results and look to understand more