DAX for SQL Developers

Learn how to transfer your knowledge of SQL to DAX and vice versa

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An outline of this training course

The DAX for SQL Developers course is the mirror image of our SQL for Power BI users. That course was intended to make learning SQL easier for those already with a knowledge of DAX. This course leverages users’ knowledge of SQL to provide additional insight into how DAX works for the purpose of improving your DAX coding skills.

DAX and SQL have a lot of things in common. First of all, both work with a database. SQL works with Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), whereas DAX typically operates on an internal database that is hosted by Analysis Services, but can also work with data hosted on a relational database in the case of DirectQuery.

When you use the import mode in Power BI or SSAS, the internal queries that are executed are called as xmSQL, which is just a pseudo SQL language.By comparing SQL and DAX side by side, you can migrate your knowledge of SQL to DAX and can make your DAX journey much easier.

This is the reason we created this course, DAX for SQL Developers, where Enterprise DNA Expert, Antriksh Sharma, walks you through the many similarities of DAX and SQL.

DAX for SQL Developers is an intermediate level course that expects the attendees to have gone through both DAX and SQL courses; as well as, Antriksh's DAX Studio for Power BI/SSAS and DAX Optimization Masterclass Using DAX Studio courses.

Details of what you will learn during this course

  • Compare - DAX and SQL and determine how you can utilize your SQL knowledge in using DAX
  • Learn - how to perform operations such as SELECT, WHERE, HAVING, GROUP BY etc in DAX
  • Compare - the difference between xmSQL and SQL
  • Practice - getting unique values and adding new columns
  • Apply - the technique of joining tables
  • Learn - how to append and subtract tables
  • Solve - regular business scenarios such as Running Total and % Over Total, etc with both DAX and SQL

What you get with the course

  • Over 4 hours of intensive training videos
  • Resource pack

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