Advanced Python for Power BI: Data Cleaning & NLP

Clean data and perform Natural Language Processing through Python's functions, algorithms and programming methods

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An outline of this training course

Python is a powerful programming language that is flexible and easy to understand. It has functions, algorithmic and programming methods that allow data cleanup and natural language processing that are not present in Power BI.

In this course, we are taking your Python skills to the next level. Gaelim Holland will cover intermediate programming concepts and visuals available in Python; also, an introduction to NLP. This course spans from general program concepts such as building custom functions that allow quick transformation and data cleanup to incorporating text analysis concepts to Power BI dashboard.

Before you take this course, we recommend taking the Python I for Power BI Users course where you will learn the best practices in setting up Python to minimize conflict with Power BI.

If you are have basic Python knowledge and keen on learning what can be achieved with Python, this is a great course for you.

Details of what you will learn during this course

  • Build - repeatable code that can be applied to different datasets.
  • Use - complex Python visuals like heatmaps and kernel density plots that are not available in Power BI
  • Define - programming concepts such as "for loops", "list comprehension" and "user defined functions"
  • Use - basic and algorithmic methods in exploring Natural language Processing (NLP) concepts in tokenizing, lemmatization, sentiment, and frequency

What you get with the course

  • Over 4 hours of intensive training videos
  • Resource pack

Here are the specifics for the course

Learn how to:

  • Building custom functions
  • Quick transformation and data cleanup
  • Introduction to NLP
  • "For loops" programming concepts
  • Basic and algorithmic methods

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Python II For Power BI Users


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Gaelim Holland

Enterprise DNA Expert

  • Innovative Data Analyst and Digital Channel Optimization Specialist with thorough knowledge of Omni channel analytics and incorporating online and offline data in funnel analysis.
  • Skilled in maximizing online sales, revenue, and call-to-actions through conversion rate optimization, statistical science, and A/B testing. Deep expertise in statistical testing tools, data extraction, and data science.
  • My 15 year career has allowed me to work in multiple data science roles in several industries at organizations from the startup level to Fortune 500 companies across 3 continents.

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