Supply Chain Analytics w/Power BI - April 10th

Learning Power BI? Master development concepts;

  • Intuitive explanations and examples
  • Create compelling visuals and reports
  • Comprehensive insights and resources available

"Enterprise DNA has allowed me to learn at a rapid pace and improve my analysis using Power BI tremendously using the techniques taught by the Enterprise DNA lessons & webinars, I have been able to extend my analysis, provide insights & growth to my organization as a whole." - Matt Ballinger

"Being relatively new to Power BI & DAX, finding good resource for learning has been difficult. Until I came across Sam's tutorials & webinars. A big thank you! They have helped immensely to both simplify and take away some of the fear-factor you tend to have." - Andy - Sheffield, UK 

"Sam & Enterprise DNA have taken my PowerBI to the next level. The courses are excellently presented. Sam's extensive experience in building BI tools means the tutorials & webinars are always relevant & always hit the mark." - David Nightingale, Johannesburg South Africa

Enterprise DNA 2020 Upcoming Events

Supply Chain Analytics w/Power BI (Members Only Event) - April 10th

  • Intuitive explanations and examples
  • Create compelling visuals and reports
  • Comprehensive insights and resources available
Scenario Method - Supply Chain Analytics w/Power BI

Power BI & DAX Master Class - April 13th - 16th

  • Data Model Design Deep Dive 
  • Fundamentals of DAX 
  • DAX Formula Combinations 
  • Advanced Analytics w/Power BI

Call Center Insights w/Power BI (Members Only Event) - May 8th

  • Master Power BI development techniques
  • Create compelling visuals and reports 
  • Solve advanced analytical questions using Power BI  
  • Master the key components of high quality model development
Scenario Method - Call Center Insights w/Power BI
Learning Summit - Enterprise DNA

Learning Summit - May 18th - 21st

  • Understand what virtual tables are in Power BI 
  • Create dynamic data groups within formulas 
  • Discover advanced insights fast with DAX 
  • Explore the limitless possibilities with virtual tables

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Power BI Scenario Events Laptop Dashboard

Scenario Events Expanded w/Power BI - November 29th

Enterprise DNA Learning Summit - November 11th to 14th

Power BI Cross Selling Deep Dive Dashboard Template

Cross Selling Application w/Power BI - November 1st

"There’s nothing like it on the web and it represents a great value to get ramped up quickly in Power BI. (This is especially true in regards to the coherency and consistancy of the video productions, very relevant and insightful business examples, and file availablity for all covered content)." - Analytics Group - Baurau Business Priming

"With 15+ years of software development behind my back (Object-Oriented, DB, ...), I started looking at Power BI. A friend referred me to Enterprise DNA. I was really impressed by the amount & quality of the content. If you are serious about Power BI, Enterprise DNA should be on top of your list." - Vladimir

"I stumbled across Power BI a year-or-so ago, and we are now using it for a significant part of our Management Reporting. Now, with the aid of your Beginner tutorials, I am implementing many of your techniques and Best Practice suggestions in a complete rewrite/overhaul of the reports. Many thanks!." - Madeleine R.

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"Thanks to Enterprise DNA training I have improved my Power BI tool skills and have deeper understanding of data analytics. Sam does excellent job teaching and problem solving." - Brian Marron

"I am really thankful to Sam for helping me through the Power Bi. i was a newbie and his hands on approach and business oriented approach is all we need. Great work Sam. Keep going!" - Sourabh

"Sam has a very hands on approach to his training, and is always willing to help! Been apart of several different DAX classes, & Sam's training is by far the best I have come across." - Jarrett Moore

"Enterprise DNA has greatly increase my ability to report within our company forever. I went from knowing nothing about Power BI to using it on a daily basis in 30 days simply by watching Sam's videos & executing his technique." - Geoff Ellis

"I have taken couple of courses from Sam from Enterprise DNA. I really liked the course. Its well explained, organized and importantly all the datas and formulas & even dashboards are available for everyone." - Mahesh T, London

"I truely apprecciate your efforts for helping the ones who needed to get more professional help in using Power BI. Your videos are A+ and really helpful+inspiring for me. I wish you the best from Turkey." - Erol Yücel