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A collection of the top Enterprise DNA Members who have showcased mastery of Power BI

Enterprise DNA Experts Are The Communities Power BI Super Users!

"Enterprise DNA Experts are a selection of members who come recommended from Enterprise DNA as have showcased high levels of mastery around Power BI.

Experts is our highest awarded credential for members and can only be acheived by showcasing advanced and varied Power BI skills through earning the Enterprise DNA Certification and consistently supporting member queries on the forum."

Sam McKay, CFA - Founder, Enterprise DNA

Sam McKay, Power BI

Enterprise DNA Expert Profiles

Nick Moné

  • Skilled in creating complex data models, such as a Sales table and a Budget table.
  • Expertise in utilizing Power Query to take data in any form and transform it into tabular format.
  • Capabilities to take seemingly unyielding complex scenarios and break them down into easier digestible smaller parts. 
  • Ability to see how all the Power BI products (Power Query, DAX, Power BI) function together ecosystem.

Jarrett Moore

  • Over 2 and a half years’ experience in Power BI.
  • Have provided Power BI solutions to over 2 dozen Companies in the Restoration Industry over the past year and a half throughout the U.S. & Canada.
  • Developed in depth solutions for Job Management, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable & Financials.  
  • Power BI expertise in Data Modeling, DAX, Power Query Editing & Conditional Formatting.

Paul Lucassen

Paul Lucassen
  • Enterprise DNA certified, 5 years’ experience in Power BI
  • Delivered Power BI solutions to a wide range of customers in Europe and US.
  • Provided Scenario Analysis solutions in Transportation & Logistics
  • Experienced in Data modelling and Power Query 

John Pratt

John Pratt
  • Over 20 years of experience with enterprise data management, data architecting, system integration, software development, report creation, project management, and process improvement.
  • Data-oriented expertise includes enterprise data model standardization and integration, relational database design, and query optimization.
  • Power BI Report Server implementation, management, and report development using SQL Server Enterprise in conjunction with a custom application platform and on-prem and remote-hosted 3rd party systems.
  • Power BI reporting for multiple business units and data sets including accounting/ERP, LOB services, call center workload, students, employees, and more.

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No. Enterprise DNA Experts are current members who have shown great expertise in their abilities with Power BI.

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