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What is Enterprise Power Users?

  • Enterprise Power Users is a community YouTube channel for all Enterprise DNA members 
  • It provides an opportunity for members to showcase a variety of Power BI tips & techniques that they have previously mastered and applied to their own development scenarios.
  • By participating and creating content for the channel, members can grow their own profiles within the global Power BI community.
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How to create content for Enterprise Power Users?

Step 1


Register interest for submitting video tutorials to the Enterprise Power Users channel.

Step 2

Plan & Record

Once approved, plan & record short form tutorials on a variety of Power BI and analysis related topics.

Step 3


Once completed, submit raw recording files through to Enterprise DNA who will complete all production & curation of the videos.


Get the Enterprise Power Users Starter Pack

Agree to produce a minimum of 10 videos for the Enterprise Power Users channel & receive a $400 USD sponsorship of quality software and hardware for your recording. 

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Benefits of being an Enterprise Power User

  • Quickly build a global profile around your Power BI and analytical abilities
  • Highlight unique tips & tricks around Power BI development work that may be new to the community
  • Earn remuneration for producing high quality video content
  • Develop a deeper connection into Enterprise DNA 
  • Position yourself well for future opportunities planned by the team at Enterprise DNA 
  • Have the potential to earn affiliate revenue for promoting Enterprise DNA Membership  
  • Master Power BI faster by teaching others

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to get started? Register today and we’ll review your application in 2-3 business days. We'll come to you after that time with the next steps.
  • What sort of video content can I produce? Once you have your content ideas together submit them to Enterprise DNA for approval. The topics can be across a wide range of Power BI tips & tricks.
  • When can I receive the Enterprise Power User sponsorship? Once all recordings have been completed and submitted to Enterprise DNA we will immediately fund your own Paypal account.
  • Is there a minimum video requirement? Currently there is no minimum requirement to contribute to the channel. Even one video tutorial is enough to participate.
  • Is there a limit to how many videos I can submit? If you are able to produce a lot of great video content around Power BI there is currently no limit. High frequency participants will have the opportunity to work closely with Enterprise DNA on a range of different projects.
  • My question is not listed, how can I get more details? Send your queries to

Join the analytical movement with Enterprise DNA!

"This new YouTube channel is a great opportunity for Enterprise DNA members to build their own profile around high-quality Power BI development.

All you have to do to participate in this channel is push record and create some interesting lessons and tutorials that you think will benefit other Power BI users around the world. The Enterprise DNA team will look after the rest.

Look forward to building a greater connection with all those looking to contribute to this new content outlet."

Sam McKay, CFA - Founder, Enterprise DNA