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Get support for your Power BI projects and development work. Review a deep depository of Power BI questions and answers . Learn and collaborate with others in our incredible community!

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"I learned some valuable tips and tricks as well as best practices to use Power BI which I am certain will prove to be very helpful as I move into my new role that heavily depends upon this tool. The compactness and brevity of the course made it fun and engaging."

Tanaya Amar

"An excellent foundational course to Power BI, which provides insight and best practices very applicable to any working environment. This course is the best foundational one I have experienced and stands out due to the practical application."

Leon Williams

"This is the best thing I have did for myself as someone who is obsessed with Power BI. For me it is the fact that each course takes you through everything like it is the first time you are seeing it. Even when a course is built off of a previously discussed concept, Sam tries to reference it in a manner that makes you feel like you understand what he is saying, but you still want to watch more. I have found my current addiction lol!"

Nicole Mwanaidi

"I am so glad I upgraded my membership. Learning what I have in such a short time through the small amount of courses taken, has truly been a game changer in the way I approach new projects with Power BI. My thanks to Sam and the Team."

Luis Ramirez

"This is truly a unique platform and course.  I am so lucky to have come across this.  After doing a lot of the traditional Power BI courses I am thrilled to have this practitioner's guide to some very cutting edge techniques!"

Paul Jones

"The depth and breadth of the course is just right, with enough real world scenarios to make the subject more captivating and keeping the interest alive."

Farshid Momen

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