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We're on the search for partners to take our training content and platform to all Power BI users around the world


"Sam and the team at Enterprise DNA are like a light in the dark of Power BI world. We all sense the potential of PBI but having this resource with relevant examples and ideas has been so valuable to me and continually improves what I can provide to my colleagues, thank you" - Lizzie Tompsett

"For me Sam’s tutorials and course content have been invaluable. It is genuinely good value. As a Kiwi living in the US I appreciate what Enterprise DNA do, to help businesses globally. Power BI is changing up every month so Sam’s Team will keep us on top of it all!" - Dean Marris

"The way Sam and his team have managed to outline all the information about Power BI in a strutured way is in my opinion without a doubt a unique one! If you are serious about learning Power BI I can only advise you to subscribe for a membership. You will not be disappointed!" - Ruud Jeursen, Netherlands

Why partner with Enterprise DNA?

  • We've created the most comprehensive Power BI education platform anywhere. We're looking to find great partners who can leverage our content and training in their own business.  
  • Utilize our partner training platform for content, resources, handouts, and an education package that you can market to your own network and customers.
  • Enterprise DNA will look after the entire backend infrastructure for your Power BI and analytics training programs.
Enterprise DNA Power BI DAX Online Courses

How to Become An Enterprise DNA Global Training Partner?

Step 1

Submit Application

Submit your application through the website with details of your Power BI expertise

Step 2

Review of Application

Once application is received, we will complete a review and look to understand if a partnership is a good fit

Step 3

Explore Partnership

Enterprise DNA will make contact to further assess partnership potential and how we could work together in the future


What is available as a Global Training Partner? 

Enterprise DNA Power BI DAX Online Courses

Full service training platform for partners

Leverage our digital marketing platform

Distribute our comprehensive Power BI training packages

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"Finally found someone and a course that can clearly explain some of the more technical DAX concepts. Being able to see how it is done via the pre-built models has made a real difference to my understanding of how everything fits together within Power BI" - Tony B., California

"Enterprise DNA has greatly increase my ability to report within our company forever. I went from knowing nothing about Power BI to using it on a daily basis within 30 days simply by watching Sam's videos and executing his techniques. Thanks Sam!" - Geoff Ellis

"Enterprise DNA is a fantastic training resource. I knew what I wanted to do but could never quite understand my readings. These videos not only explain the concepts but show you how in a relaxed simple manner. Well done Sam!!" - Michael

Frequently Asked Questions

The Definitive Guide to Power BI Bundle
  • What type of Power BI Live Training partners are you looking for? We are looking to partner with Power BI specialists around the world. This could be either current Enterprise DNA members, general Power BI specialists, or technology firms looking to hold Power BI trainings.
  • How does the partnership work for Global Training Partners? There is no fees or obligations to becoming a partner. You do though have to be accepted by Enterprise DNA into the program to participate. Enterprise DNA will take a fee per person trained for access to our partner training platform.

Join the analytical movement with Enterprise DNA!

"My goal is to teach others that you have almost unlimited analytical power when harnessing all the features in Power BI. Come join me on this journey to rid the world of terrible reporting, instead produce amazing insights that actually create value for your organisations and yourselves. There are many ways to learn from me. Keep track of all that's going on through your most utilised social media platform. I update these almost everyday to keep you informed on everything that's happening with Power BI and with Enterprise DNA."

Sam McKay, CFA - Founder, Enterprise DNA

Sam McKay, Power BI
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