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Advanced Donut Visual (Light Edition)
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Sam McKay

CEO & Founder

Advanced Donut Visual (Light Edition)
Get a taste of on-chart interactions and multiple drill-down levels

The Light Edition of the Advanced Donut Visual gives you a glimpse into the next level visualizations within Power BI. Click directly on the chart to select data, explore multiple drill-down levels or filter the whole dashboard. Switch to Full Edition of the Advanced Donut Visual for additional functionality and full customization options.

Features Available in the Light Edition:

  • On-chart drill down –explore multiple data levels by clicking directly on the chart
  • Interactive labels – drill into even the smallest data slices
  • Automatic “Others” grouping –the “Others” slice is added when there are more than 15 categories displayed on the chart

Additional Features Available in the Full Edition:

  • Full customization – customize every slice, label and legend, add 3D effects
  • Multiple chart types – select pie chart, donut or gauge (half-pie)
  • Adjustable automatic “Others” grouping – set the number of slices visible, the rest will be grouped together
  • Cross-filtering – filter the dashboard by using the visual itself
  • Cross-chart filtering –select data points on multiple charts instead of using slicers
  • Filter control – designate the visual to act as a filter
  • Bookmark support – save report view configurations
  • Drillthrough support – examine your data in detail
  • Performance boost – enjoy smoother animations and faster load time

  • Can read and make changes to your document.
  • Can send data over the Internet.