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DataText Box
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Sam McKay

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DataText Box
Apply to data labels, summary reports, data templates, and so on, once and for all, speed up data tr

1. Support dynamic text As the name suggests, dynamic text support combines dynamic Data fields with static text, using rich language words and pictures to let monotonous numbers speak and collide with different sparks.

For example: from ${fromdate}, your store has ${store Visits} visitors, and in this summary text, the content in ${} is a mutable field and can vary with the metadata.

2. Support custom Text layout

With this feature, the Data text box is more than just a simple text box, and the data analyst is free to lay out text, tables, paragraphs, pictures, videos and even dynamic expressions to make the report more lively and persuasive.

3. Support Automatic line Wrapping

4. Support One-click Undo Restore Save

5. Support Advanced Customizable requirements

Each industry has its own unique professional requirements, for such a specific demand, the control for data analysts to open up advanced online coding portal, the use of JavaScript technology, truly let the idea of infinite flying, so that creative roots.



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