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Power KPI Matrix
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Sam McKay

CEO & Founder

Power KPI Matrix
Monitor balanced scorecards and unlimited number of metrics and KPIs in a compact, easy to read list

Power KPI Matrix enables balanced scorecards in Power BI and displays an unlimited number of metrics and KPIs in a single, customized list. Power KPI Matrix is similar to the Power KPI custom visual in supporting the creation and display of KPI indicator symbols and values along with current and historical trends of actual and target values.

The tabular format of Power KPI Matrix allows for an unlimited number of metrics and KPIs in a single list. While there are several other custom visuals available that also display lists of KPIs, Power KPI Matrix offers a few unique abilities:

Balanced Scorecards. Present different types of metrics and non-additive key performance indicators (KPIs), such as financial, operational, and customer-focused measures, as rows in a single list.

Column-Based and Row-Based Sources. Use your existing data models with minimal transformation. Bind the visual to either column-based metric sources or tables with row-based metrics.

Super flexible and Customize-able. Control fine details such as the font and background colors for each individual cell, row, or column; number formats, types, and precision; line chart colors and styles; row and column heights, widths, and more.


  • Can read and make changes to your document
  • Can send data over the Internet