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Small Multiple Line Chart by Akvelon
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Sam McKay

CEO & Founder

Small Multiple Line Chart by Akvelon
Line Chart enhanced with rectangle selection and small multiples

Line Chart by Akvelon has similar functionality as product Line chart and allows you to plot lines based on category and value data from your data source. Additionally it supports rectangle selection – such filtering allows to select multiple points on lines. This feature will help you to filter specific cluster within your data and update your report accordingly.

Other important features are:

– Legend that supports selection

– Small multiple to plot multiple charts. Each small multiple should demonstrate X-axis, aligned at bottom edge and Y-axis, aligned at left edge. Each axis will have a title. Min/Max values of X (if X category is date) and Y axes can be calculated in three ways:

1. Separate – Min/Max values will be calculated for each small multiple separately.

2. Common – Common Min/Max values will be calculated and applied to all small multiples. This way all small multiples will have the same scale that will be calculated automatically.

3. Custom – User explicitly sets common min/max values of axes using formatting options.

Hope you enjoy our custom visual for Power BI! If you have suggestions or questions, feel free to contact at


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