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Strippets Browser
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Sam McKay

CEO & Founder

Strippets Browser
A quick way to view document contents

Strippet Browser is a document reader that provides two complementary ways of sampling the contents of a collection of documents or a news stream. Strippet Browser is designed for use with Facet Key and Cluster Map.

The first view, thumbnails, unwraps each story into a preview card that reveals the source, headline, and leading text and image of the story. Using the thumbnails view, the reader can scroll through a list or grid of thumbnails to quickly grasp the topic of each story in the collection.

The outlines view collapses each document down to its outline strip and packs these strips together to create a visual cross-section of a document collection. If the thumbnails view is like partially unwrapping news stories to take a peek, the outlines view is like slicing them in half to have a good look inside.


  • Can read and make changes to your document