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About This Path

Completing interesting and impactful analytics in Power BI starts with powerful DAX formulas.

Within this learning path you will dive deep into the theory and practical application of the DAX formula language.

Once you have the basic and intermediate practical knowledge covered you will then look to extend your analytical capabilities in Power BI with formula patterns and analysis techniques that can be used across a variety of scenarios.

You can also extend Power BI in a number of ways utilising advanced analytical languages like Python and R.

Within this learning path you will learn how to combine key elements of a quality data model with the variety of analytical options you have available to you inside of Power BI desktop experience.

Through leveraging this content and accelerating your learning through practice you will master key techniques to developing advanced analytical reporting applications with Power BI.

Who Should Take This Path

  • Data analysts keen on improving their analytical skills
  • Professionals who are working towards solving business problems
  • Professionals who are interested in pursuing a career in business analysis but lacks programming experience

What Are The Path Requirements

  • Power BI account for Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service

Mastering DAX Calculations Cover

Mastering DAX Calculations

Create advanced analytical models by learning how to harness the power of DAX calculations for use within Power BI

clock-blue 9 hours
DAX Formula Patterns Cover

DAX Formula Patterns

Advanced course using Power BI & DAX to solve complex but common business problems and scenarios you'll face everyday

clock-blue 3 hours
Scenario Analysis Deep Dive Cover

Scenario Analysis Deep Dive

Learn how to predict and optimize for results in the future, by utilizing 'what if' parameters and scenario analysis techniques

clock-blue 2 hours
Financial Reporting With Power BI Cover

Financial Reporting With Power BI

Create comprehensive financial reports in Power BI that represent key insights in a compelling and dynamic way

clock-blue 4 hours
Advanced Analytics In Power BI Cover

Advanced Analytics In Power BI

Implement advanced & practical analytical techniques inside of Power BI and find insights you never thought possible in an intuitive way

clock-blue 1 hours
Python I for Power BI Users Cover

Python I for Power BI Users

Dramatically enhance Power BI's capabilities by incorporating Python's flexible and powerful data wrangling, data analysis and data visualization functionality

clock-blue 4 hours
Python II for Power BI Users Cover

Python II for Power BI Users

Clean data and perform Natural Language Processing through Python's functions, algorithms and programming methods

clock-blue 5 hours
R For Power BI Users Cover

R For Power BI Users

Amplify your Power BI visualizations with R's comprehensive statistical analysis and graphics language

clock-blue 3 hours
R for Power BI Users II Cover

R for Power BI Users II

Enhance your Power BI reports and analysis with R's visualization, text analysis and statistical modeling capabilities.

clock-blue 2 hours
Optimizing DAX Cover

Optimizing DAX

Master key data modeling and DAX concepts and techniques to optimize performance in Power BI

clock-blue 4 hours
Accessing Data via APIs in Power BI Cover

Accessing Data via APIs in Power BI

Expand Power BI's capabilities in accessing a wide range of data using APIs

clock-blue 2 hours

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