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About This Path

Within this learning path you will master the data transformation aspect of Power BI development.

By understanding the power within the Power Query engine you can save an incredible amount of time and really scale your development efforts, automating a vast amount of your day-to-day data tasks.

You will learn best practise frameworks for leveraging the Power Query editor when creating and designing Power BI data models. Through practical learning examples and resources you will learn how to review an existing raw dataset and then transform it into an optimised dataset for Power BI.

This is the foundation of any reporting application in Power BI.

With you work complete in the Power Query editor you will then be able to build a simpler data model for analysis. Following this, your analysis using DAX formulas and report visualizations become more intuitive and easier to implement within Power BI Desktop.

Who Should Take This Path

  • Power BI Users who want to advance their skills with Power Query
  • Data analysts who want to optimize their use of the Power Query/M
  • Students who want to have a strong Power Query skills

What Are The Path Requirements

  • Power BI account for Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service
Fundamentals In Power Query And M Cover

Fundamentals In Power Query And M

Acquire an extensive knowledge and understanding of the Power Query and M language to help you easily transform your data from multiple sources into Power BI

clock-blue 2 hours
Applied Problem Solving with Power Query/M Cover

Applied Problem Solving with Power Query/M

Deepen your understanding of the Power Query/M concepts through practical application

clock-blue 5 hours
Accessing Data via APIs in Power BI Cover

Accessing Data via APIs in Power BI

Expand Power BI's capabilities in accessing a wide range of data using APIs

clock-blue 2 hours

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