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About This Path

Within this learning path you will learn how to harness the full analytical power behind Power BI.

You will first learn and master the extensive DAX formula language. While also learning some specifics around how to fine tune and optimise your formulas and code within Power BI Desktop.

Covered in detail are best practises for data models in Power BI. This is essential knowledge to make sure reports run smoothly and efficiently. For optimized Power BI reports you must build the foundations of your data and data models so they are robust and scalable. This learning path takes you through this from start to finish.

Also within this learning path complimentary tools such as DAX Studio and Tabular Editor are reviewed comprehensively. These are quality application the work well alongside Power BI development, with great features for the diligent data professional.

Who Should Take This Path

  • Power BI Users who work with complex measures and want to make their report work efficiently
  • Data analysts who want to improve their Power BI skills
  • Students who want to have a strong DAX skills

What Are The Path Requirements

  • Power BI account for Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service
Mastering DAX Calculations Cover

Mastering DAX Calculations

Create advanced analytical models by learning how to harness the power of DAX calculations for use within Power BI

clock-blue 9 hours
Optimizing DAX Cover

Optimizing DAX

Master key data modeling and DAX concepts and techniques to optimize performance in Power BI

clock-blue 4 hours
Tabular Editor 3: Beginner To Advanced Cover

Tabular Editor 3: Beginner To Advanced

Master the most powerful tool for data modeling and DAX calculations in Power BI and Analysis Services

clock-blue 3 hours
DAX Studio For Power BI & SAAS - Beginner To Advanced Cover

DAX Studio For Power BI & SAAS - Beginner To Advanced

Master the ultimate tool for executing and analyzing DAX queries against various sources including Power BI and SSAS

clock-blue 4 hours
DAX Optimization Masterclass Using DAX Studio Cover

DAX Optimization Masterclass Using DAX Studio

Improve the overall performance of your DAX measures using the DAX Studio

clock-blue 6 hours

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