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About This Path

In this learning path you will learn and master a framework for developing high-quality reports and visualizations inside of Power BI.

Included are a variety of real-world development scenarios which showcase how to tell better stories around your data. Better storytelling on top of better designed reports will positively impact engagement of your reports.

Learn from our many internally developed, intermediate to advanced Power BI development techniques. Impress stakeholders, and become a valuable analyst with your team.

With Power BI, its not about placing one visualization here and one there. Its about crafting a story, through great analysis displayed effectively.

By learning and implementing a best practise framework you can master this for yourself and create compelling reporting applications with Power BI

Who Should Take This Path

  • Individuals eager about analyzing data and creating insights with Power BI
  • Professionals who want to maximize the potential of the data assets of their organization
  • Professionals who want to drive better business decisions using data

What Are The Path Requirements

  • Power BI account for Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service
Mastering Report Development - Start to Finish Cover

Mastering Report Development - Start to Finish

A detailed step-by-step process of creating high-quality Power BI reports that satisfy the requirements of real-world scenarios

clock-blue 2 hours
Scenario Analysis Deep Dive Cover

Scenario Analysis Deep Dive

Learn how to predict and optimize for results in the future, by utilizing 'what if' parameters and scenario analysis techniques

clock-blue 2 hours
Dashboarding & Data Visualization Intensive Cover

Dashboarding & Data Visualization Intensive

Learn how to develop complete Power BI solutions that look compelling and deeply engage your consumers in your insights

clock-blue 6 hours
Advanced Power BI Visualization Techniques Cover

Advanced Power BI Visualization Techniques

Create stunning visualizations without advanced DAX knowledge

clock-blue 3 hours
Mastering Charticulator Cover

Mastering Charticulator

Deep dive into creating your own reusable custom visuals using Microsoft's Charticulator tool

clock-blue 3 hours
Geospatial Analysis In Power BI Cover

Geospatial Analysis In Power BI

Disclose the unexpected' by expertly incorporating geospatial data into your analyses and visualizations

clock-blue 1 hours
Paginated Report Writer II Cover

Paginated Report Writer II

Create different types of reports within the report builder, Paginated Report

clock-blue 3 hours

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