Enterprise DNA Membership

Creating the most valuable analytical thinkers & users of Power BI around the world

With a single purchase join an expert grouping of Analysts, Excel Users, Database Professionals & Data Enthusiasts who are mastering Power BI through comprehensive on-demand training and support via an Enterprise DNA Membership

What's included with Enterprise DNA Membership

With membership gain access to an unmatched offering of training, resources & support all dedicated to developing the most valuable Power BI users around the world

The Definitive Guide to Power BI Online

Detailed On-Demand Course Modules

  • Beginner, intermediate and advanced Power BI training
  • On-demand modules, access anytime, on any device
  • Learn unique analytical concepts & development techniques
  • Expand your analytical thinking capabilities with real-world examples

Extensive Resource Modules

  • Learn by seeing how it's done with an unmatched resource offering
  • Review pre-built advanced models & use demo datasets for practice
  • Access all resources associated to Enterprise DNA TV tutorials
  • Access historical workshop and learning summit resources

Workshop Replays & Resources

  • Every virtual workshop replay and resource pack available on-demand
  • Review end to end demos of high quality Power BI development
  • Modules constantly updated with new material and resources
  • All workshop replays and resources available for download 

Mini-Series Tutorials Library

  • All video tutorials from Enterprise DNA TV (Youtube) organised intuitively
  • Tutorials indexed within forum and available for download
  • Every Power BI resource ready to download next to each tutorial
  • Constantly updated with new content released at Enterprise DNA TV

Enterprise DNA Support Forum Access

  • Get support for your Power BI projects and development work
  • Review a deep depository of Power BI questions and answers
  • Learn from others in the Enterprise DNA membership community
  • Ask questions on training and other published content from Enterprise DNA

Invites To Member Only Training Events

  • Exclusive virtual training events only for Enterprise DNA members
  • Learn via the 'scenario method', a unique way to learn advanced methods
  • Developing better analytical thinkers as well as Power BI users
  • Become the most valuable analyst within your teams & organisations

Gain an Enterprise DNA Certification

  • The gold standard in analytical certification for Power BI users
  • Promote your advanced abilities in Power BI to key stakeholders
  • A Power BI certification 100% focused on practical and advanced analytics
  • Place on your CV, market your abilities, upskill teams within organisations

What members gain access to at Enterprise DNA Online

Structured On-Demand Power BI Training

Access Extensive Power BI Learning Resources

All Virtual Event Replays & Associated Resources

All Mini Series Tutorials & Resources From Enterprise DNA TV

Why choose Enterprise DNA Membership?

Membership has been created to empower individuals, teams and organisations to master Power BI development


Increase your personal value. Become the go-to analytical resource. Wow data consumers with compelling reports and insights


Create a collaborative team of data professionals. Utilise Power BI effectively for maximum impact. Increase speed to insights


Develop a data culture. Discover valuable insights in record time. Build teams of data focused analysts. Certify data professionals

Training & Support So You Can Master Power BI

  • Lifetime membership access. Including access to courses, resources & support
  • All future course updates & additions included for free
  • 25 hours of training videos to use as a detailed reference for future learning
  • 25 demo data sets for varied practice 
  • 30 pre-developed Power BI models & reports to learn and practice on
  • 80 page DAX Reference Guide
  • Over 150 model downloads referencing nearly every analytical Power BI technique you can think of
  • Unique analytical concepts for Power BI only taught within these course modules
  • Enterprise DNA support forum access
  • Invitations to member only training events

All Training On-Demand And Located At Enterprise DNA Online

  • Training on-demand and available at any time
  • Centrally accessed through Enterprise DNA Online
  • All training has a practical and commercial focus rather than IT focus
  • Clear & consise course videos take you step by step through development techniques
  • Real-world focus with demo data made available for continued testing and practice
  • 30-day money back guarantee

FAQs & Other Key Things To Note About A Membership Purchase

  • Can you create an invoice for my company? You will receive a receipt after purchase but if you need anything more then please make contact directly via - info@enterprisedna.co and this can be arranged.
  • What currency is the price in? All pricing is in USD for everything at Enterprise DNA Online. 
  • Do you offer one off support or coaching? All support around Power BI and Enterprise DNA's online training content now occurs at the Enterprise DNA Support Forum.
  • Can I buy one membership and share it with other people? No it is strictly one membership per person. This is monitored quite closely at Enterprise DNA.
  • What if I need to train more than 5 people? Contact Enterprise DNA directly at info@enterprisedna.co
  • How long do I have access to my membership? Lifetime access. One purchase and that's it.

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"My goal is to teach others that you have almost unlimited analytical power when harnessing all the features in Power BI.

Come join me on this journey to rid the world of terrible reporting, instead produce amazing insights that actually create value for your organisations and yourselves.

With an Enterprise DNA Membership you receive the most comprehensive set of courses, resources, support and ongoing training around Power BI available anywhere. I'm confident that with the content, materials and support available you can become a Power BI super user if you're willing to put the time in.  

My focus is on teaching you how you can use Power BI in a practical and commercial way to find insights that actually create value. I bundle up a lot of my experience and IP so you can learn exactly how I do it everyday when developing Power BI models and reports myself."

Sam McKay, CFA - Founder, Enterprise DNA

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