The Importance Of Mindset When Creating A Culture Of Analytics With Aleksandar Lazarevic [Ep 16]

Join Aleksandar Lazarevic as he talks about how companies can create a culture of analytics by changing the mindset of its people. 

In this episode, Aleksandar also talks about the importance of descriptive and predictive analytics. He also provides tips on how organizations can drive their data culture initiatives faster.  

To close out the episode, Aleksandar and Sam also discuss emerging trends in the AI and machine learning space.    

What You’ll Learn From This Episode

  • Aleksandar Lazarevic’s background in AI and machine learning 
  • The key to a successful analytics project 
  • Changing the mindset is important when creating a culture of analytics 
  • Descriptive and predictive analytics 
  • Implementing quick wins with dashboards 
  • Analytics projects fail because of lack of commitment 
  • Data science is not straightforward; it requires back and forth 
  • How to educate people on what’s possible with machine learning 
  • The importance of having a data advocate 
  • How DataRobot Works 
  • How to bring technology and expertise together 
  • Anomaly or outlier detection 
  • The most optimal structure for analytics in a large organization 
  • Self-service vs central analytics 
  • How to drive data culture faster 
  • Emerging trends in AI and machine learning 

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