Empowering Data Analytics Through Design Thinking With Brett Cohen [Ep 14]

Listen as Brett Cohen discusses the importance of assigning value to your data assets and creating a data-driven culture.  

In this brand-new episode, Brett talks about assigning value to operational efficiency. He also discusses how the design thinking methodology can be used to improve your operational efficiency.  

To create data culture within your organization, Brett recommends two things:

  • Find a champion of data who will drive the change and
  • Show and quantify tangible results

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

“You don’t need to build a complex model to generate value from analytics.” 

  • Brett Cohen’s analytics background 
  • 3 main pillars for successful analytics: people, process, and technology 
  • How to assess and prioritize your analytics goal 
  • Assigning value to operational efficiency 
  • Think like a venture capitalist 
  • Setting realistic goals that are not too difficult or too easy to reach 
  • How to improve your processes 
  • What is design thinking? 
  • Analytics without change is just data. 
  • Tools for building your own technology stack 
  • The versatility of analytics tools 
  • How to market yourself as an analyst 
  • Finding a champion of data who will drive the change 
  • Technology can be bought, but culture needs to be driven 
  • Focus on value and quantify as much as you can even if things aren’t quantifiable 
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