The Importance Of Data Engineering With Richie Bachala [Ep 11]

Listen and learn as Richie Bachala discusses the practical applications of data engineering to real-world operations.

He also discusses to Sam McKay the importance of data lakes in business analytics, and how cloud-based tools like Snowflake can help users fully leverage on their data to power their businesses. 

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

Data engineering is needed so that data scientists can do their work.

  • Richie Bachala’s BI background
  • What is data engineering?
  • The emergence of self-service in data analytics
  • Data lakes explained in simple terms
  • What is the big deal about Snowflake? 
  • Benefits of data cloud
  • The time value of data
  • Exploring the platform agnostic approach 
  • Data virtualization in a semantic layer 
  • The importance of ETL in data engineering
  • Data-as-a-service is the future
  • Modernizing legacy applications

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