Managing The Data Assets of Startups & Enterprises With Joel Dunahoe [Ep 12]

Listen to Joel Dunahoe as he talks to Sam McKay on how to manage the challenges of acquiring new data assets during an acquisition. They also talk about the differences between a startup and a Fortune 500 company when it comes to handling data assets. The two also discuss the advantages of having and sticking to a playbook, and how to convince stakeholders on the value of implementing data initiatives. 

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Joel’s BI background 
  • Current data initiatives 
  • The challenges of growth by acquisition 
  • The importance of having a playbook 
  • Using Qlik Compose for data lakes 
  • Key things to look for when acquiring data assets 
  • Handling data assets: startups vs enterprises 
  • How to showcase the value of analytics to stakeholders 
  • Descriptive and prescriptive analysis    
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