An INDEX MATCH challenge with Power Query M

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Here’s your challenge should you choose to accept it. Starting with a 3 column wide table, each column contains numbers (that needs no validation). The task is to add columns that return the column name for the column with the Min and Max value on each row. There are no rules for dealing with multiple matching values, at least one value should be returned per row.

Here’s the sample data, just copy and paste into a new blank query.


   Source = Table.FromColumns(


           {55, 48, 36, 26, 93, 27, 3, 67, 36, 27, 50, 69, 80, 44, 5},

           {76, 46, 73, 17, 99, 40, 35, 2, 29, 41, 15, 20, 22, 28, 5},

           {79, 55, 42, 83, 13, 50, 87, 18, 16, 11, 44, 43, 3, 28, 5}

       }, type table [ Charlie=number, Bravo=number, Alpha=number]




Check the resource to learn how to solve this!

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