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"Good introductory course on Power BI, well structured from beginning to end with information provided enough to keep you engaged and interested in subject matter."


"I've taken a few free Intro Power BI courses and this, along with the class materials, was the most intuitive and engaging of them all.  I've already recommended this to a few colleagues."

Michael DeLuca

"This is the second course I have completed towards Level 1, and although I have been working in Power BI for almost 2 years, I have learned so many new and simplified ways of doing things. Fantastic experience."

Racquel Reyes

"Enterprise DNA has by far the best training material on building effective Power BI applications I've ever seen; and if intelligence tools aren't focused on application, they're pointless.  My level of expertise with the software has increased immeasurably thanks to this team."

Tim L

"Sam explains how the measures work together and function with the model in a way that is very clear and easy to understand. I feel like Enterprise DNA took great care in designing this course for beginners."

Laura Gendwila

"Being a completely new user to Power BI, I was searching the net for all kinds of foundation support. Enterprise DNA ultimate beginners guide has enabled me to go from 0 to hero in less than a morning. I have built along with the videos and have spent time exploring each of the units in detail. Really great content and a really well delivered experience."

Luke Blowers

"I really enjoyed the course, it was perfect for my level of DAX understanding. It is easy to follow, gave me a really good basic understanding of the fundamental elements of DAX, and has given me a good foundation to start my Power BI/DAX journey."

Shilpa Bhudia

"Enterprise DNA is a great resource for anyone. I took both the Power BI and DAX introductory free courses. They were recommended to me by my professor and these course really did a good job getting me started on Power BI and provided a glimpse of how much we can do with this resource."

Harmandeep Singh

"The content develops with the maturing understanding of the student.  It is presented in an enthusiastic tone of voice keeping the student's interest alive.  The depth of information provides grounds for the student to enter the BI field professionally as developer prepared to advance."

Farshid Momen

"The experience has been rich.  The course give a great starting point for learning, and for inspiring you to try new things with your data.  I find myself wanting to go back and refine something I already submitted so that it represents my intellectual growth."

Gregory White

"Enterprise DNA brings 10x simplicity to learning Power BI. The structured courses and fantastic videos with real examples has helped me tremendously in just 2 weeks. I was able to create very complex analytics dashboards with ease just a few days of training. Thank you!"

Mehreen Khan

"Sam's course was perfect for me because it was highly systematic and I felt like there was no stone left unturned. He slowly and deliberately takes you from a complete novice to someone who can provide value to your organization within one session. I can't wait to see what else I'll learn from Sam. Thank you very much!"

Devan Conley

"This is my fourth course with Enterprise DNA and Sam's passion for the product and for training really does show. It has really shown me how little I know about Power BI, but I now feel confident enough to have a crack at Challenge 1."

Pete Berry

"I was provided with sensible advice regarding any future developments I might do, while being given accurate and up to date information about the Power BI platform demonstrated in clear and logical walk-throughs. Each presentation built on the previous and provided further knowledge, without overwhelming the attendee."

Farshid Momen

"Sam's course is always easy to follow as he makes the concepts simple to digest. Definitely recommend all of the course to all, didn't matter if you are just starting out or have been in BI for very long."


"I found the Enterprise DNA a great place to comprehensively learn from whom are deeply understand Power BI and many others who are at the middle of this long journey."


"This is the third course that I have taken and, like the others, the practical examples make this course very easy to follow and understand. I am finally getting my head around DAX functions!"

Pete Berry

"I was trying to learn Power BI in a willy-nilly way but with Enterprise DNA I now have a neat and orderly way to learn. Also, the history of the courses taken and the percentage complete is also very handy."

Joan Hauff

"Best introductory course on any subject matter, well structured from beginning to end with information provided enough to keep you engaged and interested in subject matter. I already have ideas of how to tackle potential projects even before doing one."


"For anyone working in the Business Intelligence field using the Power BI tool will benefit immensely by being a member of the Enterprise DNA.  I have been a Cognos BI developer for the past 18 years and feel very confident in using the Power BI tool after watching the videos presented by Enterprise DNA."

Soori Kumar

"This is the second course that I have watched and I now have a good basic understanding of how to create measures using DAX. Earlier on this year, I used other material in an attempt to understand DAX, but I just found that confusing. I am finding the practical examples and explanations while carrying out the examples, much better and easier to understand."


"I come from a traditional SSRS development background and have found it difficult to transition to PowerBI. Taking part in this basic course has given me some confidence in how, with relatively little training, it is possible to create compelling, interactive visuals and also how to create some basic DAX measures (that I have struggled with in the past). I would highly recommend Enterprise DNA Online and I am considering purchasing the All Access Pass once I have completed the Ultimate Beginners Guide to DAX."

Peter Berry

"I continue to be amazed and impressed with the tasks that can be accomplished with Power BI. Sam demonstrates a background of reporting considerations along with a knowledge of how Power BI can be utilized to quickly build reports that provide critical insights for decision making."

Ray Willis

"I have already created some fairly complex reports through trial & error, random internet searches for tips. Having completed the beginner course, I feel so much better equipped to create robust, stable reports, and I look forward to continuing the training, further improving my skills and quality of my reports. Thanks!"

Lyn Finman

"It's the perfect level of information if you have been exposed to Power BI before, but not had formal training. And, it's free! Thank you Enterprise DNA!"

Mark Hough

"I am very happy to get introduced to this resource. It gave me better understanding of what the Power BI is and where to start the creation of the model."


"My experience with Enterprise DNA was and is being great! All the content is just amazing! Sam and all the Enterprise DNA Team are doing an excellent job! Keep going!"

Mateo Isoardi

"An excellent course to start with before I start creating reports for my organization.  I believe Sam's best practice suggestions will save me considerable time in development."

Natalie Miles

"The training provided by Enterprise DNA Online has been some of the most easy to grasp, while also opening the door to a more sophisticated way of doing my job."

Gregory White

"I like the way how the course was systematically structured and practical examples really helped me to understand the fundamentals."

Dharmendar S

"Kudos and thanks for enlightening us on the full potential of Power BI. A lot of hardwork and commitment must have gone into this endeavor. It might well be that you may have spent more time on the product on an individual basis than the developers themselves."

Sundaram Surampudi

"I was having a lot of problems understanding DAX, and context, but after learning from Sam, I got better and now I can do a lot more and better and get easy and much analytical without complications, do to his technics and teaching, thank you Sam!" Octavio Romero

"Thanks to Enterprise DNA training I have improved my Power BI tool skills and have deeper understanding of data analytics. Sam does excellent job teaching and problem solving." Brian Marron

"To become excellent in anything you have to gravitate to centers of excellence. Enterprise DNA is the main center of excellence. Better than Microsoft by a country mile! There's no flannel, no consultancy pitches, no hype. Instead solid meat and drink for report designers, data analysts and anyone involved in implementing data visualization on behalf of their company. Great stuff Sam!"  

Joe Claxton

"Well structured, straight to the point, gives an overview for beginners in PBI. I would like to thank you for the quality of this learning course. Being a job seeker, this course has helped me to get to know the potential of PBI and I’m looking forward to completing the other courses in order to have strong bases of PBI, a tool that is likely to be very useful for my career."  


"I was using Power BI in the past few months, but I was really not aware about the context of DAX. With this course I was really enlightened about knowing the context of calculate, filter, etc in DAX. It's really awesome. I'm really glad that I finally took up the course from Enterprise DNA, as every course is very good paced and Sam in particular makes sure that he's trying to explain everything around the topic. I would recommend this to everyone, it's worth your money." 

Ankit Kukreja

"It is a remarkable experience for me, so many things that were very difficult to understand earlier, have now become easy to understand. I enjoy working on getting insights from data now, which was a very distant thought for me when I started working on data. I will always be thankful to Enterprise DNA for making my career an enjoyable experience for me."  

 Wajahat Mahmood

"Sam is excellent at explaining the content, it is broken down into nice little segments. After watching many Youtube videos trying to get started with Power BI, this is the only place where I can find well laid out, organized, material that truly guides me in understand the application. Thank you Sam!"  

CJ Hurtig

"Sam has given an immense value in the course. One can master Power BI through his teachings using online platform. The best thing is the way he makes understanding every small concept. How he sees the raw data, the output he wants & all needs to be done to get the expected output. Really Amazing." 

Vaibhav Gupta

"Sam is truly the Master of Power BI and his videos are just the best anywhere! Thank you Sam for sharing your knowledge with us."  

 Eric Tremblay

"The way of explanation was excellent. This is the easiest training course anybody can learn with crystal clarity. Additionally, we get some advanced techniques that we will only get after a long experience."  

Vishal Khari

"Membership is really worth it. Great tutorials taught by someone who knows Power BI very well. " 

Rupert Bennett

"Clear examples and easy to follow and practice on my own. This course has given me an overall insight into Power BI tool with great examples that are well thought of to show different scenarios that we might encounter during an actual work situation."  

Tsinu Meseret

"Simple and easy to follow presentation for absolute beginners. The content of this course was relevant to people who are new to Power BI. It is the most relevant course about introduction Power BI than any course available out there."  

Zamuxolo Wawa

"I am very grateful for Enterprise DNA, thanks to your courses and materials I am able to bring so much added value to my company and provide my managers with many valuable insights." 

Kasia Grotkowska

"Sam you are just "AWESOME", have been following your tutorials since long and it really offered me a lot to learn from basics to advanced topics, I can say "a complete structured packet for Power BI"  

Sam Ranjan

"It's cool when I can listen some courses from any location. Sam has very good and understandable English, so with me B1 level I can understand them perfectly. It’s also good to hear some best practices in work area that you are trying to teach."  


"Gives you a comprehensive overview to Power BI. I think this course was very well organized and covered all the main features of Power BI. Even if I have used Power BI some time already, I learned something new, especially when it comes to best practices and visualization." 

Aurora Sunna

"I work in a bank as a Corporate Loan Officer and tried to implement data analytics tools in my daily work. Since I found out about Power BI, was struggling to learn how to incorporate it by visiting different learning courses at different sources. Fortunately, Enterprise DNA cached my eye and after watching the first Ultimate Beginners Guide to Power BI I was sure this was the best learning session that have ever watched. Sam McKay guided me through the process with exceptional professionalism and amazing technics that now I am using not only for my day work but also for working on projects outside my work. Thank you, Sam, and keep up with this great work that you do."

Zoran Kimov

"Thank you Enterprise DNA! I am a lifelong (or it feels that way) Excel user and am quite proficient with that tool. But, through Office 365 we have access to Power BI and I explored it a bit and set it aside - I didn't want to leave Excel. I knew I needed to get back into Power BI and after a few searches I landed on starting to review the Enterprise DNA content and I was amazed at how easy it was to become proficient with Power BI. Then, with a bit more work and practice, I would even say I have moved past proficient - not sure what label to give myself but with all the examples I have access to through Enterprise DNA I haven't been stumped yet! Thanks again!!"  

Mark Besch

"As a sales director I did not have the right dashboards/ reports to follow up on my sales people. After a lot of work in Excel and making masses of pivot tables, I happened to end up at Power BI. I first experimented with the free version to quickly activate the pro account. I immediately saw the enormous power of Power BI and looked for a way to enrich my knowledge. I found this with Enterprise DNA. The tips and tricks that I pick up through the courses have already helped me in optimizing my reports and dashboards. A big thank you Sam for all the energy you put into Enterprise DNA. It is a beautiful mission that you carry out."  

Rudi Mertens

"Actual implementations of advanve DAX and clean and attractive dashboard designs, after reading Marco and alberrto book i learned alot and saw advance viauals in action from enterprise DNA youtube channel."

Pravin Upadhyay

"I would like to say really I benefit too much from Sam and Enterprise DNA, I saw a lot of training sites and courses but Sam's courses really Special, So Thanks very much Sam for the rich sources and courses Hope you all the best."  

Faissal Bozi

"I really appreciate what you are doing and the training sessions are really helpful , would like attend more such sessions."  


"Having recently started my own data visualisation consultancy it has been a godsend to have such a great repository of guides and information for when I need to brush up on a skill or learn a new one when I come up against a requirement I haven't dealt with before. Enterprise DNA is fantastic website and great resource."

James Egan

"It was a pleasure becoming a member of Enterprise DNA. Not only are the forums full of keen & helpful power bi users & mods but the content Sam provides is not really matched by any other trainer out there. The resources EDNA has available to both new users and experienced professionals are truly a bonus for all members to consume and learn from. Well done Sam & team and keep providing the great content!."  


"The naturism on this site and the way it gets delivered is done of the most professional and in depth content any Power Bi user could wish for. It direct matter whether you are undertaking simple or complex builds this material sets out how and why with simplicity and structure Sams knowledge and detailed application of dax helps create elegant / workable solutions. Some of the best training you find online."  

Steven Stanford

"I am just starting out in my Power Bi journey and have found Sam and Enterprise DNA invaluable with my learning. Through my employer I have attended Power BI courses offered by other providers and they do not come close to comparing what Enterprise DNA offer. Sam's videos and tutorials explain, demonstrate and simplify techniques and i feel with his continued tutorials I can even master Dax! Thanks Sam."

Paula Aoake

"Sam, I can´t thank you enough for all things I´m learning from from your tutorials. Trying to learn PBI from other sources was very confusing, and sometimes a nightmare, until I found Sam´s training material. Sam's courses and resources pushed my knowledge forward very quickly. His style and resource content are incredible. Thank you for helping me preparing analysis and reports I never believed I would."

Pablo Lorenzo Jauregui

"Great tutorials by Sam to get someone who has no idea about Power BI up and running within a matter of days. I created my first visual dashboard for supplier tracking within 2 days of going through some of the tutorials on basic DAX and visualization. Possibly the best comprehensive training program I have ever been a part of! Great stuff Sam!" N Bhatia

"After having tried many Power BI tutorials, this is the only one I recommend anymore. It will get you to where you want to be."

Gregory I Felton

"Resources are amazing. I have learned a lot. Thank you for the contents."


"The best resource on the internet for Power Bi and Power Query learning. It's as simple at that!" 


"I was beginning to use Power BI on my own and found myself struggling to properly learn and to apply the capabilities of Power BI in my organization. Using your guidance, my entire organization is now moving toward the invaluable visualization of data capable with Power BI. Your training is the best and I am a super advocate."

M. Begley - Director

"Sam provides practical and innovative solutions to real world challenges. The training provided is well structed and encourages a disciplined & structured approach to data cleansing and presentation. Thanks Sam, I really appreciate the effort you have put into the training material." Anders Tuominen

"Material is always presented clearly, and with obvious enthusiasm. Attending one of Sam's webinars or classes is always a pleasure because he clearly delights in teaching others how to improve their Power BI skills. Keep up the great work Sam!" 

Heather R

"Thanks Sam for putting so much effort in creating absolutely amazing content. All your videos are very clear, very professional, you are a great teacher. I found it so easy to understand concepts from your videos. I started learning power bi about 2 months ago, and thankfully i found EDNA from the start of my Power BI journey and I feel so confident as I understand the concepts and best practices. I am so proud that I did this investment. EDNA support group has been extremely helpful. Can't thank you enough for your absolutely fantastic work to create experts in Power BI."


"As a company who processes billions of data points in the Telemetry industry BI is so important. Power BI was an obvious choice being heavy users of Azure. For me Sam’s Tutorials and course content have been invaluable. I am pleased I paid for the subscription. It is genuinely good value. As a kiwi living in the US I appreciate what EnterpriseDNA do to help businesses globally. Power BI is changing up every month so Sam’s team will keep us on top of it all!"

Dean Marris

"Who'd have thought after a small investment in time, one could go from fearing DAX to embracing it and beginning to unlock its vast capabilities, all whilst producing amazing, insightful reports within Power BI. As others before me have stated, your video content and thorough explanations are second to none and the provision of raw data has allowed me to imitate and replicate what's been shown, cementing that knowledge. Thank you Sam!!!!! Our journey has only just begun." 

Hani S

"Very useful youtube channel with great introduction to Power BI and DAX. Thank you and good luck."


"Sam does a great job and excellent service on his site thanks to him I managed to run the software and get from it and different clients and excellent pedagogues and straight power say in Hebrew."


"I am really thankful to Sam for helping me through the Power Bi. i was a newbie and his hands on approach and business oriented approach is all we need. Great work Sam. Keep going!" 


"With 15+ years of software development behind my back (Object-Oriented, DB, ...), I started looking at Power BI. Looked at couple online sources, then a friend referred me to Enterprise DNA. I was really impressed by the amount and quality of the content. So, if you are serious about Power BI, then Enterprise DNA should be on top of your list."


"Discovered Sam's Power BI tutorials on Utube recently and have been impressed with both the content and the presentation of concepts. Delivered in a professional and clear manner which has enabled me to grasp concepts quickly. Sam has helped to inspire me to learn more. Well Done."

John Meehan

"After trying to to learn Power BI in a hit and miss way for about a year I came across Sam's Enterprise DNA training material. I wish I had started with his material as it is so thorough and provides step-by-step instructions on how to use Power BI. I highly recommend Enterprise DNA's free and paid for course material." 

Joan Hauff

"I started my analytics journey a couple of years ago and I've used a few of the data visualisation tools that are available out there until I discovered Enterprise DNA. Thanks to your rich content and unique insights, I've become a Power BI adept. I am always amazed by the new techniques you are developing. Thank you for sharing your great work!"


"Sam and the team at DNA Enterprise are like a light in the dark of Power BI world. We all sense the potential of PBI but having this resource with relevant examples and ideas has been so valuable to me and continually improves what I can provide to my colleagues, thank you"

Lizzie Tompsett

"Trying to learn BI at home with little knowledge was very difficult. Sam's courses and resources pushed my knowledge forward very quickly. His style and resource content are superb, everything was a wow moment. Everyday is a school day when you log on and I am now preparing reports I never believed I would. Thanks Sam." 

Michael Hutchings

"Enterprise DNA hands down has the best training material and support to bring any level beginner up to an advanced Power BI user! Sam's best practices are a life saver, actual files used in the videos are available for download, and he is highly dedicated to updating, improving, and offering more every day! Must have Membership for every Power BI user!"

Andrew - Pennsylvania

"As a business user who is always looking for ways to present data in a more concise and clear way. I have found the Sam's style of teaching broaden my understanding of how to develop Power BI solutions. His visualizations are a part of the learning cycle I clearly needed. Highly recommended. Definitely one of the best and well worth the money.."

Kevin Zandee

"Sam has a very hands on approach to his training, and is always willing to help! Been apart of several different DAX classes, and Sam's training is by far the best I have come across. Keep up the good work!" 

Jarrett Moore

"Enterprise DNA has allowed me to learn at a rapid pace and improve my analysis using Power BI tremendously. Using the techniques taught by the Enterprise DNA lessons and webinars, I have been able to extend my analysis and provide insights and growth to my department and my organization as a whole. Sam and Enterprise DNA has been a helpful and knowledgeable companion on my Power BI journey!"

Matt Ballinger

"Very fortunate to have you continue in sharing the Power BI structured and yet free courses with fantastic techniques to me and others. I benefit from your teaching and everything. Thank you very much for your time and effort to make it so successful and engaging and the best part is I can download the material for my offline study. I hope you could partner with Microsoft to create in-built templats for users to leverage when they purchase the licence. This will make even more to use power bi as an expert like you."

Yuki Choo

"The one and only person who has explained the real business use cases of power bi on YouTube. I had to learn power bi before joining my company and just through his videos I could learn so much that I gave power bi sessions in my company to my seniors and managers. Kudos to you Sam thanks for making lives of so many people easy." 

Himanshu Sehgal

"I joined Enterprise DNA 4 months ago and in that time my Power BI skills have gone from very slight to advanced because of the fantastic tutorials and learning materials available. I have found the resources absolutely invaluable in moving my reporting and analysis techniques to levels I didn’t think were possible. The great part is that because the tutorials are structured so well I am truly learning and understanding as I move along. This is not like someone giving you an excel formula to use and getting the output you want but not really understanding why. Everything I have implemented in my business reports I understand and can adapt to other models in the future because I have been taught the fundamental principles by the courses. I really can not recommend Sam and Emterprise DNA highly enough.."

Chris Elliott

"Just a month ago I was struggling with creating a meaningful and eye-catching dashboard using Excel. All of my efforts were entirely too manual, and required hours of work to update for each segment of our business, and did not have the capability to transform to each location of our business. One of my colleagues sent me a link to Sam & the Enterprise DNA YouTube channel and I was transfixed. I watched the entire Beginner's course in a day and was shocked to discover PowerBI was hiding in plain sight (and free!) this whole time. Thanks to Sam, DAX makes sense to me, and I have been able to create impressive, intuitive and meaningful dashboards and deep dives that easily transform over time, business and location in just a month! I love his bite-sized analytics videos that show the measures and capabilities in a very relatable way. Thank you so much!."

Taya - USA, Analyst

"Initially, I have been a bit reluctant to pursue the courses offered by Sam because I had not heard of him, so I had not known what to expect (I have heard of Alberto Ferrari and Marco Russo and Matt Allington instead). But then I took completely free of charge the two courses taught by Sam: "Ultimate Beginners Guide to Power BI" and "Ultimate Beginners Guide to DAX" and started to learn some tips and tricks that proved invaluable. That's how I got more and more interested in this program and, after covering modules after modules, I could say that my expectations are not let down. The pace of learning is slow, and I like that, because Sam takes the time to hammer those concepts that are essential for building sound, optimised Power BI models. If you're looking at taking the deep dive into this fascinating world of Busines intelligence with Power BI, then this program will not disappoint." 

Bujor Doru Imbroane

"Thanks Sam, the way your explanation and teaching is awesome.....It is helping me in my work....Keep it up...."


"I think that the strong point of dna enterprise courses is learning to reason with dax and making power bi reports at a higher level."


"I just started learning MSPBI with the couses on this page and they are awesome and easy to follow and understand, even if english is not your origin language.." 

Álvaro, Chile

"Sam - you have build an incredible community of people who have become passionate about PowerBI. Your videos (both publicly available and commercially available by subscription) are an invaluable tool to BI users at all levels. I learned a ton about proper data modeling for analytics, DAX complex queries, using M-Query, organizing information properly and much more. I highly recommend the membership with the "all access pass" - it has proven to be a prudent investment.."


"Totally loved your content Sam. You have clear and concise way of explaining things. I like the way you structure things. Big big plus which i have seen in your course is that you dont just deal with basic stuff you take it up a notch and show how to create advanced PowerBI reports too. You have been giving lots to the community by the way of free sessions which is really inspiring. You put me right on the path of achieving my goals with PowerBI.."

Bhupendra Patel

"I don't even know how it all started but after coming across Enterprise DNA Power BI free resources and training i have never looked back. Sam's approach and easy to understand explanations takes away all fears "I won't get it" - but seeing it in actions is great way to help users to learn. Really appreciate good practice for model (keep slim) and calculated measures to keep grouped and separated from the model and I am enforcing in my workplace. So all in all massive thanks to Sam and Enterprise DNA.." 

Neb, Billingham UK

"Hi Sam, I have been watching your training videos and find them to be extremely comprehensive and relevant to challenges found in the real world. Keep up the great work! Thanks JT."


"I stumbled across Power BI a year-or-so ago, and we are now using it for a significant part of our Management Reporting. Now, with the aid of your Beginner tutorials, I am implementing many of your techniques and Best Practice suggestions in a complete rewrite/overhaul of the reports. Many thanks!."

Madeleine R.

"I have found Sam's training and enthusiasm truly empowering. By showing me best practice methods (the 4 pillars) of developing Power BI solutions and with great demos full of useful things that I can adapt to my own work, he has thrown open new opportunities working with something that I really enjoy." 

Michael Woodman

"I've been looking for YouTube channels in order to learn Power BI and DAX, and after many attempts found Enterprise DNA as the ultimate solution in this purpose. Sam understands the broad perspective of the impact of its use, and always goes straight to the point of every feature of the tools available. The accumulated knowledge thanks to him will directly improve my career, and I look forward to keep learning from him."

Daniel B.

"I cannot thank Sam and his team enough for all the wonderful and thorough videos. They were immensely helpful in taking my basic PowerBI understanding to the next level. His videos on financial analysis/ segmentation/ forecasting were simply superb. Look forward to all his many more PowerBI videos. Thanks again Sam!!."

Pavan S

"Thanks Sam for your wonderful training. You go extra mile and deliver the best. Not only simple tactics, I have learned how to do advanced analytics in Power BI from you. You are very professional and spend lot of time and money on your resources and materials. I really admire you and look forward to enhancing my skills from your courses. Stay Blessed.." 

Ranbeer M

"Good stuff - rollout is going very well on our end. Your training is very well received, and I've got users creating more dashboards in the past 2 weeks than they have all year. Consider me a happy customer."

Jeff Crooks - Racetrac

"I have learned more from from Sam's content than any other source.The content is practical and useful in day to day business scenario.I recommend it to everyone from beginner and advanced level."

Abhishek Rathi

"The courses offered by Sam have inspired me to acquire new skills that will will ensure I offer my company a new perspective on reporting and analysis. I aim to continue my growth and knowledge through Enterprise DNA which has an awesome methodolgy of teaching Power BI. Thank you so much Sam." 

Dave Koster

"I just wanted to reach out and let you know how awesome your Enterprise DNA training material is! There’s nothing like it on the web and it represents a great value to get ramped up quickly in Power BI. (This is especially true in regards to the coherency and consistancy of the video productions, very relevant and insightful business examples, and file availablity for all covered content)."

Analytics Group - Baurau Business Priming

Due to my learnings from Sam @ EnterpriseDNA I have managed to change the Domain that I have worked in for 30 Years and land my DREAM job as a Supply Chain Analyst for a Multi National. As part of the job appointment process was a reporting task from a brief prepared by the company. I provided an end to end solution and the interviewers were more than impressed at the Data Pack I turned up with. I used many many techniques from the Courses from Modelling to Dashboarding and everything in between. I can’t thank you enough Sam your content is amazing (nothing like it out there).

Chris T 

"I have been in the Analytics and Data Warehouse space for about 20 years and have been a serious advocate of Power BI from it’s inception. I am excited to become a member of this forum, having review as many of Sam’s vidoes as I could and have benefited significantly from his tutelage." 

Brad - Canada

"Want to let you know that your training has, and still continues to be of significant value to me. Still a rooky at this, but am using all your techniques and best practices as I continue to educate myself in the Power of BI and DAX. I would highly recommend to those who want to become proficient, sign up for your course(s). As a Solution Architect (now retired), this is the best value that I have ever come across."

John J. - Comcast

Being relatively new to Power BI / DAX(), finding good resource for learning has been difficult….until I came across your tutorials and webinars. Just wanted to say a big thank you – they have helped immensely to both simplify and take away some of the fear-factor you tend to have when first looking at advanced DAX() formula. I’ve still got a long way to go but your material has been a great help. Look forward to more content in the near future. 

Andy - Sheffield, UK 

"I was fortunate to find Sam's sessions that he shares via his You Tube channel. He has supercharged my understanding of Power BI and elevated my Power BI game to new heights. He shows how to build very useful models. Following his examples I have developed models that have provided my organization with incredible insights. Bravo Sam!!!" 

Gianni G. 

"Finally found someone and a course that can clearly explain some of the more technical DAX concepts. Being able to see how it is done via the pre-built models has made a real difference to my understanding of how everything fits together within Power BI"

Tony B. - California

"I've been looking for resources like this everywhere but couldn't find any. So good to have these all in one place, with detailed explanations on how to build this myself. Seriously awesome stuff."

Renee M. - Melbourne

"I've found DAX really hard, but it makes far more sense now. The explanations are clear and more simplified than I've read and watched elsewhere which is what I needed. The examples are great too."

Scott T. - Michigan

"Sam's Power BI training videos on YouTube are simple to follow and have helped me quickly understand Power BI and most importantly applied the techniques to real world projects. I also enjoyed Sam's best practice tips around how to structure and layout the data model to develop around my unique data. I always quickly get support from Sam and have all shared the best practice among each other. I would recommend Sam's membership training to anybody who would like to learn Power BI effectively."

Berry, Wang XM  

"This is the first time I'm contacting you after my purchase and enrollment in the Enterprise DNA membership. I've dwelled quiet a lot in the courses and the resource files in the past week and all I can say is THANK YOU SIR. It is quiet awesome and the price doesn't merit what you get. Truly now i understand all context factors, logic tables and how to branch my measures plus the added bonus of ways for new business insights. Again I can't thank you enough my friend and after some search i chose your courses and I am lucky to have an instructor like you. I still have to go through again and again and again with the resources and there's a lotttt :) but I had to contact you and say thanks. "

John O. 

"I have looked at the 2 completely free courses from Enterprise DNA and several videos on you tube. I can honestly say that these are the best videos and courses on Power BI i have come across. So well explained with excellent examples. The fact that Sam shares the best practices to be used (Ex: using Edit Queries instead of Get Data) makes it really interesting. DAX examples are explained clearly. even complex examples are explained in detail which makes it easy to understand. I have started loving Power BI and using it more since going through these course. Thanks Sam for all your efforts and help in spreading your knowledge."  

Vishal Goyal  

"As a beginner, I didn't really know where to start with Power BI. It's clear where to start in the course and then where to go to next. To be able to then see the end result with the demo models and then practice on the demo data is awesome. I think this is all I really need for all my learnings in Power BI."

Morgan G. - London

"Whilst Power BI is intuitive and easy to use, I didn't realise how advanced you could get so quickly if you are taught the right things. I have benefited massively from the training. My analytical output has literally skyrocketed. I didn't even realise you could create analysis that was this advanced with Power BI."

Dan D. - New Zealand

"Resources are excellent! I was a real beginner and just getting started with Power BI. This was exactly what I needed to start creating the reports my organisation needed. Learning how to apply the advanced DAX formulas was really eye opening. You can achieve so much with Power BI."

Emmanuel A. - Egypt

"The pace and information was just right for the group I was in. We covered absolutely everything that we needed to know to get going with Power BI. The speed with which we are replacing our existing analysis is astounding! As a group we've gone on to develop some compelling reports, showcasing some insights that are now driving decisions at the exec level. It's exciting what we will be able to acheive in the near future with Power BI." 

Nolan Ford - Genesis Energy

“Sam gave us a really great introduction to Power BI in a small group tutorial. He outlined the underlying principles of Power BI which has provided us with a great foundation for setting up our dashboards. He was extremely flexible and intuitive about our needs and worked through our complex example with ease. His after service support and engagement is outstanding. I would highly recommend Sam for any Power BI training or development we require in the future.”

Amber McTainsh - Farmsource 

"Rakon has engaged with Enterprise DNA to train internal users on how to utilise and visually present data, using Power BI. The level of service provided has been exceptional and feedback across the business has been overwhelmingly positive. Power BI has generated a wave of enthusiasm within Rakon, and the training sessions played a critical role in the success of the roll-out. We would not hesitate to engage with Enterprise DNA again."

BI Team – Rakon

"Sam hosted us for a full-day customized workshop with PowerBI. This was great because we could accomplish all the goals that we had set and developed an understanding of PowerBI that allows us to create reporting and dashboarding solutions that before we were not even aware of as an organisation. We look forward to using the capabilities of PowerBI to enhance our internal and external reporting and would highly recommend the training provided by Sam to other people."

Vivek Katial – Quantiful

“Power BI has been a welcome disruption in our workforce. With its flexibility and precision, we are able to showcase our potential for success - and possibility of failure – in a meticulous fashion. Sam’s guidance and expertise along the way has been invaluable. He brings expertise and patience to the table where we would otherwise be lost. Through intensive group training, he has improved the combined group proficiency tenfold. We look forward to working closely with him in the future.”

 Jordan Barnard – AGL Group 

“The training provided by Enterprise DNA was fantastic. Sam was able to tailor the sessions to suit all the different skill levels of the attendees, and enable them to see the true potential of Power BI. I’ve been blown away by the amount of interest and excitement that these sessions have generated across the company. Combined with the training, and the extensive support resources that Sam gave us, I cannot wait to see some of the insights and value that we will be able to deliver going forward.” 

Chris Mills - Kotahi 

"Quite simple - if you want to learn Power BI look no further. Sam is a fantastic tutor and by watching short specific videos you can very quickly become a more competent and confident power bi user. You can always find relevant and specific material to assist with both your learning and construction of your own models. Sam makes it easy to learn and grow at your own pace and provides all the material you could ever need to practice, gain experience and develop ideas from."

Don Aitken  

“Just want to say how much I am learning from the Enterprise DNA classes. You have a wonderful way of explaining evaluation context (row and filter) such that I am finally catching on. I love the innovative DAX formulas and I can't wait to experiment with them and apply them to my work--which is Continuous Quality Improvement and outcome evaluation for a Behavioral Health Community Based organization in California. Thank-you and I aspire to know a fraction of what you know so that I can provide more value to my company.”

 Judith Calvo, PhD Director of Quality Improvement Community Solutions Gilroy, CA USA 

“I am new to Power BI and have been searching the web for videos and articles that help gain an understanding of the best way to approach this technology. When I found Sam's site, I at last found a one stop shop that teaches you everything you need to know from beginning to end. The instructions are clear and just as important relevant to the "real world". Since subscribing to Enterprise DNA my learning curve has gone pretty much straight up. I highly recommend Enterprise DNA as your source for gaining knowledge of this most incredible analysis tool; Power BI.” 

Gene Stoegbauer

"When I discovered Power BI, I found I needed a lot of resources. There is no real fast track. There is a lot to learn from Modeling, Data Clean Up, Dax and Power BI itself. Then there is M. Sam's tutorials have been extremely helpful in increasing my knowledge and demonstrating not just the fundamentals, but complex modeling of analytical scenarios. It has been a great resource for me. Sam presents great tutorials and is generous with providing many great resources. Thank you Sam." Robert Cline

"Your courses are great! And offer great value for money! I had read a number of books on DAX, but your youtube video series are the first online resources I've seen that really show how to use DAX and Power BI in anger. And get great results - both in terms of high quality analytical output and high quality presentational output too. Thank you very much for all the effort you put into these online courses. And for the considerable insights and sheer know how you share in these sessions."

Kieron B. - London

"I joined Enterprise DNA a couple of weeks ago. I have done a couple of online courses before. My Power BI/DAX skills have advanced because of the fantastic tutorials and learning materials available. As the tutorials are structured so well I am truly learning and understanding as I move along. I believe the other couses I will do, will benifit me. I really can not recommend Sam and Emterprise DNA highly enough.” 


"Sam has been our go-to for all Power BI training this year which has enabled us to completely transform our business reporting. His learning style is perfect for all levels of user with on going support and training. Keep up the great work!" Amber M. - Farmsource  

"I like Sam’s PowerBi Videos and the way he shows his knowledge. And I like the different topics he explains. Thank you!.” Ursula

"I’ve been able to leverage Power BI’s awesome capabilities by watching many of Sam’s tutorials on Enterprise DNA. Keep up the great work!.” 

Dale C. - Indianapolis

"Over the last ten years I came accross many websites offering educational information on lot's of software products. Then in late month's of 2018 I "arrived" on Enterprise DNA. The way Sam and his team have managed to outline all the information about PowerBI in a strutured way is in my opinion without a doubt a unique one! If you are serious about learning PowerBI I can only advise you to subscribe for a membership: you will not be disappointed!"

Ruud Jeursen, The Netherlands  

"Your training has been invaualbe during the start of my career in BI especially since it is one of the best if not the best resources available on Power BI and its application in an organization setting. The faith you've placed on the potential of the platform has been tremendous and I believe more on this considering all the cool updates we continue to get on the PowerBi platform."

Dennis Rotich

"Comprehensive coverage of various sub topics that you can not find any where. 2. General Modelling and Programming tips that can be applied in a lot of places 3. Excellent representation of data visually providing a template for how you should make all your work visually appealing.. Very important given that it makes a huge difference." Balachandar

"I taught myself Power BI a few years ago but never really went back and learned the basics. There were blind spots in my knowledge. The Power BI tutorial series was really great and took my skills to a new level. I really should have started with something like this."

Craig Lathrop  

"I have attended couple of seminar with Sam and trainings were really effective. Thank you Sam, your videos are practical and I can directly apply into work. I am learning a lot from you :)" Abinash

"Enterprise DNA has greatly increase my ability to report within our company forever. I went from knowing nothing about PowerBi to using it on a daily basis within 30 days simply by watching Sam's videos and executing his techniques. Thanks Sam!"

Geoff Ellis  

"I came across Enterprise DNA through one of the free YouTube videos. After getting a lot of valuable info for free, I felt ready to dig deeper into PowerBi in general and DAX in particular, and the membership here certainly has given me good value for money therefore I highly recommend signing a membership."

Erik Jacobsen, Scandinavian  

"This is a fantastic place to start learning Power BI, and then you are becoming more confident and is possible to increase your difficulty level. This application is not so easy, but with the explanations of Sam you get more and more experience, for sure, some of the topics are for high level, but, is a question of time and perseverance. I'm a beginner person on Power BI."

Carlos Gonçalves, Portugal  

"I have taken couple of courses from Sam from Enterprise DNA. I really liked the course. Its well explained, organized and importantly all the datas and formulas and even dashboards are available for everyone."

Mahesh T, London  

"Hey Sam, Keep up the good work ! As you know time is sparse and one does not always have the proper time to experiment with the new features that the Power BI team releases. Your videos are definately inspiring and boosted my DAX knowledge and understanding. Still lots of practise required though ;) In short .. I'm a fan."

Erwin Waege, Belgium

"Sam and EnterpriseDNA have taken my PowerBI to the next level. The courses are excellently well presented. Sam's extensive experience in building BI tools means the tutorials and webinars are always relevant and always hit the mark. Enterprise DNA is a 5* resource - I highly recommend."

David Nightingale, Johannesburg South Africa  

"I truely apprecciate your efforts for helping the ones who needed to get more professional help in using Power BI. Your videos are A+ and really helpful+inspiring for me. I wish you the best from Turkey."

Erol Yücel  

"As a beginner, I didn't really know where to start with Power BI. It's clear where to start in the course and then where to go to next. To be able to then see the end result with the demo models and then practice on the demo data is awesome. I think this is all I really need for all my learnings in Power BI."

Norbert Ruhamanya

"For me, Sam is clearly one of the world's leading experts in Power BI and DAX and the range and quality of his training material is outstanding. I found his introduction courses extremely helpful when starting out and he keeps coming up with excellent analytical tips and insight. Great stuff!" Ken Cromb

"Thanks Sam! for the wonderful tutorials and excellent resources. Your traning videos are well structured and helped me to learn Power BI at a rapid pace. Great Work!" Devi  

"A wonderful resource and a community that helps. One of the best resources I have used over countless years. Well worth the investment."

Peter Maloney  

"Course modules are easy to navigate and understand. Length of video is adequate for a developer who needs a tool to build a practical data story telling board . Sam explains it clearly and succinctly. Overall a well balance training module with the option of a certification."

L L Choong 

"Enjoyed the introductory course. Found the section regarding context most valuable and has given me the confidence delve further into DAX."


"I have a background in SQL Server development and am looking to add data visualization to my skill set, I stumbled across Enterprise DNA and proceeded to enroll and complete the Free Ultimate Beginners Guide to Power BI and Ultimate Beginners Guide to Dax courses. I found both courses to be awesome! They both are very well structured and introduce concepts in a concise and easy to understand fashion. I am impressed with the wealth of information in both courses and how quickly they bring you up to speed with the Power BI and Dax. I look forward to completing more of the Power BI and Dax modules offered by Enterprise DNA." Reece Airlie

"Enterprise DNA has been my go-to resource when it comes to Power Bi and learning DAX. Sam does an amazing job teaching the most fundamental concepts as well as more advanced, specialized concepts. Any time I stumble across a new problem my first instinct is to see if Sam has covered it in his lessons. I sincerely appreciate the effort he puts into his work and I always look forward to his emails, which usually introduce new ideas and keep me learning. Thank you!"


"Sam has obviously put a whole lot of time, effort, and money into helping others learn the beauty of Power BI as not only a visual analytical tool, but the entire workflow which begins with creating the data model correctly using the Query Editor. His style of training is excellent and he keeps his material fresh with the continuous monthly Power BI updates from Microsoft. I have looked for Power BI courseware, but so many were already dated. This was an excellent value for all the material and training courses available. Thank you Sam for all the time and effort you have put into everything you have done and continue to do. I recommend anyone who wants to learn Power BI, purchase a membership. You will not be disappointed." James Moore

"I am really thankful to Sam for helping me through the Power Bi. I am always amazed by the new techniques you are developing. Everything I have implemented in my business reports I understand and can adapt to other models in the future because I have been taught the fundamental principles by the courses. I really can not recommend Sam and Enterprise DNA highly enough.Thank you for sharing your great work! Keep going!"

Ahmad Jumaa  

"You absolutely did a great job in customizing this intro topics in both PowerBI and DAX. It really helped me a lot in understanding what I can do with PowerBI better and make me to crave for more advanced courses going forward. I highly recommend any BI Developer/Data Analyst, who needs to have a good spring board course, to start from these intro courses. Thank you very much for putting together this course."

Mickias Kebede 

"I have attended a lot of Power BI training, however no one showcases what Power BI can do like Enterprise DNA. The scenarios and use cases presented are very clever and quite advanced yet Sam presents them in a simple to understand manner. This a great place to learn the analytical possibilities with Power BI as well as the technical aspects."


"Excellent Youtube Channel for beginners and for advanced users. Sam's explanations and instructions are so logical that as a beginner I was able to create my dashboards, measures and reports. Appreciate Sam's effort in putting together this invaluable channel with so much detail and information. Thank you!"

Hazra Hadee

"Enterprise DNA is a fantastic training resource. I knew what I wanted to do but could never quite understand my readings. These videos not only explain the concepts but show you how in a relaxed simple manner. Well done Sam!!!!"


"Dear Sam, I’m very new to Power BI/DAX, and I accomplish with your clear and excellent tutorials, that explain from beginning to the end the steps to the solution to produced analyses that from other way I will be a long way to understand and produce same thing. From Portugal, Muito Obrigado."

 Manuel Mesquita

"What impresses me most about Enterprise DNA is how well all the pieces fit together to provide an exceptional training experience. Sam is an outstanding instructor, able to clearly explain even the most complex concepts. There are a lot of great resources on the intranet on Power BI fundamentals, but what makes Enterprise DNA unique is its focus on specific practical business applications. Whether your interests lie in sales, finance, marketing, operations and logistics, etc. you will find a wide array of resources that walk you through how to leverage Power BI’s capabilities to meet your specific needs. The Showcase files allow you to download top-notch reports in your areas of interest and look “under the hood” to see how the data models are built, the DAX measures are written, and the visuals constructed. Finally, the member forum is a very friendly community that provides direct access to Sam and other extremely knowledgeable Power BI experts to help address any project-specific challenges where you need additional assistance. This site is already the best resource I’ve found to improve your Power BI skills, and continues to get even better with new content added almost every day. An incredible value, and an invaluable resource."

Brian J

"Power BI has the ability to present amazing insights with compelling visuals. I am very keen to become proficient in the use of Power BI. There are books that provide in depth analysis on how DAX works and the patterns that are available to carryout analysis. However, what was missing was the practical application of these powerful formula’s and the techniques to create compelling visuals. These requirements are more than satisfied by the Enterprise DNA video series developed by Sam. The student can observe visuals created from scratch to the final product and learn the construction / practical application of complex DAX formulas. My learning of Power BI has accelerated after purchasing Enterprise DNA Membership and would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to be proficient in all aspects of Power BI."

Eraj - New Zealand

"I want to express my gratitude for Enterprise DNA's help with a major feature in our accounts system. Our issue has been with report templates, which is now resolved. Our system now has a feature which allows our customers to design their own report templates, including rules for calculations like sub totals and main totals etc, internally in the accounts system itself. When the templates are exported to Power BI it interprets the rules on the transaction data and produces reports exactly to the users' requirements without any additional input from us. In truth, if it had not been for Enterprise DNA's excellent DAX courses and superb forum and support services this would never have happened. And, of course, as a result of putting in a great deal of effort myself into this, my own DAX expertise level has increased exponentially. A serious win win."

Paul Boyes 

"I was looking around for Power BI ELearning Materials for some time and was glad to chance upon Enterprise DNA Power BI Online learning materials. It is the best resource I found thus far. Sam does an excellent job teaching and problem solving. I like his teaching method – byte size, straight forward and easy to understand. The scenario analysis was awesome!"

Liang Gek

"Sam and Enterprise DNA content are a Godsend. I seriously doubt that there is a better, more comprehensive and practice-focused medium on Planet Earth for learning the nuances of working with Power BI, no matter your starting knowledge. Signing up for a membership has been ridiculously good value for money and I have a lot of appreciation and admiration for the generosity and knowledge that Sam brings to this learning game. Best regards."


"Sam always succeeds in keeping his explanation as simple as possible. Never overcomplicating things even with the more complex solutions and techniques. All the examples provided by Enterprise DNA relate to real life business challenges. The forum is also a good place to learn. It seems the members of the forum really enjoy questions and dig in the matter to help each other. Thanks Sam!"

Daniel Akerina, The Netherlands

"Your guides have been invaluable to me. I picked up Power BI 3 months ago as I believe this is the way forward for reporting for schools and academies. Your video guides are clear and easy to follow and over the last 3 months I now find myself viewing your advanced video guides and can generally follow along and adapt your DAX coding to my needs. Thank you very, very much for the time and effort you have devoted for us newbies."

Peter A.

"Very in depth knowledge in power bi and whole lot of learning platforms and resources to help student or its members to standout. I will recommend enterprise DNA to anyone who wish to advance their knowledge in power BI. Sam, you are really an inspiration to my power bi career."

Benjamin Arthur 

"I applied for Enterprise DNA membership last year and have been slowly using the resources to polish my skills as a Professional Business Analyst. I would say this is the best resource available on the internet anywhere, by far. Keep doing the great work Sam!!"

Abu Bakar Alvi

"Lot of content to learn. Well structured and very detailed for self learners. Thank you, Sam!!"


"Enterprise DNA is with distance the best Power BI resource available."

Jack van Gils

"It is way better than the live training class as we can go at our own speed, pause and play as you wish. This allow students such as myself to fully follow the steps and get it right. This helps me greatly!"

Veasna Kain  

"Thank you very much Sam and Enterprise DNA team for this. I have registered and got the membership to learn Power BI. It's the best learning portal for Power BI that you can find and this is just the beginning. It's amazing how many resources are here and all very structured so you don't get lost. I'm very happy that I have purchased the membership and cannot wait to get involved in the community."  

Nicolae Sicoe

"I have been practising DAX and Excel for a long time, and read some very interesting books about DAX. However, some key elements like concept of filter flow direction, fact/lookup tables, connected vs separate tables were in dark box for me. When I started the Enterprise DNA course, my mind shifted in the right direction, opening endless possibilities and exciting opportunities that can be achieved via Power BI platform. Thank you Sam!" 

Maksim Antipev  

"I have been searching for all kind of information on the topic of Power BI and DAX. Enterprise DNA seems to cover so many topics, it almost always shows up in google. And I love the clearness and the simplicity of the videos (and the Aussie accent :)). That ultimately lead me here. That's one of the rare moments when you feel like you have hit the jackpot because the quality of the content is so high in every aspect and so many of it available for free. And as an extra, the membership fee seems really a fair price for what you get. I expected it to be unpayable. Well done Sam!"

Stephan Talmon-Gros

"So far, I've thoroughly enjoyed and learned a lot through Enterprise DNA Online. The course I took is very straight to the point and practical. Not too overwhelming, even if you have zero knowledge on Power BI."  


"Well structured and pitched at just the right level. As someone not fairly new to BI it provides provides more than enough to get one thinking about the power of the product for business insight whilst showing that to get value you don't need to a genius level coder." 


"I'm a total beginner with Power BI and DAX. The content and flow of the course made it easy for me to follow along creating tables, measures and DAX formulas as it progressed. I have learned a lot and cannot wait to kick the tires for myself!"

Teri Stofer

"It has been a great resource for me to consult when I am confused about some concept or how to implement some analytics.  Cannot speak highly enough about this site."

Matthew Snow

"A practical and thorough beginners course which has helped me better understand PBI and its functions and uses to be able to apply quickly to my own work." 

Raj Vaja  

"After reviewing several Power BI instructional course offerings, Sam's teaching style and the vast amount of resources he has made available to members creates exceptional value. - Eugene Baker"

Eugene Baker

"The instruction was clear and thorough.  A Power BI User group through my employer was encouraging participants to check out the Ultimate Beginners Guide. I'm not really a beginner, but I learned a considerable amount of useful information and best practices."

David Gerard

"The course was very relevant and went far beyond being a regular beginners course. The content was presented in an easy to understand way and the examples and techniques were quite relevant for most reporting scenarios." 

Rahul Gupta  

"I have learned a lot from the creative and powerful ways in which Sam masterfully presents solutions to real-life problems faced by firms on a day to day basis"

Chibuzo Akubue

"So far I love the content provided, so much so that I purchased a membership and recommended that my company purchase memberships for the employees who want to learn Power BI."

Britny Sarver

"Great for beginners who wants to navigate through Power BI and unlock its potential through DAX. It's the clearest free course around."

Rebecca Yu  

"I keep getting more useful information on the best way to conceptualise and develop a Power BI project. A practical approach."

Simbarashe W Murerwa

"It is way better than the live training class as we can go at our own speed, pause and play as you wish. This allow students such as myself to fully follow the steps and get it right. This helps me greatly!"

Veasna Kain

"This is by far the best and most relevant Power BI traning that I've come across.  It is taught from the perspective of an analyst, not a developer or programmer, which makes it very relatable to the work I do and also easy to comprehend.  Definitely worth the investment!"

Julie Tausch

"Its been very helpful. It has helped me grasp some things with Power BI that despite going over and over them previously, something suddenly clicked.

Matthew Snow

"To date, this was the best introductory course to DAX that I have come across. As a result of taking this course, I'll now be more confident in utilizing DAX to execute on my daily responsibilities."

Veasna Kain

"A practical, hands-on approach that enhances understanding and stimulates creativity that can give room to solution improvement. The data modelling and visualization steps are easy to follow/replicate when practising. There is also emphasis on exploration which enhances understanding and promotes more learning."

Simbarashe W Murerwa

"The course is really good, I really enjoyed how everything builds up and all the possibilities you have just with understanding this beginner bits. I've already applied and improved my dashboards at work. Thanks Sam!"

Matias Serrenho

"Even if I am already advanced on Power BI, I found the trainings very helpful and insightful. Seems that I will always come back to Enterprise DNA for a tip or a quick knowledge refresher. Great work here! "

Michael Sampsonidis

"This is the best platform for know how transfer i ever seen. I really enjoyed the course and i will of course follow you and become member. I am really excited to apply all i learnt into my personal career. Thanks a lot for such a great knwoledge sharing."

Arnaud Chateung

"Easy to follow and broken up into manageable sections so you can step away and come back to it if need be."

Kelly Benjamin

"Awesome way to teach the course and have people like me get excited about PowerBi to show the value of Data to Stakeholders...kudos to Sam!!!


"Useable across all disciplines. Necessary for any job function needing to make quicker and more informed decisions."

Brendan Steinacher

"I found the Enterprise DNA experience very  enriching. I have almost all I need to build the kind of solutions my clients would need."

Richard Njolomba

"Enterprise DNA showcases powerful analytical techniques achieved in Power BI that will help take my analytical skills to the next level!"

Houssein Mheimid

"The Advanced Data Modelling course is incredibly valuable in showing best practices for building complex models efficiently and intuitively."

Jennifer Warner

"The combination of the excellent courses linked to the forum and support service is quite simply outstanding.  Worth every penny."

Paul Boyes

"The key thing what I like about Sam and Enterprise DNA learning methods is how they explain really complex things in a really intuitive and easy to understand way! For anyone trying to master and is serious about Power BI, Enterprise DNA is seriously the best learning platform out there! Seriously."

Shrikesh Pattni

"So far after fleeting around from one Power BI course to another. I settle for Enterprise DNA content because the material is structured not only to teach you but also to enable you practical master reports authoring with top in-class complete models packed by the team. When you aspire of becoming an accomplished Power BI Developer, think Enterprise DNA!"

Walter Mbacham

"I find Sam's presentation on everything is always pitched at a great level when you are seeing something for the first time. I have googled alot of resources and this is the main difference I find with Enterprise DNA. Sam finds a way to simplify things which ultimately means a greater level of understanding to the participant on the course."

Patrick Murtagh

"Enterprise DNA Membership is worth the investment.  Gives good quality training delivered at good pace.  Enables you to quickly get up to speed with DAX. Many Thanks"

Robert Guare

"I appreciate the approach taken and shared towards problem solving through Power BI. Enterprise DNA has definitely fostered my knowledge and confidence in producing remarkable results using some very cool and effective techniques. The value add is instant!"


"Excellent course that is practical and gets you up to speed quickly, but still covering the important issues"

Ken Crofts

"Really Great.. What Sam is teaching literally shows how much understanding he has of Power BI and how he always take it to the exceptional level"

Vaibhav Gupta

"The course was fantastic. The content provide a good foundation for those just starting to use Power BI."

Theresa Reitz

"Enterprise DNA is such an invaluable and undisputed learning platform and I am immensely proud to be part of its community."


"The course is already a step ahead of the others, very well explained thoroughly and super instructor."


"Definitely, Sam knows his stuff! A competent instructor, a valuable resource and rich content."

Chris Odugbemi

"My understanding of Power BI would not be where it is today with Enterprise DNA courses, training tutorials and the forum."

Paula Aoake

"After 19+ years of a successful career at the same company, a major restructuring resulted in myself and many of my colleagues out of work. Although I have lots of experience in finance/operations/systems I felt a certification or designation would help in enhancing my job search. Enrolling in membership at Enterprise DNA has been the absolute best investment of my time and money. I managed to gain certification in record time because I truly resonated with how the courses are structured in a clear, concise and consistent manner. Since there are always updates and continued learning, I have lifetime access to a neverending resource. Thank you Sam and Enterprise DNA team!."

Jacquie DeButte

"Courses like Scenario Deep Dive continues to drill into the complexities of DAX and the power of formula branching. Sam is a superb instructor because he selects relevant real-world examples, his presentation is clear, and his enthusiasm is very infectious. I don't think I've been this excited about an analytical software since Excel. Kudos!"

Terence Gill

"This is one of the best course I have come across so far. The contents were clear and crispy and the instructor was to the point in explaining the principles of power query, Data modelling, Visualizations and publishing the content. Found some interesting tips and tricks on how to do the calculated measures and organizing the measures. I would strongly recommend this course as this gives the basic foundation on understanding the Power BI."


"Great course. I'm a French user and this course is very easy to follow. Progression makes it easy to assimilate concepts and put them into practice right away. I like the best practices from a super user!"

Nicolas Boisselet

"Enterprise DNA is very good platform to learn data analytics techniques. It provide me the ideas which may helpful in corporate reporting and to enhance the effectiveness of business data. "

Muhammad Asad

"The course is perfect. You can learn a lot even if you are not at a beginner level. The course has advanced tips and the didactic is excellent. "

Benigna Moreira Lima Pereira

"A fantastic overview with realistic examples. Good pace, extremely knowledgeable instructor who pauses and reinforces key points for learning. In general the amount of useful and relevant content on Enterprise DNA blows away anything I've seen in the learning market for Power BI."

Bill Skelley

"This is a great course for beginners.  It gives you the foundations where you can start working and exploring data right away.  I was amazed at how great this training was and how well Sam explained the reasons behind what he was doing.  I highly recommend!."

Melissa Metz

"This course helped me tremendously.  One of the biggest takeaways for me was the concept of creating key measures.  It's very helpful when doing Time Intelligence reporting, which this course also provided insightful information on! Thank you Enterprise DNA for offering this course!"

Danielle Alsup

"Great overall insight to Power BI, self paced learning and really helped that there were explanations on how and what was behind each feature, creating a great learning experience. "

Melissa Lightfoot

"Enterprise DNA is the home of professionals in Data Analysis and Business Intelligence. If you are not in Enterprise DNA, then there are vital skills you are lacking. Great work Sam Mckay and team."

Felix Wambua

"This course is great. It doesn't take long to complete, but gives you a really strong understanding of the capabilities of Power BI. This is really going to support in delivering clear insight to our business."


"It was an accurately detailed course, certainly helping Power BI super users to help create insightful reports. "

Sweta More

"The Best Course I've Done!! So Glad they allowed me to test.  Will use them in the future!!."

Samantha Pikus

"Excellent course. The use and application of practical data made every lesson valuable as it could be put in real world situations."

Gary Cole

"It's been great and I've learnt a lot. I think it is one of the best sites that explains DAX in a really good manner. I utilize the knowledge that I learn in my day to day business as a Trade Marketing Manager. "

Muhammad Iftikhar Saeed

"The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Power BI is extremely helpful. I have been using Power BI for a while but it was good to go back to the basics and implement some best practices I wasn't taught before."

Kara Harper

"It is good experience the course were well structured and well explained I would definitely recommend to those who have zero knowledge regarding power BI. They can make most of this course."

Muhammad Arslan Imam

"I am thoroughly enjoying the Enterprise DNA content.  I find the tutorial videos easy to understand and educational.  The Power BI reports that I am building for my company are already more advanced as a result.  I appreciate all the effort that Enterprise DNA has put into the online experience. "

Erena Friedrich

"Enterprise DNA did an outstanding job presenting enough of Power BI's basic functionality to give anyone taking this 'Free" course the confidence to use the application effectively for their respective professional or individual purpose."


"My experience has been great and I have learned a lot just from the beginner course. I have started using Power BI and just jumped into it, and had to find my way around, but with this course, I now have a much clearer understand on the steps to take and its potential."

Mohamad AIman

"This was awesome to learn Power BI concepts. The way the videos were designed, everyone can able to understand the flow and the core concepts. I love this course, and will soon will take membership."

Vijay Kumar

"Clear, comprehensive course covering all key aspects of PowerBI in a logical and structured manner! Highly recommended!"

Nick Taylor

"Its great to have such a website that help users in upgrading their analytical skills to have a brighter future in Data Analysis and Science."

Shubham Kathuria

"This is the second Enterprise DNA course I have completed and I feel much more confident in my ability to make use of the best practice highlighted in them to build dashboards that will have a real impact on the business I work for."

Paul Harrison

"My Experience which I would like to share about online class, is a big learning experience during this COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS breakout, I can spend quality of time and learn exactly what Sam likes to explain. Really appreciate it Sam, God Bless You"

Niyamat Gowani

"Excellent tutorial to go through, once you've spent a week or two with Power BI desktop and have already created a few basic reports. Wish I had watched this course first however!"

Khalid Flynn

"Enjoying it so far, due to the global pandemic I'm stuck working from home so I've plenty of time to go through all the Enterprise DNA Membership courses. Hoping to learn a lot more!"

Matthew Shell

"Very in-depth knowledge in power bi and whole lot of learning platforms and resources to help student or its members to standout. I will recommend Enterprise DNA to anyone who wish to advance their knowledge in Power BI. Sam, you are really an inspiration to my Power BI career."

Benjamin Arthur

"Enterprise DNA courses can be studied anywhere and anytime. The online courses are very flexible. Moreover, this course make my learning deeper with Power BI and it's very helpful to career as well."

Paniti Nimitpanya

"I applied for Enterprise DNA membership last year and have been slowly using the resources to polish my skills as a Professional Business Analyst. I would say this is the best resource available on the internet anywhere, by far. Keep doing the great work Sam!!"

Abu Bakar Alvi 

"Overall, great course! Sam is well versed and knowledgeable. He is extremely articulate when it comes to the concepts and material covered in this course. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to know more about Power BI and DAX measures."

Alex Cain

"Enterprise DNA courses train the POWER BI babies from how to walk  to how to participate in race to win BI challenges. I not only thank ENTERPRISE DNA but also my friend who introduced me this resource."


"Enterprise DNA is an amazing platform to begin learning Power BI. After taking an entire course of Power BI in Udemy, I was not as confident as I am right now after taking this course. The way it is elicited, the best practices explained gives a lot of value to your learning. Thanks Enterprise DNA for this amazing course."

Harsh Nathani  

"I bumped into Enterprise DNA website through my search results and that proved to be a turning point in my quest for Power BI knowledge. It provides a variety of concepts, of course along with corresponding hands on examples,  in a very simple way so that it gives beginners like me enough confidence to put one step forward in this Power BI ocean. "

Anand Deshpande 

"This introductory course further strengthened my foundational knowledge of Power BI. The material was presented in a clear and concise manner, and the audio visual of aspect of the course was user friendly. I recommend this course for anyone looking to build a solid foundation in Power BI."

Todd Marco 

"The "Mastering DAX calculations" was an absolute killer tutorial on the DAX  formulas. I feel like I just went through a really in-depth introduction on DAX, and it is critical for the later development of my DAX skills."


"Being able to watch at high-speed and rewind for repetition is huge. Most training is boring and wasteful. High speed keeps me interested and not distracted. Downloads allow for offline learning. Thanks so much for making learning a new app, so easy!"

Bart Albers  

"After reviewing several Power BI instructional course offerings, Sam's teaching style and the vast amount of resources he has made available to members creates exceptional value."

Eugene Baker   

"This is by far the best and most relevant Power BI training that I've come across.  It is taught from the perspective of an analyst, not a developer or programmer, which makes it very relatable to the work I do and also easy to comprehend.  Definitely worth the investment!"

Julie Tausch  

"The course was very relevant and went far beyond being a regular beginners course. The content was presented in an easy to understand way and the examples and techniques were quite relevant for most reporting scenarios."

Rahul Gupta   

"The instruction was clear and thorough.  A Power BI User group through my employer was encouraging participants to check out the Ultimate Beginners Guide. I'm not really a beginner, but I learned a considerable amount of useful information and best practices."

David Gerard 

"I've been using Power BI for a little over a year. Though I understood some of the basics, I found this course has made me rethink the way I've built my current data models and measures. I plan to apply some of these best practices in reviewing and improving our existing Power BI reporting."

Jennifer Warner  

"Well structured and pitched at just the right level. As someone not fairly new to BI it provides provides more than enough to get one thinking about the power of the product for business insight whilst showing that to get value you don't need to a genius level coder."


"So far im just beginning to appreciate learning Power BI and continue my improvement through this website. The membership compensates the learning and skills I will learn from Sam. Thank you for sharing your knowledge that helped me understand it all easily."

Ace Evangelista

"I have been searching for all kind of information on the topic of Power BI and DAX. Enterprise DNA seems to cover so many topics, it almost always shows up in google. And I love the clearness and the simplicity of the videos (and the Aussie accent :)). That ultimately lead me here. That's one of the rare moments when you feel like you have hit the jackpot because the quality of the content is so high in every aspect and so many of it available for free. And as an extra, the membership fee seems really a fair price for what you get. I expected it to be unpayable. Well done Sam!"

Stephan Talmon-Gros 

"I have been practising DAX in Excel long time, and read some very interesting books about DAX. However, some key elements like concept of filter flow direction, fact/lookup tables, connected vs separate tables were in dark box for me. When I started the Enterprise DNA course, my mind shifted in right direction, opening endless possibilities and exiting opportunities what can be achieved via Power BI platform. Thank you Sam! "

Maksim Antipev  

"Thank you very much Sam and Enterprise DNA team for this. I have registered and got the membership to learn Power Bi. It's the best learning portal for Power Bi that you can find and this is just the beginning. It's amazing how many resources are here and all very structured so you don't get lost. I'm very happy that I have purchased the membership and cannot wait to get involved in the community."

Nicolae Sicoe 

"So far, I've thoroughly enjoyed and learned a lot through Enterprise DNA Online. The course I took is very straight to point and practical. Not too overwhelming, even if you have zero knowledge on Power BI. I've been contemplating the past couple of weeks on getting a membership, I'd just like to finish the first two free courses first before I decide."


"I'm a total beginner with Power BI and DAX.  The content and flow of the course made it easy for me to follow along creating tables, measures and DAX formulas as it progressed. I have learned a lot and cannot wait to kick the tires for myself!"

Teri Stofer

"Normally, I am not very enthusiastic about online tutorials/learning.  However, I was surprised that I went through the course in one sitting and was quite excited to move from module to module.  Each session sparked my interest since I could visualize how the content relates to my working environment and how I could utilize what I will continue to learn through my membership to improve our financial outputs."

Shane Barnes

"The two free Ultimate Beginners Guide courses (for DAX and Power BI) have provided much more information and value to me than any of the training courses that my employer paid for. Enterprise DNA has the best Power BI resources and training that I've found - hands down!"

Karen Alejandro


"I attempted this "Ultimate Beginners Guide to Power BI" course. This course is designed with such clarity of thoughts that any naive will also understand the concepts. Course was amazing, I enjoyed learning throughout. Great job by instructor. I am looking forward to learn other courses, hope they are also made with same clarity of concepts and depth of knowledge. Thank you team EDNA. :)"

Nidhi Sharma

"Great introduction to the world of DAX - the sheer size and potential of DAX is not overwhelming when you baby step into it and just learn and build confidence with the fact what you want can be done and does not have to be over complex. Easier to build and do what you want than  Excel!"

Craig Taylor

"I have created a few reports for our product sales and have literally gotten "wows" from my boss and my boss's boss! People are already calling me the Power BI guru at work and I have only taken the first two intro courses on the Enterprise DNA membership haha. I can't wait to grow my skills to a level I never thought possible and help accelerate my career and personal satisfaction."



"This is an excellent course for people who are looking to understand and enhance their use of DAX formulas. It contains thorough explanations with clear examples. I was able to implement lots of improvements to my projects after completing this course."

Lee Mounter

"It's quite complete. It introduces the user to the different tools and parts available within Power BI world, recommended for beginners to start improving and understanding how the program works."

Javier Fernandez

"It has really opened a new world of possibilities for me, when I look at the data now. I start to ask questions about the data at hand, which I never thought before. It has helped me a lot to improve my skills at handling different scenarios regarding data analysis."

Wajahat Mahmood


"I'm hugely impressed by the enthusiasm Sam brings to the training, how he manages to make every technique easy to understand and brings in real-world examples you can see yourself using. I thoroughly recommend."

Maggie Hanlon

"Was extremely "pumped" after taking the Ultimate Beginners Guide course. Had to show my boss what new insights we'll be able to show others. After I take the DAX course I can't wait to start using my own data."

Larry Rush

"Fantastic course and content, I enjoyed walking through each topic area, which was detailed enough to allow me to apply the concepts immediately, without being overly time consuming. My reports look amazing now and have been constructed the correct way, with clean data tables and structures, rather my original hodge-podge approach."

Mal Breen

"This was great, the fact that I could complete this at my own time and at my own place was just great. Also the fact that Sam interracts with his students on a  personal level should you require assistance as well. He makses it a human interraction even though it is virtual."


"This free course is very well planned out for beginners as the contents are well written and very easy to understand. Probably the best out there in the market for Power BI entry level course. Fantastic! "

Chai Khai Boon

"Very powerful learning sessions and insights. I knew Power BI since quite a long time but never knew how amazing, powerful and dynamic it is. Enterprise DNA is high probably the best online learning community for Power BI."

Arnaud Chatueng 

"I am having a great learning experience. In fact, I enrolled into Membership after looking at some of Sam's YouTube videos and live demonstrations and I am looking forward to learn and expand my Power BI knowledge.  Thank you."

Nebiyu Sahlu

"Knowledge is not the power , the application of the knowledge is the power . Enterprise DNA enables me to capitalize on my analytical skills to drive valuable insights through the various Power BI application that I have learned during the course."

Hisham El Jbeili 

"Before, I was thinking this beginner might just be a walkover for me, but to my surprise over 90 percent of the topics and the dimensions at which the course was taking was entirely different from what I used to know and the process now makes my work simple, in terms of using measures and lookup table and fact table, single directional relationships with the model, all these are protocol I never understood. It was a lot to understand before the class, but now having completed the course, I now know the right way of doing it."

David Olubukola Akanji  

"If you are interested in learning to apply Financial Statements in your reports, this is the best course to do it. The walk-through of the course allows you to clearly understand the functionality and logic of each formula."

Roberto Ramirez

"It's been really a great experience and pleasure to be a part of Enterprise DNA Forum and to have an access to the valuable workshops. The initiative by the Forum to provide an access is really thoughtful. Through this medium, I personally have gained a lot of knowledge and has empowered me to achieve a great feat in my career. Really a shout out for the Author and the entire team for creating such an immense course with a meticulous and precise details. Thank You, Enterprise DNA!!"

Harsh Anil Joshi

"Enterprise DNA is only the platform to learn detailed Power BI, I have gone through the multiple courses online, I have never gotten the complete knowledge on Power BI, Enterprise DNA has fulfilled my dream of learning Power BI in detail. Thank you Sam, you are super person in training."


"I knew very little about Power BI before undertaking this introduction.  Sam has opened my eyes to what is possible and how it can transform business communication, decision making and provide the foundations for building situational awareness.  Can't wait to dive in further!"

Scott Perkins

"As this is a lock-down time (Covid-19), but Enterprise DNA has shown me an opportunity to improve my knowledge on Power BI as to analyze the data more accurately and using multiple options in creating dashboard from crash. Thank you lot."

Madhu Sudhan

"This was by far the best tutorial for a beginner Power BI user that I have watched, and I have watched quite a few. I was so impressed by the content and the detail in which Sam covered topics that I decided to purchase a membership."

Viet Doan

"The thirty-eight (38) sample models range in complexity from simple (website analytics) to Advertising and Marketing.  If you are new to a business process or industry, these samples will give you some of the typical measures that your customers will want."

Kelly Noto

"Overall the Enterprise DNA online experience is the best portal for learning I have come across.. (Considering I have a Pluralsight subscription as well). Material is practical, allowing people to follow along in their own Power BI environment which IMO is the best place to solidify your learning."

Paakow Barnes

"Great flow of information, presented with good examples and data so that I could recreate the results presented.  I feel like I can start building reports.  When I stumble, EnterpriseDNA is a good pace to find answers."

Alan Kulawczyk

"I think I have been waiting for this particular course to advance my DAX journey. I started with my Power BI journey since 18 months ago. I self-taught Power BI and there are so many gaps and knowledge barrier so far. I think with these courses, I will be in a better position to handle my nervousness and the grey area around Power BI and DAX."


"Very practical approach to solve business problems. Uses real world industry cases. Guys please subscribe it to their membership. It is very valuable if you want to make your career in Analytics and Consulting."

Vrushab Jain

"Great intro to DAX and to see that what was previously quite daunting is actually quite simple when you know how. I’m now excited to see how I can put this new knowledge into practice and start revealing untapped insights into my own data!"

Doug Renton

"This is a great course to get an overview of Power BI functionality and get tips and tricks on how to arrange analytics, how to create data model, what the advantages of using measures and many many more. It is recommended for everyone who has basic knowledge of Power BI and would like to improve."


"I have been a user of Power BI for the last 1.5 years but I'm glad I spent the time to take this beginners course as it helped fill in some of my knowledge gaps and identify solutions to some of my bad habits."

John Berry

"Great intro course to Power BI. I wish I could sent this for free to all my colleagues so they learn the great insights to Power BI. Having a true understanding of your data model and the DAX language will allow you to build great analytical reports for every level in the organization."

Alexander Facusse

"I found that gaining an Enterprise DNA membership was a very good investment. Considering not only the large volume but also the quality of content. I feel it is a very good deal for anyone who is seriously involved in BI. Content is concise and leaves basically no room for ambiguity. All segments are done with great care in a very professional manner."

Denys Chamberland 

"Very user-friendly and immense collection of the resources. To top it off, Sam's webinars and guidance is remarkable and expressed in simple words and instructions. Thank you so much Sam for creating such a resource!"

Anu Nigam

"Every day, we usually face financial problems directly or even indirectly. How to make the right decision to handle for out of financial risks. Enterprise DNA is the best leading team tells how to solve by a good use of Power BI tools that we really needs."

Amy Soe

"The way in which Sam explains the details of the DAX functions is very easy to follow.  Sam is able to provide real-world examples of how DAX functions can be applied to my own data set."

Eugene Baker

"I´ve been struggling in understanding DAX context and set up of some metrics due to that context, but I really think you just made it look so simple, cannot wait to take more courses here!"


"I think it adds value. I already took other Power BI courses and was familiar with most of the content. Still, I can't compare the organization of Queries and DAX, it is the best takeaway from this course."

Emilio Bello

"Most enjoyable with information-rich presentation I have seen online. I love the instructors laid back nature, it gets exhausting watching everyone be excited beyond belief."

Aaron Johal

"Great insights on how to understand the scope of Power BI functions and tools through simplified and comprehensive explanations. With the online courses you can start making improvements on your data reporting right away!"

Alvaro Noriega

"It has been a wonderful and worthwhile experience. The techniques being taught are highly useful and the detail in which it is explained aids with the understanding and this is possible one of the best Power BI learning platforms out there."

Aaron Ramsay

"It’s the best advanced guide to DAX. DAX is complex and instructions in the market either make it more complex or too simplistic. Sam embraces the complexity of DAX, and simplifies it to the extent that’s reasonable."

Cris Giovanoni

"It is a perfect place to start or learn the Power BI for a fresher. Concepts are explained in a very practical way and it is very easy to understand. One can certainly apply learnings from this course about building automated reports/model in day to day workings."

Aman Khandelwal

"This is how the training should be done. Delivered in an approachable way, with resource pack and materials explained easily, so you could follow through and learn by doing. Anyone who is interested in Power BI and wants to start inPower BI should do it to get inspired and motivated. Look no further - This is the best chance to get Power BI experience in the most efficient and simple way. Was looking for ages for something that would suit my needs. I'm no longer looking, I found something that exceeded my expectations. Thank you Enterprise DNA!"


"Absolutely magnificent, Enterprise DNA has continued to reveal valuable use of Power BI especially with regards to real life applications. The insights they derive can be applied to make informed decisions when you can grasp the concept and apply to your data. Well done guys, please keep it up."

Stanley Igwe

"Enterprise DNA has given me the ability to build my first Power BI report that didn't need too many changes especially after asking for feedback from the reporting manager. It helped me understand the best practices that should be followed before I even started. It gave me a good level of understanding that Power BI has to offer and left me wanting more. :) Thanks for the effort you put into the training and the ample amount of work that you do. And I love your organization goal--to reach out to every Power BI user and you surely are with the content that you have."


"When starting to learn Power BI Desktop, I scoured the whole internet for sources to learn this new tool, some great resource on YouTube but I was immediately drawn to the Enterprise DNA channel. One of the best for easy understandable learning of Power BI in all areas of the tool, so I have recently opted for the lifetime license subscription."

Darren Godkin

"I want to thanks Enterprise DNA giving me opportunity to enroll this course free of cost. Learned a lot from this course. Expecting more courses in the future. Thanks again for this opportunity."

Rajesh Thevar

"A big thanks to  Sam McKay for putting out such platform to educate beginners & intermediate Power BI users. So much to take away from this well structured courses, precisely explained with practical implementation."

Smruti Ranjan Gumansingh 

"Outstanding course with clear and concise instructions and great examples to follow. Loved the best practice advice and recommendations to insightful analytics. Looking for more new knowledges to learn in this course. Thank you Enterprise DNA!"

Nicky Maehler

"Overall, this was the absolute best investment I've made towards becoming proficient in Power BI.  I searched Google and YouTube and Facebook for Power BI knowledge before settling in the Enterprise DNA.  It was easily the most substantive and user-friendly training I could find.  I'm looking into the lifetime membership as we speak."

Gregory White

"This is the best series and group I have found to learn Power Bi.  I have been using Power BI for a year or so and can generate most basic reports.  After finding enterprise and seeing the more advanced videos, I decided to get a membership and start from the beginning.  Even though I understood all the topics in this series, I was still able to take away several new tricks or better ways.  I look forward to continuing on the learning path!"

Ryan Albert

"It has been tremendous. Even though it is a little pricey but its an investment in myself. Keeping on improving and keeping ahead of the curve is essential in the current financial climate. Enterprise DNA plays a role in that for sure."

Mohammad Khalid

"A very good resource for me as a beginner and should I get the chance to develop with Power BI in my current job, I am very likely to take up membership. I will highly recommend Enterprise DNA for any Power BI user in my organization. Thank you Sam!"

Mark Timmis

"Having access to all this information is great and will allow me to create great visual reports using Power BI once fully trained. It was a great course and simple  explanation. I recommend to use two monitors while listening to lectures. That way you can work alongside your teachings." 

Chuck Obrecht

"I am very grateful that those tips and analytical skills have been shared as they are really useful and without Enterprise DNA, I would not be able to make all those formulas on my own. Thank you Enterprise DNA!"

Rebeca Sedano

"Between a lot of videos on YouTube, Enterprise DNA is proposing the most structured courses with a content which is the closest to the day to day reality in business companies. Nice work!"

Adam Černý

"It's a wonderful platform. It helps you learn step by step. You can apply the learning very quickly and come back to gain more knowledge as your confidence and enthusiasm builds. Thank you so much!"

Kartik Jani

"Thank you very much for the work you are doing and sharing your knowledge with others! After completing the courses, my concept of structuring and analyzing data has changed dramatically."


"Thank you for an amazing "Beginners Guide to DAX" content. It was very useful. It covered all the aspects and points I was looking for to understand how to create calculations using DAX."

Reda V Wolt

"Enterprise DNA has moved well beyond just a place to learn Power BI. The features and communities it is building are unique and an accelerator for skills/career development. Thank you Sam!"

Garth Zoller

"I found the video tutorials at Enterprise DNA and by far the easiest to follow tutorials I've tried. I built a Sales Analysis Dashboard using real data in less than a day! A fantastic, highly recommended experience. Great training videos and thorough explanations. Definitely worth it."

Brad Harman

"Seriously a great experience and that was just the first class. Loved the enthusiasm and passion you showed while also being genuinely informative. Many thanks for the great exposure to techniques that end users can apply in Power BI."

David Navarro

"It's been really great experience to be a part of the Enterprise DNA family where I've so many great things and has helped me grow in this field. Very good course which cleared up some misunderstandings about how DAX works."

Natasha Batchelor

"The training content and delivery is structured well, new concepts (to learner) explained in simple ways that made it easy to follow and relate to. A great gateway course to learning Power BI. If you want to go far, you need a good foundation, this course will help you build that. Excellent course. Thank you!"

Michael Sunday

"Very good. Professional but friendly and delivered by a team that "uses" Power BI in anger rather than just training people to use it. It's another great course done by Sam with helpful insights and analytical demonstrations of DAX."

Paul Sadd

"A wonderful way to learn a complex system. The training was easy to follow and explained very well. Excellent materials and well presented in the context of business scenarios. This one module is worth the membership fee itself."

Melia Hoston

"I really enjoyed the course. It was very easy to follow, well taught, the free course provided a lot of basic guidance. Unlike other Power BI educational videos on the internet, I enjoyed every single minute from the UBG to Power BI course by Sam. Thank you for this wonderful course!"

Marcia Dias

"It is working quite well and I am learning things quickly because of so much of useful content in here. Wonderful real-world examples of how to easily convert boring financial statements into powerful and insightful reports. The great boost with my current knowledge in Power BI."


"A fantastic course for introduction to Power BI. Sam's delivery makes it feel like a personalized learning experience. Perfect for beginners and makes me want to learn more! This is by far the most wonderful training course that I have seen."

Mohit Mathur

"Just finished the free intro course to Power BI. I have been using Power BI already for almost 6 months. I really wish I had taken the time to complete the course in the beginning. Based on my experience with this course I know Enterprise DNA membership will increase my value."

Malcolm Jackson

"I think it's an excellent course for someone who is a beginner like me. It gives me in depth detailed explanation of DAX measures, the concepts and how to build those formulas. Excellent course! Thank you SAM!"

Anand Parikh

"Real details and insights into what is currently one of the best analytical applications in the business. After two decades using Microsoft stack of applications and many training resources, it was refreshing to hear these perfectly paced modules. Sam, you have helped fill in the gaps of my self-taught Power BI journey as well as rekindling by enthusiasm for data engineering."

Rodney Pearman

"Excel solutions I have created have worked fine, but the skills I am starting to pick up have increased my confidence and understand data analytics as well as using a robust tool as Power Bi. Excellent course!"


"This class was very helpful in providing a deeper understanding of virtual tables and relationships. When and how to use them to build more powerful DAX measures which in turn will enable more in depth data analysis."

Jennifer Winter

"This is probably just my problem, however,  I had trouble understanding some words because of the accent or the fact that they are said differently in England than the US. I would take longer to complete a section and understand it because I would have to go back over it several times."


"I stumbled across Enterprise DNA when I was curious about Power BI.  After watching a series of courses through Enterprise DNA Youtube TV, I discovered how valuable this would be to my career. I presented a small tutorial to our President that I learned through Enterprise DNA and he immediately saw the value and purchased Power BI on the spot. This membership has built my excitement in the power that it holds.  Thank you Sam!"

Jordon Clements

"Absolutely brilliant. In the very first Power BI course, Sam says that the 90% of the power of Power BI lies inside DAX and Sam does a very, very good job of teaching DAX as well as sharing real-world cases where analytics can be used to help with Business Intelligence, which makes these lessons very valuable."


"Sam, not to give you a big head (and I know I won't because that's not how you role) but you are I think one of the best, if not the best in this space....in terms of how you teach, layer informations and the extremely practical nature of the examples you use. Seriously solid content! Also the passion you have for this topic makes the entire learning experience even more enjoyable."

Eamonn Kelly

"I have signed up for the Enterprise DNA membership after watching Sam Mckay's videos. I am really excited about my Power BI journey and looking forward to built amazing projects for my organization from the knowledge I'll gain from the Enterprise DNA team."

Jaco Van Niekerk

"Good beginner's course to get you moving really quick. I've been using Power BI and DAX for a couple of years now and I can say that you can find useful information here, either you're a new Power BI user or a seasoned one."

David Giraldo

"The Enterpirse DNA Beginner's Guide to Power BI was very simple and informative for a new user.  The flow was easy to follow and not too fast. Each learning segment was not to long, so the time commitment was very flexible."

Bryan Thurman

"I had hit a wall with my self-learning of Power BI, the Enterprise DNA course has given me fresh insight with invaluable best practices to implement. I now have a renewed vigor and understanding of how to work with Power BI and a clearer pathway to achieving the results I am aiming for."

Lisa Keating

"For anyone who is serious about getting to grips with the power of DAX to capitalise from the tremendous potential of Power BI, Enterprise DNA goes a long way to help you achieve that goal."


"Massive thanks to Sam and his team for putting together such an all-encompassing Power BI course for beginners, very detailed yet easy to follow and learn with Sam's systematic approach. Excellent course! Thank you Sam for this easy understanding of Power BI intro."

T. Shallize

"Great introduction to Power BI! After doing this first course I feel like I understand the general idea of power bi and yet I also can start to glimpse at how powerful the tool can be."


"It is the right place to learn and up skill your knowledge in Power BI. I have taken a couple of onsite courses at my work place by some companies but they do not compare with the quality of what you will learn here."

Alex Sanchez

"Enterprise DNA provides more than just technical training in Power BI it very much oriented to Business Solutions along industry specific lines"

Russell Williams

"So far I am loving the content in the Enterprise DNA portal.  There is so much to learn and Sam makes it very easy.  I am already applying the tips and techniques to my reports, making them more professional and usable for upper management in my company."

Erena Friedrich

"I really liked the pace of Sam's courses. I took the Beginners Power BI and I'm currently taking the beginner DAX course. I am so impressed with the amount of information available from training courses to sample reports to sample data. I just became a member tonight and I'm looking forward to exploring all that I can at Enterprise DNA. Thanks Sam."

Ian Dumbauld

"I have taken a few other Power BI online course.  Most of them explain the different components of Power BI but with Enterprise DNA / Sam shows how to build something from scratch with a purpose and how each component leads into the next step of building a report."

David Halliday

"I have had complex Power BI Reports created by other users 'handed' over to me and had been struggling to dissect all the different components. This course has given me a much better understanding of how various elements work and interact. I believe I will now be able to recreate the reports to be more organised and user friendly. "

Kristie Thiedeman

"I found this the Power BI Super Users Workshop to be an excellent and very well presented insight into what can be achieved with Power BI. The material is presented as just the right pace for you to follow along and build the report along with Sam."

Lee Duffy

"I like the course. It was very informative, I am not a beginner, but I got something new even from beginner course.I like that speaker was very excited about the theme and it really helps to be more involved in the process even with online format. Explanations were very detailed, clear and organized."

Nadezhda Sayenko

"I first became aware of Enterprise DNA via YouTube videos found when searching for how-to information related to particular challenges in reports I was constructing. I've been building reports in Power BI on a daily basis for about a year and a half now, transitioning from working in Access and Excel and utilizing Visual Basic for involved processing steps and report options.  I wish I had been aware of and enrolled in this Power BI Super User course when I began using Power BI.  My time working on various reports would undoubtedly have been more productive if I had the guidance and insights of this course to draw from and build on."

Ray Willis

"The material is very clear and covers many different aspects of Power BI, the most important thing for me is that I am improving my skills while I am enjoying the lessons. Every lesson left me curious for another one, and everything is connected, that helps to remember the previous lessons. I tried the techniques that I learned in my own environment, that has made a big difference in my progress. Thank you for a great learning platform."

Diana Bello

"I highly recommend anybody or organization that is trying to understand and learn Power BI to take a DNA Enterprise Membership. It is really fantastic and it's worth every penny.  I only wish I had taken a DNA Membership sooner. It's so well developed and the learning path is designed and organised perfectly. I really have enjoy Sam's teachings. He is so calm and his explanation are so well explained organized and simple.  I would like to say a special thank you to Greg Philips who told me about DNA Enterprise and his path to learning Power BI. I thought if this is how Greg became so good at Power BI and writing DAX then I want to follow his advise and learning Power BI footsteps. I'm so excited and look forward to taking all the courses that are offered through the DNA Enterprise Membership platform. I finally feel confident, like I'm where I should be to learn and understand Power BI and DAX. Thank you Sam again so much.  "

Joanne Osborne

"Having learnt some of the basics through trial and error over the last year the courses I have completed have already shown where I can tidy up previous reports and improve them. Great content, well delivered and excellent resources to accompany the online learning."

Jemma Frascella

"This course was a fantastic review of the basics of Power BI and all the features and capabilities.  Even a someone like me that has been using Power BI, can take away enough new knowledge that made this entry course well worth my time."

Nick Trautman

"This is a great platform to spend time around. I found the content very easily adoptable and the explanations by Sam follow a cognitive sense of understanding.By giving out hypothetical but realistic business problems and encouraging members new or experts to share their knowledge is very motivating."

Revathi Kanduri

"Enterprise DNA is the standout place I have found to begin to understand the amazing value of PowerBI. I have tried multiple youtube videos and self-study but none of them explained the material as clearly as here. The amount of free material available is amazing an motivates me to become a member and join this community"

Doug Wilman

"I'm blown away with the wealth of information packed into this course. By far, the most comprehensive course structure out there."

William Afriyie

"For Me, learning DAX is an extremely sloooooow process. The reward for being DAX competent is well worth the extended time required to learn. I've been using many resources in this journey and Enterprise DNA has been a core resource that I have relied on during this enlightenment."


"Having paid to do a basic course with someone else, I can't believe how much content you give away for free. The paid for course with another provider was no where near as detailed or user friendly, I only wish I had found you first!!"

Ray Bennett

"Great platform for all round learning. Certainly will aid in quick absorption of the capabilities of Power BI and the adoption of best practice methodologies. Thank you, Impressive!"

Buhle Mzalisi

"I found it a great learning platform and complete with all aspects, things managed and website functionality is found impressive, I'll complete all courses available on the website and wishing to be a member as well. Good job team"


"The more lessons I go through the more satisfied I am that I obtained the Enterprise DNA Membership. Sam knows a lot and is effective at showing how to handle real life needs in reporting."

Ray Willis

"I have taken course previously on Power BI and I can almost say this is the best!!! Analysis done here on Enterprise DNA was so simplified and taken step by step. Power BI made easy."

Virtue Olu

"I was very surprised that such quality content is available on this website for free, I am looking for opportunities as a Business Analyst, and this course is a great initial step towards my goal."


"I´m a course consumer, but also a Enterprise DNA Youtube heavy consumer. I've gained so much experience and accomplished so many goals at my job thanks to Sam´s tutorials! Thanks a lot Sam and team. Keep it up"


"Each subchapter is short enough to to fit it in your daily busy schedule. One or two subchapters a day and before you know it, you will get better with Power BI"

Christine Wurtz

"Great synthesis of concepts and use of applicable real-life scenarios where different formula patterns can be used."

Hugo Breakey

"This is so practical and easy to understand. I always put off learning how Power BI work because it looked to difficult and complicated. The two courses I have completed thus far have changed my mind and made me excited trying to create my own BI reports"

Nicoline Werner

"I think it's a best course to start with Power BI. It will be beneficial for a beginner to understand on how things work in Power BI. This course is like a jump start the career in Power BI."

Atul Jain

"The Mastering DAX was a great class the covered all the details that simply can't be explained in documentation alone. Sam does a great job at providing realistic and practical examples that help make sense of how to use the knowledge in the real world."

Nick Trautman 

"Thanks to Enterprise DNA training I have improved my Power BI tool skills and have deeper understanding of data analytics through DAX formulas. Sam did great job teaching and explaining DAX."

Stefan Gregor

"I gained a lot of beginner Power BI knowledge. I wish I had watched this video before I started creating reports for my position. I very much look forward to learning more DAX as that is what I am trying to navigate through now."

Steph Schantell

"Enterprise DNA is perhaps the best Power BI learning platform I have enrolled with. I have taken other courses on this subject but none is as very detailed, explained in simple terms and also includes models to practice with. The support from the team on issues on Power BI has been create and I have become a better data analyst using Power BI"

Virtue Olu


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