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"I was beginning to use Power BI on my own and found myself struggling to properly learn and to apply the capabilities of Power BI in my organization. Using your guidance, my entire organization is now moving toward the invaluable visualization of data capable with Power BI. Your training is the best and I am a super advocate."

M. Begley - Director

"After having tried many Power BI tutorials, this is the only one I recommend anymore. It will get you to where you want to be."

Gregory I Felton

"Material is always presented clearly, and with obvious enthusiasm. Attending one of Sam's webinars or classes is always a pleasure because he clearly delights in teaching others how to improve their Power BI skills. Keep up the great work Sam!" 

Heather R

"Thanks Sam for putting so much effort in creating absolutely amazing content. All your videos are very clear, very professional, you are a great teacher. I found it so easy to understand concepts from your videos. I started learning power bi about 2 months ago, and thankfully i found EDNA from the start of my Power BI journey and I feel so confident as I understand the concepts and best practices. I am so proud that I did this investment. EDNA support group has been extremely helpful. Can't thank you enough for your absolutely fantastic work to create experts in Power BI."


"As a company who processes billions of data points in the Telemetry industry BI is so important. Power BI was an obvious choice being heavy users of Azure. For me Sam’s Tutorials and course content have been invaluable. I am pleased I paid for the subscription. It is genuinely good value. As a kiwi living in the US I appreciate what EnterpriseDNA do to help businesses globally. Power BI is changing up every month so Sam’s team will keep us on top of it all!"

Dean Marris

"Who'd have thought after a small investment in time, one could go from fearing DAX to embracing it and beginning to unlock its vast capabilities, all whilst producing amazing, insightful reports within Power BI. As others before me have stated, your video content and thorough explanations are second to none and the provision of raw data has allowed me to imitate and replicate what's been shown, cementing that knowledge. Thank you Sam!!!!! Our journey has only just begun." 

Hani S

"Very useful youtube channel with great introduction to Power BI and DAX. Thank you and good luck."


"Sam does a great job and excellent service on his site thanks to him I managed to run the software and get from it and different clients and excellent pedagogues and straight power say in Hebrew."


"I am really thankful to Sam for helping me through the Power Bi. i was a newbie and his hands on approach and business oriented approach is all we need. Great work Sam. Keep going!" 


"With 15+ years of software development behind my back (Object-Oriented, DB, ...), I started looking at Power BI. Looked at couple online sources, then a friend referred me to Enterprise DNA. I was really impressed by the amount and quality of the content. So, if you are serious about Power BI, then Enterprise DNA should be on top of your list."


"Discovered Sam's Power BI tutorials on Utube recently and have been impressed with both the content and the presentation of concepts. Delivered in a professional and clear manner which has enabled me to grasp concepts quickly. Sam has helped to inspire me to learn more. Well Done."

John Meehan

"After trying to to learn Power BI in a hit and miss way for about a year I came across Sam's Enterprise DNA training material. I wish I had started with his material as it is so thorough and provides step-by-step instructions on how to use Power BI. I highly recommend Enterprise DNA's free and paid for course material." 

Joan Hauff

"I started my analytics journey a couple of years ago and I've used a few of the data visualisation tools that are available out there until I discovered Enterprise DNA. Thanks to your rich content and unique insights, I've become a Power BI adept. I am always amazed by the new techniques you are developing. Thank you for sharing your great work!"


"Sam and the team at DNA Enterprise are like a light in the dark of Power BI world. We all sense the potential of PBI but having this resource with relevant examples and ideas has been so valuable to me and continually improves what I can provide to my colleagues, thank you"

Lizzie Tompsett

"Trying to learn BI at home with little knowledge was very difficult. Sam's courses and resources pushed my knowledge forward very quickly. His style and resource content are superb, everything was a wow moment. Everyday is a school day when you log on and I am now preparing reports I never believed I would. Thanks Sam." 

Michael Hutchings

"Enterprise DNA hands down has the best training material and support to bring any level beginner up to an advanced Power BI user! Sam's best practices are a life saver, actual files used in the videos are available for download, and he is highly dedicated to updating, improving, and offering more every day! Must have Membership for every Power BI user!"

Andrew - Pennsylvania

"As a business user who is always looking for ways to present data in a more concise and clear way. I have found the Sam's style of teaching broaden my understanding of how to develop Power BI solutions. His visualizations are a part of the learning cycle I clearly needed. Highly recommended. Definitely one of the best and well worth the money.."

Kevin Zandee

"Sam has a very hands on approach to his training, and is always willing to help! Been apart of several different DAX classes, and Sam's training is by far the best I have come across. Keep up the good work!" 

Jarrett Moore

"Enterprise DNA has allowed me to learn at a rapid pace and improve my analysis using Power BI tremendously. Using the techniques taught by the Enterprise DNA lessons and webinars, I have been able to extend my analysis and provide insights and growth to my department and my organization as a whole. Sam and Enterprise DNA has been a helpful and knowledgeable companion on my Power BI journey!"

Matt Ballinger

"Very fortunate to have you continue in sharing the Power BI structured and yet free courses with fantastic techniques to me and others. I benefit from your teaching and everything. Thank you very much for your time and effort to make it so successful and engaging and the best part is I can download the material for my offline study. I hope you could partner with Microsoft to create in-built templats for users to leverage when they purchase the licence. This will make even more to use power bi as an expert like you."

Yuki Choo

"The one and only person who has explained the real business use cases of power bi on YouTube. I had to learn power bi before joining my company and just through his videos I could learn so much that I gave power bi sessions in my company to my seniors and managers. Kudos to you Sam thanks for making lives of so many people easy." 

Himanshu Sehgal

"I joined Enterprise DNA 4 months ago and in that time my Power BI skills have gone from very slight to advanced because of the fantastic tutorials and learning materials available. I have found the resources absolutely invaluable in moving my reporting and analysis techniques to levels I didn’t think were possible. The great part is that because the tutorials are structured so well I am truly learning and understanding as I move along. This is not like someone giving you an excel formula to use and getting the output you want but not really understanding why. Everything I have implemented in my business reports I understand and can adapt to other models in the future because I have been taught the fundamental principles by the courses. I really can not recommend Sam and Emterprise DNA highly enough.."

Chris Elliott

"Just a month ago I was struggling with creating a meaningful and eye-catching dashboard using Excel. All of my efforts were entirely too manual, and required hours of work to update for each segment of our business, and did not have the capability to transform to each location of our business. One of my colleagues sent me a link to Sam & the Enterprise DNA YouTube channel and I was transfixed. I watched the entire Beginner's course in a day and was shocked to discover PowerBI was hiding in plain sight (and free!) this whole time. Thanks to Sam, DAX makes sense to me, and I have been able to create impressive, intuitive and meaningful dashboards and deep dives that easily transform over time, business and location in just a month! I love his bite-sized analytics videos that show the measures and capabilities in a very relatable way. Thank you so much!."

Taya - USA, Analyst

"Initially, I have been a bit reluctant to pursue the courses offered by Sam because I had not heard of him, so I had not known what to expect (I have heard of Alberto Ferrari and Marco Russo and Matt Allington instead). But then I took completely free of charge the two courses taught by Sam: "Ultimate Beginners Guide to Power BI" and "Ultimate Beginners Guide to DAX" and started to learn some tips and tricks that proved invaluable. That's how I got more and more interested in this program and, after covering modules after modules, I could say that my expectations are not let down. The pace of learning is slow, and I like that, because Sam takes the time to hammer those concepts that are essential for building sound, optimised Power BI models. If you're looking at taking the deep dive into this fascinating world of Busines intelligence with Power BI, then this program will not disappoint." 

Bujor Doru Imbroane

"Thanks Sam, the way your explanation and teaching is awesome.....It is helping me in my work....Keep it up...."


"I think that the strong point of dna enterprise courses is learning to reason with dax and making power bi reports at a higher level."


"I just started learning MSPBI with the couses on this page and they are awesome and easy to follow and understand, even if english is not your origin language.." 

Álvaro, Chile

"Sam - you have build an incredible community of people who have become passionate about PowerBI. Your videos (both publicly available and commercially available by subscription) are an invaluable tool to BI users at all levels. I learned a ton about proper data modeling for analytics, DAX complex queries, using M-Query, organizing information properly and much more. I highly recommend the membership with the "all access pass" - it has proven to be a prudent investment.."


"Totally loved your content Sam. You have clear and concise way of explaining things. I like the way you structure things. Big big plus which i have seen in your course is that you dont just deal with basic stuff you take it up a notch and show how to create advanced PowerBI reports too. You have been giving lots to the community by the way of free sessions which is really inspiring. You put me right on the path of achieving my goals with PowerBI.."

Bhupendra Patel

"I don't even know how it all started but after coming across Enterprise DNA Power BI free resources and training i have never looked back. Sam's approach and easy to understand explanations takes away all fears "I won't get it" - but seeing it in actions is great way to help users to learn. Really appreciate good practice for model (keep slim) and calculated measures to keep grouped and separated from the model and I am enforcing in my workplace. So all in all massive thanks to Sam and Enterprise DNA.." 

Neb, Billingham UK

"Hi Sam, I have been watching your training videos and find them to be extremely comprehensive and relevant to challenges found in the real world. Keep up the great work! Thanks JT."


"I stumbled across Power BI a year-or-so ago, and we are now using it for a significant part of our Management Reporting. Now, with the aid of your Beginner tutorials, I am implementing many of your techniques and Best Practice suggestions in a complete rewrite/overhaul of the reports. Many thanks!."

Madeleine R.

"I have found Sam's training and enthusiasm truly empowering. By showing me best practice methods (the 4 pillars) of developing Power BI solutions and with great demos full of useful things that I can adapt to my own work, he has thrown open new opportunities working with something that I really enjoy." 

Michael Woodman

"I've been looking for YouTube channels in order to learn Power BI and DAX, and after many attempts found Enterprise DNA as the ultimate solution in this purpose. Sam understands the broad perspective of the impact of its use, and always goes straight to the point of every feature of the tools available. The accumulated knowledge thanks to him will directly improve my career, and I look forward to keep learning from him."

Daniel B.

"I cannot thank Sam and his team enough for all the wonderful and thorough videos. They were immensely helpful in taking my basic PowerBI understanding to the next level. His videos on financial analysis/ segmentation/ forecasting were simply superb. Look forward to all his many more PowerBI videos. Thanks again Sam!!."

Pavan S

"Thanks Sam for your wonderful training. You go extra mile and deliver the best. Not only simple tactics, I have learned how to do advanced analytics in Power BI from you. You are very professional and spend lot of time and money on your resources and materials. I really admire you and look forward to enhancing my skills from your courses. Stay Blessed.." 

Ranbeer M

"Good stuff - rollout is going very well on our end. Your training is very well received, and I've got users creating more dashboards in the past 2 weeks than they have all year. Consider me a happy customer."

Jeff Crooks - Racetrac

"I have learned more from from Sam's content than any other source.The content is practical and useful in day to day business scenario.I recommend it to everyone from beginner and advanced level."

Abhishek Rathi

"The courses offered by Sam have inspired me to acquire new skills that will will ensure I offer my company a new perspective on reporting and analysis. I aim to continue my growth and knowledge through Enterprise DNA which has an awesome methodolgy of teaching Power BI . Thank you so much Sam." 

Dave Koster

"I just wanted to reach out and let you know how awesome your Enterprise DNA training material is! There’s nothing like it on the web and it represents a great value to get ramped up quickly in Power BI. (This is especially true in regards to the coherency and consistancy of the video productions, very relevant and insightful business examples, and file availablity for all covered content)."

Analytics Group - Baurau Business Priming

Due to my learnings from Sam @ EnterpriseDNA I have managed to change the Domain that I have worked in for 30 Years and land my DREAM job as a Supply Chain Analyst for a Multi National. As part of the job appointment process was a reporting task from a brief prepared by the company. I provided an end to end solution and the interviewers were more than impressed at the Data Pack I turned up with. I used many many techniques from the Courses from Modelling to Dashboarding and everything in between. I can’t thank you enough Sam your content is amazing (nothing like it out there).

Chris T 

"I have been in the Analytics and Data Warehouse space for about 20 years and have been a serious advocate of Power BI from it’s inception. I am excited to become a member of this forum, having review as many of Sam’s vidoes as I could and have enefited significantly from his tutelage." 

Brad - Canada

"Want to let you know that your training has, and still continues to be of significant value to me. Still a rooky at this, but am using all your techniques and best practices as I continue to educate myself in the Power of BI and DAX. I would highly recommend to those who want to become proficient, sign up for your course(s). As a Solution Architect (now retired), this is the best value that I have ever come across."

John J. - Comcast

Being relatively new to Power BI / DAX(), finding good resource for learning has been difficult….until I came across your tutorials and webinars. Just wanted to say a big thank you – they have helped immensely to both simplify and take away some of the fear-factor you tend to have when first looking at advanced DAX() formula. I’ve still got a long way to go but your material has been a great help. Look forward to more content in the near future. 

Andy - Sheffield, UK 

"I was fortunate to find Sam's sessions that he shares via his You Tube channel. He has supercharged my understanding of Power BI and elevated my Power BI game to new heights. He shows how to build very useful models. Following his examples I have developed models that have provided my organization with incredible insights. Bravo Sam!!!" 

Gianni G. 

"Finally found someone and a course that can clearly explain some of the more technical DAX concepts. Being able to see how it is done via the pre-built models has made a real difference to my understanding of how everything fits together within Power BI"

Tony B. - California

"I've been looking for resources like this everywhere but couldn't find any. So good to have these all in one place, with detailed explanations on how to build this myself. Seriously awesome stuff."

Renee M. - Melbourne

"I've found DAX really hard, but it makes far more sense now. The explanations are clear and more simplified than I've read and watched elsewhere which is what I needed. The examples are great too."

Scott T. - Michigan

"Sam's Power BI training videos on YouTube are simple to follow and have helped me quickly understand Power BI and most importantly applied the techniques to real world projects. I also enjoyed Sam's best practice tips around how to structure and layout the data model to develop around my unique data. I always quickly get support from Sam and have all shared the best practice among each other. I would recommend Sam's membership training to anybody who would like to learn Power BI effectively."

Berry, Wang XM  

"This is the first time I'm contacting you after my purchase and enrollment in the Enterprise DNA membership. I've dwelled quiet a lot in the courses and the resource files in the past week and all I can say is THANK YOU SIR. It is quiet awesome and the price doesn't merit what you get. Truly now i understand all context factors, logic tables and how to branch my measures plus the added bonus of ways for new business insights. Again I can't thank you enough my friend and after some search i chose your courses and I am lucky to have an instructor like you. I still have to go through again and again and again with the resources and there's a lotttt :) but I had to contact you and say thanks. "

John O. 

"I have looked at the 2 completely free courses from Enterprise DNA and several videos on you tube. I can honestly say that these are the best videos and courses on Power BI i have come across. So well explained with excellent examples. The fact that Sam shares the best practices to be used (Ex: using Edit Queries instead of Get Data) makes it really interesting. DAX examples are explained clearly. even complex examples are explained in detail which makes it easy to understand. I have started loving Power BI and using it more since going through these course. Thanks Sam for all your efforts and help in spreading your knowledge."  

Vishal Goyal  

"As a beginner, I didn't really know where to start with Power BI. It's clear where to start in the course and then where to go to next. To be able to then see the end result with the demo models and then practice on the demo data is awesome. I think this is all I really need for all my learnings in Power BI."

Morgan G. - London

"Whilst Power BI is intuitive and easy to use, I didn't realise how advanced you could get so quickly if you are taught the right things. I have benefited massively from the training. My analytical output has literally skyrocketed. I didn't even realise you could create analysis that was this advanced with Power BI."

Dan D. - New Zealand

"Resources are excellent! I was a real beginner and just getting started with Power BI. This was exactly what I needed to start creating the reports my organisation needed. Learning how to apply the advanced DAX formulas was really eye opening. You can achieve so much with Power BI."

Emmanuel A. - Egypt

"The pace and information was just right for the group I was in. We covered absolutely everything that we needed to know to get going with Power BI. The speed with which we are replacing our existing analysis is astounding! As a group we've gone on to develop some compelling reports, showcasing some insights that are now driving decisions at the exec level. It's exciting what we will be able to acheive in the near future with Power BI." 

Nolan Ford - Genesis Energy

“Sam gave us a really great introduction to Power BI in a small group tutorial. He outlined the underlying principles of Power BI which has provided us with a great foundation for setting up our dashboards. He was extremely flexible and intuitive about our needs and worked through our complex example with ease. His after service support and engagement is outstanding. I would highly recommend Sam for any Power BI training or development we require in the future.”

Amber McTainsh - Farmsource 

"Rakon has engaged with Enterprise DNA to train internal users on how to utilise and visually present data, using Power BI. The level of service provided has been exceptional and feedback across the business has been overwhelmingly positive. Power BI has generated a wave of enthusiasm within Rakon, and the training sessions played a critical role in the success of the roll-out. We would not hesitate to engage with Enterprise DNA again."

BI Team – Rakon

"Sam hosted us for a full-day customized workshop with PowerBI. This was great because we could accomplish all the goals that we had set and developed an understanding of PowerBI that allows us to create reporting and dashboarding solutions that before we were not even aware of as an organisation. We look forward to using the capabilities of PowerBI to enhance our internal and external reporting and would highly recommend the training provided by Sam to other people."

Vivek Katial – Quantiful

“Power BI has been a welcome disruption in our workforce. With its flexibility and precision, we are able to showcase our potential for success - and possibility of failure – in a meticulous fashion. Sam’s guidance and expertise along the way has been invaluable. He brings expertise and patience to the table where we would otherwise be lost. Through intensive group training, he has improved the combined group proficiency tenfold. We look forward to working closely with him in the future.”

 Jordan Barnard – AGL Group 

“The training provided by Enterprise DNA was fantastic. Sam was able to tailor the sessions to suit all the different skill levels of the attendees, and enable them to see the true potential of Power BI. I’ve been blown away by the amount of interest and excitement that these sessions have generated across the company. Combined with the training, and the extensive support resources that Sam gave us, I cannot wait to see some of the insights and value that we will be able to deliver going forward.” 

Chris Mills - Kotahi 

"Quite simple - if you want to learn Power BI look no further. Sam is a fantastic tutor and by watching short specific videos you can very quickly become a more competent and confident power bi user. You can always find relevant and specific material to assist with both your learning and construction of your own models. Sam makes it easy to learn and grow at your own pace and provides all the material you could ever need to practice, gain experience and develop ideas from."

Don Aitken  

“Just want to say how much I am learning from the Enterprise DNA classes. You have a wonderful way of explaining evaluation context (row and filter) such that I am finally catching on. I love the innovative DAX formulas and I can't wait to experiment with them and apply them to my work--which is Continuous Quality Improvement and outcome evaluation for a Behavioral Health Community Based organization in California. Thank-you and I aspire to know a fraction of what you know so that I can provide more value to my company.”

 Judith Calvo, PhD Director of Quality Improvement Community Solutions Gilroy, CA USA 

“I am new to Power BI and have been searching the web for videos and articles that help gain an understanding of the best way to approach this technology. When I found Sam's site, I at last found a one stop shop that teaches you everything you need to know from beginning to end. The instructions are clear and just as important relevant to the "real world". Since subscribing to Enterprise DNA my learning curve has gone pretty much straight up. I highly recommend Enterprise DNA as your source for gaining knowledge of this most incredible analysis tool; Power BI.” 

Gene Stoegbauer

"Sam has been our go-to for all Power BI training this year which has enabled us to completely transform our business reporting. His learning style is perfect for all levels of user with on going support and training. Keep up the great work!"

Amber M. - Farmsource  

"Your courses are great! And offer great value for money! I had read a number of books on DAX, but your youtube video series are the first online resources I've seen that really show how to use DAX and Power BI in anger. And get great results - both in terms of high quality analytical output and high quality presentational output too. Thank you very much for all the effort you put into these online courses. And for the considerable insights and sheer know how you share in these sessions."

Kieron B. - London

"I joined Enterprise DNA a couple of weeks ago. I have done a couple of online courses before. My Power BI/DAX skills have advanced because of the fantastic tutorials and learning materials available. As the tutorials are structured so well I am truly learning and understanding as I move along. I believe the other couses I will do, will benifit me. I really can not recommend Sam and Emterprise DNA highly enough.” 


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