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"At Enterprise DNA we have a vision to impact all users of Power BI around the world. Not only do we look to educate users on Power BI tips and techniques, we endeavour to create the most valuable users of this fantastic analytical tool.

We know and understand well how much of an impact Power BI can have within any organisation, so we feel it's essential to educate members with a practical and high-level mindset that can produce valuable insights that make a difference.

It is with this practical and real-world context that we enable users of Power BI to develop strong analytical skills across a variety of data scenarios. With our platform, we have the most comprehensive content, resources, support and community around Power BI anywhere in the world.

Everything within our platform has been brought together to enable any user of Power BI to go from a beginner or intermediate level up to an advanced aptitude very quickly.

Where required there is technical and theoretical depth to the material, but at the same time always a very practical weighting to any training or discussion, enabling the effective use of Power BI within an organisation or specific business function.

I look forward to welcoming you into the Enterprise DNA community"

Sam McKay, CFA - Founder, Enterprise DNA