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Geospatial Analysis
in Power BI with Paul

With these courses, you will:

  • Geospatial Analysis in the Transportation & Logistics Industry
  • How to create Huff Gravity Analysis
  • How to use Well Known Text (WKT)
  • Calculating Distance and Bearing in Power BI
  • Comparison Insights FSL vs Delivery Point
  • Difference between Current Allocation vs Selection

"I was beginning to use Power BI on my own and found myself struggling to properly learn and to apply the capabilities of Power BI in my organization. Using your guidance, my entire organization is now moving toward the invaluable visualization of data capable with Power BI. Your training is the best and I am a super advocate." - M. Begley - Director

"After trying to to learn Power BI in a hit and miss way for about a year I came across Sam's Enterprise DNA training material. I wish I had started with his material as it is so thorough and provides step-by-step instructions on how to use Power BI. I highly recommend Enterprise DNA's free and paid for course material." - Joan Hauff 

"Due to my learnings from Sam at Enterprise DNA I have managed to change the Domain that I have worked in for 30 Years and land my DREAM job as a Supply Chain Analyst for a Multi National. I can’t thank you enough Sam your content is amazing (nothing like it out there)." - Chris T 

April-May Course Line Up

This new course lineup is your opportunity to learn these skills from the experts

April 2021

April 2021

May 2021

May 2021

Advanced Visualization Techniques #1 of 2 with Mudassir Ali

Introduction to Power Apps
with Henry

Advanced Visualization Techniques #2 of 2 with Mudassir Ali

Introduction to Power Automate with Henry

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June-December Course Line Up

June 2021

July 2021

August 2021

September 2021

Power Query/M #1
with Melissa

Mid Year Curriculum Review with Members

Incorporating R Statistical Analysis and Visuals into Power BI with Brian

Machine Learning #1 of 3 - Intro with Brad

October 2021

November 2021

December 2021

Data Storytelling and User-Centered Design in
Power BI
with Alex

Machine Learning #2 of 3 - Intermediate with Brad

Optical Data - Enterprise DNA

Power Query/M #2
with Melissa

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Upcoming Courses To Launch Soon

We're updating the curriculum with the newest features and tools around Power BI and DAX to give you the most up-to-date best practices, techniques, models, and tactics

Report Development Best Practices Checklist with Greg

Collaborative Power BI Development Through Analyst Hub with Brian, Greg, and Jarrett

Geospatial Analysis in Power BI with Paul

Power BI Administration and Governance with Sam

Machine Learning #3 of 3 - End-to-End Use Case with Brad

Introduction to Power AI Builder with Henry

Brand New Showcases Available for Download

Learn by seeing how it's done with an unmatched resource offering. Review pre-built advanced models & use demo datasets for practice. Copy visualization ideas from well constructed reporting applications

  • We have over 70 detailed Power BI models and reports across a range of different scenarios
  • Resources made available to inspire analytical thinking and development possibilities
  • Learn how high-quality Power BI models and reports are developed
  • Review what it takes to create compelling reports and visualizations
  • Master analytical work in Power BI across a wide range of data scenarios
  • Learn how to combine multiple key functionality in Power BI
  • Learn how to use Power BI to solve real-world analytical challenges

Ongoing Enterprise DNA Events

Join unique conversations and workshops, dedicated to the successful implementation of Power BI

Join a casual conversation with Sam and other experts to discuss Power BI, Enterprise DNA, and other data related topics.

  • Learn many best practices from Sam as you develop your skillset in Power BI
  • Discover how to leverage Enterprise DNA's education platform to significantly improve your analytical skill level and productivity around Power BI
  • Learn about all new Enterprise DNA initiatives. Get customized demos and all the latest details and updates.

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Brand New Tutorials On Specific Power BI Topics

Comprehensively covers how to utilise all areas of Power BI, with a big focus on using the DAX language to unleash powerful analytical insights from your data.

  • Learn three methods for formatting button interactivity
  • Developing Power BI reports for an efficient, optimal data loading and transformation
  • How you can use Calculation Groups to create custom groupings and insightful visualization
  • How the ‘ALL’ function really works In Power BI
  • The most compelling COVID-19 reports and dashboard you'll ever see
  • Learn M function for the scenario
  • How you can quickly achieve accumulated total for a specified financial year
  • Using The DATEADD Function For Effective Time Related Insights - Power BI
  • How To Display Dynamic Narratives For Interactive Data
  • Highlight Key Points In Scatter Charts - Compelling Data Viz Technique In Power BI
  • Power Query solution to address granularity issues in transforming monthly aggregated data.
  • Harvesting A Slicer Selection Within A DAX Measure For Dynamic Calculations
  • How To Unpivot Multiple Column Pairs Dynamically In Power Query
  • Deep dive into what we call combinatorial analysis
  • How Small Multiple Visual Interacts With Calculation Groups In Power BI