Regular Expressions (Regex)

Weekly practice exercise posted every Monday.

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Why Participate

Regular Expressions, also known as “Regex” (pronounced REJ-ex) are an incredibly powerful way of representing or specifying specific patterns found in text. They are extremely useful for data cleaning and validation - allowing you to do highly sophisticated pattern matching that can be used to extract, modify, replace, select, and/or split on strings that do or don’t match the specified regex. Most common code editors, such as VSCode and Notepad++ have built-in regex capabilities.

Via participation in this workout, you will learn how to build and apply regex expressions, as well as learn how to use the best modern online tools for creating, testing and managing your regex code.

Workout Leader

Krzysztof Nowak is an Enterprise DNA Expert working in the financial industry as a senior process automation specialist. He is highly skilled in the use of regex, applying it in a variety of ways to clean and validate the financial data he works with. In addition to regex, he is an expert in R (he also runs the eDNA weekly R workout) and the Alteryx ETL platform.


Regex workouts will be posted weekly before midnight UTC every Monday. Krzysztof will post his solutions for each workout every Sunday.

How to submit your solution

When you have completed the workout, simply post your code and a screenshot of your results. Please blur or hide the details of your code using the forum features to maintain the integrity of the learning process.

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