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Advanced Network Visualization
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Sam McKay

CEO & Founder

Advanced Network Visualization
Build an intuitive and interactive network visualization from tabular data.

This visual offers in-app purchases.

ZoomCharts Adanced Network Visual enables tabular data visualization, exploration and filtering using network layout. Interact with your chart on any device – desktop or mobile – by using our intuitive navigation.

Automated Network Structure

This visual is building the network structure by identifying the unique facets in each dimension. Sizes of the nodes are updated with the value from the each record in which the vertex is detected. This way, you can immediately identify the main facets in each dimension and see how they are interconnected.

Force feedback layout

With force-directed layout algorithm, nodes repulse each other and links act as “springs” which pull them together. ZoomCharts has it’s own proprietary layout, which is more efficient and more beautiful than standard force feedback layouts.

Vast amount of use-cases

Seeing the relations makes it easier to find problems and outliers. Clicking on any node acts as filter for the rest of the dashboard, making it easy to drill through data and boosting Power BI productivity. Practical use cases of ZoomCharts Advanced Network charts include, but are not limited to:

  • Understanding sales drivers by showing connections between product, seller, market, industry and any other facet;
  • Visualizing and exploring cost structure by showing the attribution to project, department, and region;
  • Analyzing event data by country, event type, severity, product and impact;
  • Visualizing marketing campaigns by type, medium, cost and profit, and manager;
  • Evaluating Evaluate store product profitability by brand, location, category and more.

Fully customizable

With in-app purchase, you can unlock additional series and an extensive set of customizations, which includes: legend, nodes, links, labels, fill settings customizations. You can also set the image, node color, link color and label using data.

Visit ZoomCharts Advanced Visuals Documentation page for deeper insights:

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  • Can read and make changes to your document
  • Can send data over the Internet