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Sam McKay

Founder, Enterprise DNA

To obtain an Enterprise DNA certification, subscribers have to pass some advanced development tasks created and maintained by Enterprise DNA.

To create the Power BI reports and models tasked by Enterprise DNA for this certification requires a high level of competency in various areas of Power BI development.

Enterprise DNA Subscribers are educated to produce detailed analytical models and compelling reports and visualizations. Through obtaining this certification, subscribers are able to showcase these skills to the world.
Subscribers have to understand how to build a functioning data model and to shape data optimally using the inbuilt query editor. They also have to know how to implement DAX formulas effectively to discover the interesting insights that consumers will value. Lastly, they need to be able to visualize and showcase information in a compelling way.
By combining all these development skills together subscribers learn how to develop high-quality Power BI reports and models. By achieving this level of ability they then come highly recommended as some of the most valuable users and developers of Power BI around the world.
That's what the Enterprise DNA certification is all about. Showcasing how advanced subscribers can become through investing the time and energy to master development techniques curated by Enterprise DNA.

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Join unique conversations and workshops, dedicated to the successful implementation of Power BI

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