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Real-word data skills customized to your business


EDNA Learn
Tailored learning pathways. Learn via instructor lead videos and events. Participate in challenges, assessments and more. Join an unmatched online community of data professionals.


Data Mentor
Your daily dose of AI assistance. Boost your productivity and learning with advanced AI mentorship. Create custom queries, threads, documents and agents. Build your own data knowledge base.


Your personalized AI tutor. Select your preferred learning style and master new data skills in your own time and your way. Master new tools, languages, skills and more. Much faster than you ever though possible.

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Empower your team and increase productivity with the world's largest, most comprehensive set of data skills training and resources.

Learning plans customized to your business goals.

Learning plans customized to your business goals.

Extensive resource downloads.

Extensive resource downloads.

Personalized support from worldwide community experts.

Personalized support from worldwide community experts.

Subscriber-only event invitations.

Subscriber-only event invitations.

World recognized certification.

World recognized certification.

Access to Enterprise DNA’s AnalystHub.

Access to Enterprise DNA’s AnalystHub.

Manage Your Team,

Scale Your Success

Monitor and manage individual and team-wide performance to ensure effective learning and collaboration.

Manage Your Team

Access the World’s Most Advanced Team Learning Platform

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Customized Learning Plans

Create learning plans tailored to your business goals. Assign specific topics related to your business to enhance your team's performance.

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Real-Time Progress Tracking

Track progress of individual team members and your team as a whole. Identify key areas of improvement and promote learning.

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Easy-To-Use Interface

Our UI is simple, intuitive and made to manage your team. Easily generate progress reports and co-ordinate learning plans.

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Guarantee success with real-time progress monitoring and reporting

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Monitor the progress of your team

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Download your team progress reports

Real-World Data Skills Training Built For Business

Customized Team Learning
Real-time Progress Reporting
Data Expert Support
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Worried about engagement?

You shouldn’t be

Real-time engagement and progress reporting.


Assign the latest content, so users are always up to date.


Increase learning speed with proven learning pathways.


Guarantee engagement with auto-pilot features for each user.


Gain clarity, with easy team management and reporting.


Explore the options of live workshops and advisory sessions to solve specific workplace challenges.


Collaborate with shareable bookmarks, in-depth resources and code repositories.


Build and monitor your data skills graph.

Learn From the World’s Best Data Experts

  • Proven teaching methods

  • Faster, simplified training

  • The world’s best data experts

  • Real-world teachings


Data Illiteracy Can Seriously Slow Down Your business Growth,

But it Doesn’t Have To.

Companies are collecting ever-increasing amounts of data. Those that can extract the data are winning, building incredible businesses & gaining priceless insights.

Our expert-lead data skills training educates your team in the fastest and most effective way possible.