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Cover: Accounts Receivable Reconciliation

Accounts Receivable Reconciliation

Review historic or future cash forecasts. Select date and dynamically calculate the expected account receivable with various breakdown possibilities.

Cover: Advanced Budgeting

Advanced Budgeting

Compare actual results to budgets.Distribute budgets across year according to seasonality within data. Complex analytical techniques

Cover: Advertising Campaigns

Advertising Campaigns

Gain insights into your marketing initiatives by comparing campaign performance over time.

Cover: Banking Clients & Risk Analysis

Banking Clients & Risk Analysis

Total review of all banking credit risks, for management reporting and relationship banking dashboards. Drill into clients by relationship, location, risk weighting and more. Identify credit risk at the regional level and/or drill into data at the individual client level.

Cover: Call Center Insights

Call Center Insights

Review call center performance by analysing key metrics such as abandon rate, satisfaction score, SLA, and average answer speed.

Cover: Client Insight

Client Insight

Learn everything you need to know on your customer data. Understand which sales are occurring in which sales regions. Analyse trends over time, how customer sales are tracking versus last year and customer profitability. Compare results versus individual customers and within regions.

Cover: Client Satisfaction

Client Satisfaction

Monitor what category is generating the most complaints, how long complaints are waiting to be resolved and who's taking days to offer solution.

Cover: Cohort Analysis

Cohort Analysis

Advanced cohort insights for software as a service organization. Understand customer churn and also retention dynamically across different regions.

Cover: Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods

Sales analysis for FMCG business selling throughout the US. Drill into sales performance of each region or state. Watch key sales metrics as they happen and look for emerging trends in the performance of products or customers.

Cover: Country Overviews

Country Overviews

Highlight performance divergence across regional and country centers. Slice information by key products and sales groups to identify trends

Cover: COVID 19 Global Dashboard

COVID 19 Global Dashboard

Explore COVID 19's impact by demographics with a special focus on its effects by race/ethnicity in different facets of life, using advanced machine learning techniques.

Cover: COVID 19 Global Report

COVID 19 Global Report

Analyze the COVID 19 global report that compares key metrics between regional and global levels.

Cover: COVID 19 Reporting

COVID 19 Reporting

Analyze how countries dealt with COVID-19 through visuals, narratives, regression models, dynamic report level tool-tips, navigations, and maps.

Cover: CRM Sales Data

CRM Sales Data

Detailed analysis on customer relationship management (CRM) sales data. Understand where your sales have derived from, where the next opportunities are and be on top of the probabilities and financial implications of successful future sales pursuits.

Cover: Currency Conversion

Currency Conversion

Showcase waste management with clients around the globe using progressive disclosure technique.

Cover: Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

Understand the correlation between sales and customer engagement with your email marketing strategy.

Cover: Customer Insights

Customer Insights

Compare Sales vs Engagement. Determine how your marketing strategy impacts your sales.

Cover: Data Documentation Dashboard

Data Documentation Dashboard

Dynamic visual overview of the data documentation collected through advanced scripting.

Cover: Delivery App Review

Delivery App Review

Choose the warehouse where to source your products by identifying each warehouse' location and distance fromwhere the store is located.

Cover: Delivery Application

Delivery Application

Select a warehouse and see all the deliveries over a certain timeframe, number of damaged products, returns, and average delivery minutes per day.

Cover: Detecting Outliers

Detecting Outliers

Detect outliers or anomalies within your data. Showcase trends and change over time for this abnormal results

Cover: Earnings Maximizer Showcase

Earnings Maximizer Showcase

A compact one-page report that leverages custom visuals, recently added UI features, and highly-detailed tooltips to provide extensive analysis of earnings and utilization

Cover: Earnings Optimizer Report

Earnings Optimizer Report

Innovative and visually striking report, the centerpiece of which is an exceptionally detailed "what-if" analysis that examines yearly earnings across a variety of dimensions.

Cover: Earnings Planner Dashboard

Earnings Planner Dashboard

A compelling dashboard illustrating earning drivers for strategic planning, employing an innovative calendar display with conditional formatting and dynamic scenario analyses

Cover: Emergency Response Analytics

Emergency Response Analytics

A well-thought report that features the main KPIs and specific data for each protocol of the Emergency Response Service, utilizing selected interactions, minimal visual elements and visible page filter.

Cover: Emergency Response Dashboard

Emergency Response Dashboard

A striking report design, built with an intuitive navigation experience and a range of creative visuals to facilitate interactive data exploration.

Cover: Emergency Services Analysis

Emergency Services Analysis

A uniquely designed dashboard showcasing key insights using Charticulator and dynamic Heat Map for visuals

Cover: Emergency Services Analytics

Emergency Services Analytics

A polished and clean presentation that makes masterful use of varied tooltips to provide extensive analytical insights pertaining to emergency services, within a compact report.

Cover: Emergency Services Insights

Emergency Services Insights

A compelling one-page report effectively illustrating critical insights on the performance of emergency services of different hospitals utilizing detailed tools and skillful techniques.

Cover: Employee Insights

Employee Insights

Summary human capital insights for large corporate business. Analyse trends and breakdown of employee make-up. Simple and effective dashboarding techniques

Cover: Environmental Data Report

Environmental Data Report

An intuitive report designed with a very user-friendly dashboard that allows visualization of all indicators using filters

Cover: Environmental Indicators Report

Environmental Indicators Report

A well-designed and easy to navigate report equipped with a dashboard that provides a good summary of the indicators and overall trends.

Cover: Environmental Insights

Environmental Insights

A report with great visuals, filter options and features a variety of graphs for analysis

Cover: Environmental Insights Dashboard

Environmental Insights Dashboard

A well-organized dashboard that uses easy navigation features, landing pages and side icons to show the effects of environmental issues to human health in the past 16 years in summary statistics

Cover: Environmental Report

Environmental Report

A comprehensive illustration of a health problem caused by environmental factors, delivered in a well-designed data story using the Icon Map and Mapbox custom visuals, innovative navigational elements

Cover: Environmental Statistics Report

Environmental Statistics Report

A user-friendly showcase with a clean design using filter options, illustrating data in summary statistics

Cover: Equipment Effectiveness Report

Equipment Effectiveness Report

A well-organized OEE eport that uses creative visualization techniques to depict the manufacturing process

Cover: Executive Insights

Executive Insights

Dive into key performance metrics that showcase results in a simple and intuitive way. Review results via a top-down approach

Cover: Financial Analytics

Financial Analytics

Real time financial analytics for asia-pacific focused corporate. See key financial results including total; sales, cost, profits and more. Drill into key products and clients. Identify emerging trends, explore future sales opportunities and monitor key stock levels. Compare across territories and through time.

Cover: Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting

Report on detailed Profit & Loss data with Power BI. Compare results over different time periods and versus budgets

Cover: Financial Reporting Application

Financial Reporting Application

Comprehensive financial reporting application. Includes P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow reports. Dynamic visualizations around key financial metrics.

Cover: Financial Reporting Templates

Financial Reporting Templates

Create comprehensive and detailed financial reporting tables inside Power BI using custom templating technique

Cover: Food Distribution Business

Food Distribution Business

Finance function within global food distribution organisation analysing key metrics for entire financial year. Ability to access greater analysis across regions and through time. Gain insights in sales performance per products and product categories.

Cover: Formula 1 Performance Analysis

Formula 1 Performance Analysis

Meticulously designed and planned analysis of the performance of the Formula 1 drivers and constructors, built in a one-page report using tooltips and Text Filter visuals

Cover: Formula 1 In-Depth Insights

Formula 1 In-Depth Insights

Super dynamic report loaded with cohesively designed visuals using bookmarks, tooltips, object groupings and backgrounds, creating a superb navigation experience

Cover: FX Risk Management

FX Risk Management

Keep track of all trading in financial market products, including forward exchange contracts and currency options. Includes ability to; monitor hedging ratios versus set benchmarks, analyse achieved hedging rates through time and manage counter-party trading and credit risk.

Cover: Health Services Analytics

Health Services Analytics

A well-designed health services analysis that effectively addresses the data from four different perspectives using timelines, drill-through and hovering techniques.

Cover: Health Services Dashboard

Health Services Dashboard

Simple yet seamless display of relevant data utilizing best practices in Power BI, formatted with JSON theme files.

Cover: HR Consultation Insights

HR Consultation Insights

Evaluate how individual employees react to each consultation and the trends for each interviewer.

Cover: HR Interview Insight

HR Interview Insight

Quickly determine your employees satisfaction rating, the types of consultations they've gone through and how these relate to their performance.

Cover: Insurance Applications

Insurance Applications

Evaluate performance of insurance applications and sales process. How effective is the organisation at receiving and then executing on new business opportunities

Cover: Insurance Complaints

Insurance Complaints

Track the open, in progress, and new complaints reported by your customers. Make sure they are addressed to keep them satisfied.

Cover: Insurance Portfolio Analysis

Insurance Portfolio Analysis

Analyse who your active customers are. Evaluate which product category sells insurance fast and the distribution channel that works best.

Cover: Inventory Analysis

Inventory Analysis

Use many bookmarks to make a single-page report look like a multi-page report.

Cover: Inventory Analysis 2

Inventory Analysis 2

Manage sales forecast versus inventory, analyzing cash requirements and stock replacement projections.

Cover: JIRA IT Service Desk

JIRA IT Service Desk

Track how fast tickets are being resolved and how many are beyond expected resolution period. Determine the projects without due dates and update.

Cover: Logistics Dashboard

Logistics Dashboard

An eye-catching logistics dashboard that presents relevant data using Flow Map and drill-through techniques

Cover: Management Insights

Management Insights

Review key sales and financial metrics in this executive dashboarding example. Dynamically drill into key dimensions for additional insights

Cover: Manufacturing Operations

Manufacturing Operations

Monitor your manufacturing operations with detailed reporting and dashboards of key metrics from the factory floor to your sales teams. Review daily your new invoicing versus your products being produced. Understand your production cycle and where operational hold ups are occurring. Review factory output and current live orderbank across a range of production centers.

Cover: Model Documentation Dashboard

Model Documentation Dashboard

Minimalist design model documentation report that uses combo stacked chart and displays DAX expressions with description.

Cover: OEE Data Report

OEE Data Report

A beautiful and comprehensive report of important OEE metrics designed using the Numerro toolkit

Cover: OEE Manufacturing Report

OEE Manufacturing Report

A well-presented analysis that makes excellent use of the decomposition tree and KPI tooltips.

Cover: Optical Data

Optical Data

Retain your clientele by monitoring each of your clients' scheduled appointments and suggesting new slot for missed schedules.

Cover: Pandemic Outbreak Report

Pandemic Outbreak Report

Identify the recent COVID 19 trends and benchmark within countries through highlighted scatter charts and top-notch navigation experience.

Cover: Procurement Insights

Procurement Insights

Showcase how many days it takes fora purchased item get to invoiceor receipt stage.

Cover: Product Discounting Scenarios

Product Discounting Scenarios

Run unlimited 'what if' Scenarios for product discounting strategies. Measure effectiveness of discounting to follow up demand. Track key overall performance indicators

Cover: Product Insights

Product Insights

Review time spent on specific engagements and project with clients. Which business units are utilising services more than others. Evaluate professional service utilisation rates through time. Review return on time or effort versus value added per project

Cover: Product Sales Overview

Product Sales Overview

Evaluating product profitability for regional business, including cluster analysis through time, logistics insights & advanced ranking techniques.

Cover: Project Management Dashboard

Project Management Dashboard

Dynamic gantt chart showcasing project management timelines and progress. Advanced example of matrix conditional formatting in Power BI.

Cover: Purchases Summary

Purchases Summary

Experience a compelling view of the purchase, sales and inventory summary that utilizes embedded hover over tooltip and chart annotations technique

Cover: Purchase, Sales, Inventory Trends

Purchase, Sales, Inventory Trends

A dynamic narrative summary that utilizes Bookmarks and Selection Pane to create a comprehensive data story in a one-page report.

Cover: Quarterly Business Insights

Quarterly Business Insights

Showcase valuable business insights across fiscal quarters of all important organizational metrics

Cover: Regional Performance

Regional Performance

Compare performance across regional sectors. Identifying near term trends and filter information by numerous attributes within datasets

Cover: Regional Profit Insights

Regional Profit Insights

High level regional insights, includes cross-selling analysis, scenario events, cohort analysis encompassed within an 'application like' development

Cover: Regional Summary

Regional Summary

Segment regional data and break down performance drivers. Showcase dynamically attributes driving historic results

Cover: Report Documentation Showcase

Report Documentation Showcase

A well-crafted and interactive visual depiction of report documentation, centered on key performance metrics.

Cover: Retail Store Demand

Retail Store Demand

Manage all key metrics around a retail store environment. Understand where your most profitable stores are, and which sales reps are the top performers. Understand foot traffic and average historic sales during certain parts of the day so that you can optimise staffing at key locations.

Cover: Sales Overview

Sales Overview

Use four-quadrant scatter chart to provide enormous amount of information in a single chart.

Cover: Sales Performance

Sales Performance

Evaluate month over month sales performance. Determine which state or sales team performs best and the channel that disposes product fast.

Cover: Sales Scenario Analysis

Sales Scenario Analysis

Test outcomes of sales Scenarios, including changes in pricing and demand of products. Review overall performance

Cover: Service Desk Analysis

Service Desk Analysis

Analyze peak periods of issues by days and months. Allocate optimum staffing on days/months where issues spike to avoid backlogs.

Cover: Service Desk Issues

Service Desk Issues

Determine which project is generating the most number of issues and how many are priority to get resolved. Monitor their status and focus on the 'To Do's' and 'In Progress'.

Cover: Stock Market Dashboard

Stock Market Dashboard

Dive into dynamic stock market data, reviewing key pricing and trading information.

Cover: Supplier Insights

Supplier Insights

Quickly determine the estimated downtime cost of each supplier.

Cover: Supplier Risk Assessment

Supplier Risk Assessment

Assess the performance of the External Supplier and analyze its impact on the business

Cover: Territory Sales Breakdown

Territory Sales Breakdown

Showcase territory analysis of companies sales. Drill into product insights to evaluate future revenue opportunities

Cover: Time Intelligence

Time Intelligence

Review key metrics through time, comparing current actuals to same period last year. Analyse total; sales, costs and profits. Identify trends as they emerge, and develop conversation about key profitability drivers within a sales organisation. Evaluate product performance regional and per client.

Cover: Timesheet Utilization Reporting

Timesheet Utilization Reporting

A detailed utilization analysis, highlighted by an excellent navigation experience and beautifully constructed multi-component KPI cards

Cover: Transport & Shipping Dashboard

Transport & Shipping Dashboard

App-inspired logistics report revolving around profitability, covering filters, trend and details of revenue, cost and profit.

Cover: Transport & Shipping Report

Transport & Shipping Report

Explore the dynamic overview of shipment profit and loss from origin to destination countries, in relation to time of departure and arrival in a two-year period.

Cover: Transportation Bookings

Transportation Bookings

Scenario and data simulated for a transportation company that receives bookings from a variety of clients and through a number of different channels including web, phone and walk ups. Reports enable deep analysis of key business metrics including bookings, profits, sales, discounts and more.

Cover: Understanding Your Customers

Understanding Your Customers

Deep dive into customer revenue and profitability information. Identify where you are making sales and when via which products or services. Drill into specific customers or groups of customers. Review performance through time of various important client metrics.