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Sam McKay, CFA

Founder, Enterprise DNA

As you may already know, I started Enterprise DNA with a mission to empower users to complete amazing work with Power BI. In every way possible I'm doing this and seeing it achieved by those who I have educated through a number of content mediums.

I know that if learnt and used effectively individuals are going to really create huge value not only for themselves but for the organisations and teams they work in. I'm seeing it happen time and time again. Power BI is changing the game out there for analysts, and those moving up the education curve are quickly becoming the go to people within their teams and business functions.

Power BI is a seriously powerful analytical tool and I focus much of my energy teaching others in a really practical and commercial way to create really valuable analytical work. I do this in many ways and through many virtual venues.

Firstly my authority courses and resources at Enterprise DNA On-Demand are where all my structured learning modules are located. There is an immense amount of content and resources available to those interested in becoming real Power BI super users, so certainly check it out if you haven't already.

I also put a lot of content out there on the web around a wide range of topics, tips and techniques to use within Power BI.

These include, Enterprise DNA TV (YouTube), Enterprise DNA Blog, free training at Enterprise DNA Online, Free Webinars, Free Learning Summits, Power BI Community Blogs, LinkedIn Groups, Facebook Groups and many other online mediums. Certainly utilize these content mediums as much as you can, and also definitely connect on the social platform of your choosing to get many updates about all things Power BI from me.

I really appreciate all the feedback I've received around how the content, resources & material from Enterprise DNA is helping a lot of people out there use Power BI effectively. I've collated just a snapshot of this feedback as wanted to encourage as many others to connect and learn from me and Enterprise DNA as possible.

My aim is to educate, in some way, every Power BI user around the world, so thanks for helping spread the message around the analytical movement that we're creating with Power BI!

I feel like it's only just starting. Power BI is going to become the go to analytical platform globally for many years to come...so it's great to be connected at the beginning of this journey.

If you feel like you have benefited from any material and resources from Enterprise DNA and you have a moment to add to the testimonial wall I would really appreciate it!

David Navarro
"Seriously a great experience and that was just the first class."

Loved the enthusiasm and passion you showed while also being genuinely informative. Many thanks for the great exposure to techniques that end users can apply in data analytics. ... read full

∙ David Navarro, United States

Muhammad Iftikhar Saeed
"It's been great and I've learnt a lot."

I think it is one of the best sites that explains data analysis in a really good manner. I utilize the knowledge that I learn in my day to day ... read full

∙ Muhammad Iftikhar Saeed, United Arab Emirates

Simbarashe W Murerwa
"I keep getting more useful information,"

on the best way to conceptualize and develop a data project. A practical approach to learning analytics and improve my career! Highly recommended to those who are looking for a ... read full

∙ Simbarashe W Murerwa, South Africa

Atul Jain
"I think it's a best course to start with data analytics."

It will be beneficial for a beginner to understand on how things work in Power Platform. Their courses is like a jump start the career in data.

∙ Atul Jain, India

Liancarlos Capote
"I have watched all LinkedIn Learning Data Analysis training courses,"

and with confidence I can tell this course, although beginner-level, is way more organized and more instructive than all the ones I have found in LinkedIn Learning. ... read full

∙ Liancarlos Capote, United States

"It's probably one of the best courses I have taken till now."

A well-structured course with clear insights and ease to understand. The videos are concise but still carries a lot of information and the best thing I found in those videos ... read full

∙ Prateek, Australia

Farshid Momen
"The content develops with the maturing understanding of the student."

It is presented in an enthusiastic tone of voice keeping the student's interest alive. The depth of information provides grounds for the student to enter the Data analytics field ... read full

∙ Farshid Momen, Australia

Wajahat Mahmood
"It is a remarkable experience for me,"

so many things that were very difficult to understand earlier, have now become easy to understand. I enjoy working on getting insights from data now, which was a very distant ... read full

∙ Wajahat Mahmood, Saudi Arabia

Wajahat Mahmood
"It has really opened a new world of possibilities for me,"

when I look at the data now. I start to ask questions about the data at hand, which I never thought before. It has helped me a lot to improve ... read full

∙ Wajahat Mahmood, Saudi Arabia

Patrick Murtagh
"I find Enterprise DNA's presentation on everything is always pitched at a great level when you are seeing something for the first time."

I have googled alot of resources and this is the main difference I find with Enterprise DNA. The team finds a way to simplify things which ultimately means a greater ... read full

∙ Patrick Murtagh, Ireland

Jordon Clements
"I stumbled across Enterprise DNA when I was curious about data analysis."

After watching a series of courses through Enterprise DNA Youtube TV, I discovered how valuable this would be to my career. I presented a small tutorial to our President that ... read full

∙ Jordon Clements, United States

Gregory White
"Overall this was the absolute best investment I've made towards becoming proficient in data analytics."

I searched Google and YouTube and Facebook for more knowledge before settling in the Enterprise DNA. It was easily the most substantive and user - friendly training I could find. ... read full

∙ Gregory White, United States

Robert Maembe
"Great course and you can easily follow along and build your first paginated report!"

Already applied it to one of my projects to provide a more professional output vs the Excel option. Looking forward for the next one. Thanks Sue and EDNA for providing ... read full

∙ Robert Maembe, Belgium

Kartik Jani
"It's a wonderful platform."

It helps you learn step by step. You can apply the learning very quickly and come back to gain more knowledge as your confidence and enthusiasm builds. Thank you so ... read full

∙ Kartik Jani, United States

Michael Bateman
"The UBG to Dax is a good show case for the potential value of DAX to even new learners."

Having spent some months struggling to get simple totals and straightforward calculation, the course has shown me how I can work faster and better with just the skills demonstrated on ... read full

∙ Michael Bateman, United Kingdom

Felix Wambua
"Enterprise DNA is the home of professionals in Data Analysis and Business Intelligence."

if you are not in Enterprise DNA, then there are vital skills you are lacking. Great work Enterprise DNA team.

∙ Felix Wambua, Kenya

Mal Breen
"Fantastic course and content,"

I enjoyed walking through each topic area, which was detailed enough to allow me to apply the concepts immediately, without being overly time consuming. My reports look amazing now and ... read full

∙ Mal Breen, Spain

Melia Hoston
"A wonderful way to learn a complex system."

The training was easy to follow and explained very well. Excellent materials and well presented in the context of business scenarios. This one module is worth the subscription fee itself. ... read full

∙ Melia Hoston, United States

Pankaj Namekar
"I just finished another amazing piece of content from the Platfrom."

The SQL for Power BI users. Thank you Hafiz Zubair for the learning experience. Thank you, Enterprise DNA Team for the amazing platform.

∙ Pankaj Namekar, India

Chai Khai Boon
"Their free course is very well planned out for beginners as the contents are well written and very easy to understand."

Probably the best out there in the market for Power BI entry level course. Fantastic!

∙ Chai Khai Boon, Singapore

Jeff Crooks - Racetrac
"Good stuff - rollout is going very well on our end."

Your training is very well received, and I've got users creating more dashboards in the past 2 weeks than they have all year. Consider me a happy customer. ... read full

∙ Jeff Crooks - Racetrac, United States

Aaron Johal
"Most enjoyable with information rich presentation I have seen online."

I love the instructors laid back nature, it gets exhausting watching everyone be excited beyond belief.

∙ Aaron Johal, United Kingdom

Larry Rush
"Was extremely "pumped" after taking the Ultimate Beginners Guide course."

Had to show my boss what new insights we'll be able to show others. After I take the DAX course I can't wait to start using my own data.

∙ Larry Rush, United States

Said Gamal Sayed Mohamed
"The second challenge presented by "Gustaw Dudek" has truly pushed me to my limits since day one."

However, I am thrilled to announce that I have finally overcome it and unlocked a whole new level of growth for myself. I have learned so much from this challenge ... read full

∙ Said Gamal Sayed Mohamed,

Ray Willis
"I first became aware of Enterprise DNA via YouTube videos found when searching for how - to information related to particular challenges in reports I was constructing."

I've been building reports in Power BI on a daily basis for about a year and a half now, transitioning from working in Access and Excel and utilizing Visual Basic ... read full

∙ Ray Willis, United States

Nabeel Khalid
"Practicing data visualization regularly is an excellent way to improve your skills in this field."

I would like to express my gratitude to the Enterprise DNA and Gustaw Dudek for creating these workout challenges. It provides a great opportunity to develop skills and learn more ... read full

∙ Nabeel Khalid,

Rebeca Sedano
"I am very grateful that those tips and analytical skills have been shared as they are really useful,"

and without Enterprise DNA I would not be able to make all those formulas on my own. Thank you Enterprise DNA!

∙ Rebeca Sedano, Switzerland

Abu Bakar Alvi
"I applied for Enterprise DNA On - Demand last year and have been slowly using the resources to polish my skills as a Professional Business Analyst."

I would say this is the best resource available on the internet anywhere, by far. Keep doing the great work team!!

∙ Abu Bakar Alvi,

Ethan Stiefel
"Before Data Analysis our company barely documented process settings in the field."

When we did, it was a very manual process to dig in and find important data. As we investigated how to visualize and pull critical information, I came across Data ... read full

∙ Ethan Stiefel, United States

Michael Sunday
"The training content and delivery is structured well,"

new concepts (to learner) explained in simple ways that made it easy to follow and relate to. A great gateway course to learning data skills. if you want to go ... read full

∙ Michael Sunday, Kenya

Erena Friedrich
"I am thoroughly enjoying the Enterprise DNA content."

I find the tutorial videos easy to understand and educational. The reports that I am building for my company are already more advanced as a result. I appreciate all the ... read full

∙ Erena Friedrich, United States

Jemma Frascella
"Great content well delivered and excellent resources to accompany the online learning."

Having learnt some of the basics through trial and error over the last year the courses I have completed have already shown where I can tidy up previous reports and ... read full

∙ Jemma Frascella, United Kingdom

Ian Besmond
"From my first days working with Data Analysis."

Enterprise DNA has been my go-to people for learning about how to do things in Power Platform & Data Analytics. From modeling to DAX, visualizations to formatting, and publishing ... read full

∙ Ian Besmond, United States

Buhle Mzalisi
"Great platform for all round learning."

Certainly will aid in quick absorption of the capabilities of Power BI and the adoption of best practice methodologies. Thank you, Impressive!

∙ Buhle Mzalisi, South Africa

Stanley Igwe
"Enterprise DNA has continued to reveal valuable use of data especially with regards to real life applications."

The insights they derive can be applied to make informed decisions when you can grasp the concept and apply to your data. Well done guys, absolutely magnificent! ... read full

∙ Stanley Igwe, Nigeria

Virtue Olu
"Enterprise DNA is perhaps the best data learning platform I have enrolled with."

I have taken other courses on this subject but none is as very detailed, explained in simple terms and also includes models to practice with. The support from the team ... read full

∙ Virtue Olu, Nigeria

Doug Wilman
"Enterprise DNA is the standout place I have found to begin to understand the amazing value of data analytics."

I have tried multiple Youtube videos and self - study but none of them explained the material as clearly as here. The amount of free material available is amazing an ... read full

∙ Doug Wilman, New Zealand

Joanne Osborne
"I highly recommend anybody or organization that is trying to understand and learn data to take an Enterprise DNA On - Demand."

It is really fantastic and it's worth every penny. I only wish I had taken a DNA On - Demand sooner. It's so well developed and the learning path is ... read full

∙ Joanne Osborne, Canada

Erena Friedrich
"I am loving the content in the Enterprise DNA Platform."

There is so much to learn and the instructors makes it very easy. I am already applying the tips and techniques to my reports, making them more professional and usable ... read full

∙ Erena Friedrich, United States

John Johnson -Comcast
"Want to let you know that your training has and still continues to be of significant value to me."

Still a rooky at this, but am using all your techniques and best practices as I continue to educate myself in the data analysis. I would highly recommend to those ... read full

∙ John Johnson -Comcast, United States

Nicky Maehler
"Outstanding course with clear and concise instructions and great examples to follow."

Loved the best practice advice and recommendations to insightful analytics. Looking for more new knowledges to learn in this course. Thank you Enterprise DNA! ... read full

∙ Nicky Maehler, South Africa

Ian Freeland
"As a brand new user to Power BI I found this course amazingly useful and surprisingly detailed which is a great starting point for me on my Power BI journey."

I shall be continuing that journey by taking the Ultimate Beginners Guide to DAX in the next few days!

∙ Ian Freeland, United Kingdom

Harsh Anil Joshi
"It's been really a great experience and pleasure to be a part of Enterprise DNA Forum and to have an access to the valuable workshops."

The initiative by the Forum to provide an access is really thoughtful. Through this medium, I personally have gained a lot of knowledge and has empowered me to achieve a ... read full

∙ Harsh Anil Joshi, India

Revathi Kanduri
"This is a great platform to spend time around."

I found the content very easily adoptable and the explanations by Enterprise DNA Team follow a cognitive sense of understanding. By giving out hypothetical but realistic business problems and encouraging ... read full

∙ Revathi Kanduri, Australia

Rodney Pearman
"Real details and insights into what is currently one of the best analytical applications in the business."

After two decades using Microsoft stack of applications and many training resources, it was refreshing to hear these perfectly paced modules. Enterprise DNA have helped fill in the gaps of ... read full

∙ Rodney Pearman, United Kingdom

Simbarashe W Murerwa
"A practical hands - on approach that enhances understanding and stimulates creativity,"

that can give room to solution improvement. The data modelling and visualization steps are easy to follow / replicate when practicing. There is also emphasis on exploration which enhances understanding ... read full

∙ Simbarashe W Murerwa, South Africa

Ray Willis
"I continue to be amazed and impressed with the tasks that can be accomplished."

They demonstrates a background of reporting considerations along with a knowledge of how Power BI can be utilized to quickly build reports that provide critical insights for decision making. ... read full

∙ Ray Willis, United States

Kristie Thiedeman
"Their course has given me a much better understanding of how various elements work and interact."

I have had complex Reports created by other users 'handed' over to me, and had been struggling to dissect all the different components. But now, I believe I will be ... read full

∙ Kristie Thiedeman, United States

Jason Busenbark
"Great course."

This is some of the best advanced DAX examples I've found that illustrates the best structure for DAX expressions. Understanding how to optimize DAX is already taking my report ... read full

∙ Jason Busenbark, United States

Zoran Kimov
"I work in a bank as a Corporate Loan Officer and tried to implement data analytics tools in my daily work."

Since I found out about data, was struggling to learn how to incorporate it by visiting different learning courses at different sources. Fortunately, Enterprise DNA cached my eye and after ... read full

∙ Zoran Kimov, North Macedonia

Nadezhda Sayenko
"I like their courses it was very informative,"

I am not a beginner, but I got something new even from beginner course. I like that speaker was very excited about the theme and it really helps to be ... read full

∙ Nadezhda Sayenko, Puerto Rico

Paakow Barnes
"Overall the Enterprise DNA On-demand experience is the best portal for learning I have come across."

Material is practical, allowing people to follow along in their own data environment which IMO is the best place to solidify your learning.

∙ Paakow Barnes, United Kingdom

Scott Perkins
"I knew very little about data analysis before undertaking their free beginner guide."

Enterprise DNA has opened my eyes to what is possible and how it can transform business communication, decision making and provide the foundations for building situational awareness. Can't wait to ... read full

∙ Scott Perkins, Australia

Alex Sanchez
"It is the right place to learn and up skill your knowledge in data analysis."

I have taken a couple of onsite courses at my work place by some companies but they do not compare with the quality of what you will learn here.

∙ Alex Sanchez, Australia

Hisham El Jbeili
"Knowledge is not the power the application of the knowledge is the power."

Enterprise DNA enables me to capitalize on my analytical skills to drive valuable insights through the various applications that I have learned on their courses. ... read full

∙ Hisham El Jbeili, Saudi Arabia

Muhammad Asad
"Enterprise DNA is very good platform to learn data analytics techniques."

It provide me the ideas which may helpful in corporate reporting and to enhance the effectiveness of business data.

∙ Muhammad Asad, Pakistan

Diana Bello
"The material is very clear and covers many different aspects of Data analytics,"

the most important thing for me is that I am improving my skills while I am enjoying the lessons. Every lesson left me curious for another one, and everything is ... read full

∙ Diana Bello, Canada

John Meehan
"A superb set of courses delivered by super Enterprise DNA Team."

It feels like their instructors is in the room with you. Think of your favorite teacher at school. They do not lecture they educate and inspire you. They want you ... read full

∙ John Meehan, United Kingdom

Ken Rogers
"I began by searching videos on YouTube for Data Analysis."

Enterprise DNA quickly rose to the top of the group for quality of presentation. I started checking out the website and determined that the subscription would provide the best opportunity ... read full

∙ Ken Rogers, United States

Peter A.
"Your guides have been invaluable to me."

I picked up Data Analysis 3 months ago as I believe this is the way forward for reporting for schools and academies. Your video guides are clear and easy to ... read full

∙ Peter A., Denmark

Stepan Nikulkin
"Great and very modern site."

I would recommend this course for my colleagues. I plan to use these knowledge in my daily work. Hope, my Boss will appreciate new level of visualization and will pay ... read full

∙ Stepan Nikulkin, Russia

Ahmad Din
"It's a great experience to learn ultimate beginner guide to Power BI from Enterprise DNA."

I found it very easy and friendly platform. During learn I have built my own sales dashboard on the given data. I would love to join as a member to ... read full

∙ Ahmad Din, Pakistan

"Enterprise DNA's courses are always easy to follow as they make the concepts simple to digest."

Definitely recommend all of the course to all, didn't matter if you are just starting out or have been in data analytics for very long.

∙ Hidayat, Singapore

Sundaram Surampudi
"Kudos and thanks for enlightening us on the full potential of Data Analysis."

A lot of hardwork and commitment must have gone into this endeavor. It might well be that you may have spent more time on the product on an individual basis ... read full

∙ Sundaram Surampudi, Canada

William Afriyie
"I'm blown away with the wealth of information packed into their courses."

By far, the most comprehensive course structure out there.

∙ William Afriyie, United States

Jaco Van Niekerk
"I have signed up for the Enterprise DNA On - Demand after watching Enterprise DNA's videos."

I am really excited about my analytics journey and looking forward to built amazing projects for my organization from the knowledge I'll gain from the Enterprise DNA team. ... read full

∙ Jaco Van Niekerk, South Africa

Dom Mellsop
"Best Data Anaysis content I could find on the web,"

The team is great at explaining difficult concepts in practical ways. With Enterprise DNA also having previous Analyst experience he knows what organizations and business partners require, enabling targeting training. ... read full

∙ Dom Mellsop, Australia

Luke Blowers
"Enterprise DNA ultimate beginners guide has enabled me to go from 0 to hero in less than a morning."

Being a completely new user to Data Analysis, I was searching the net for all kinds of foundation support. I have built along with the videos and have spent time ... read full

∙ Luke Blowers, United Kingdom

David Halliday
"Better than other data analytics courses."

Most of them explain the different components of data & Power BI but with Enterprise DNA shows how to build something from scratch with a purpose and how each ... read full

∙ David Halliday, Canada

Ray Willis
"The more lessons I go through the more satisfied I am that I obtained the Enterprise DNA On - Demand."

The team is very knowledgeable and knows a lot of effective techniques and is good at showing how to handle real life needs in reporting.

∙ Ray Willis, United States

Paul Sadd
"Professional but friendly and delivered by a team that "uses" Data analytics wisely,"

rather than just training people to use it. It's a great platform done by eDNA Team with helpful insights and analytical demonstrations of Data and everything about power platform and ... read full

∙ Paul Sadd, United Kingdom

Russell Williams
"Enterprise DNA provides more than just technical training,"

in Power BI, Power Platform and more. It is very much oriented to Business Solutions along industry specific lines.

∙ Russell Williams, United Kingdom

Paniti Nimitpanya
"Enterprise DNA courses can be studied anywhere and anytime."

The online courses are very flexible. Moreover, their courses make my learning deeper with data and it's very helpful to career as well.

∙ Paniti Nimitpanya, Cambodia

Veasna Kain
"It is way better than the live training class as we can go at our own speed,"

pause and play as you wish. This allow students such as myself to fully follow the steps and get it right. This helps me greatly!

∙ Veasna Kain, Canada

Gharbi Abdelkader
"It is very great platform to get not only the basics,"

but the more sophisticated technique of Data Analysis like the financial courses many thanks to Enterprise DNA team.

∙ Gharbi Abdelkader, Algeria

Zamuxolo Wawa
"Simple and easy to follow presentation for absolute beginners."

The content of this course was relevant to people who are new to Data Analysis. It is the most relevant course about introduction Data Analysis than any course available out ... read full

∙ Zamuxolo Wawa, South Africa