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Advanced TimeSeries Visual
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Sam McKay

CEO & Founder

Advanced TimeSeries Visual
Combine multiple chart types and enjoy smooth drill-downs, down to the millisecond

Explore time-based data with vast interaction options of Advanced TimeSeries Visual. Switch from days to weeks or months effortlessly, pan to select a time period or drill down into the data while keeping the whole timeline visible. Use rich customization options to combine multiple chart types, set thresholds and convert GMT data to local time.

Feature Highlights:

  • On-chart interactions –pan, zoom-in and drill into data
  • Customizable automated data aggregation – set the aggregation level for x axis, from decades to milliseconds
  • Static and dynamic thresholds – set up to 3 thresholds to easily demonstrate KPIs
  • Local time zone – automatically convert GMT data to local time zone
  • Smart use of screen space – combine up to 12 data series
  • Multiple chart types – choose among column, line or area for each series
  • Full customization – set intervals, min and max values, colors, fonts, stacking and clustering
  • Customizable values for stacked series – chose between series specific or cumulative(total) values
  • Cross-filtering – use visual to filter the rest of the dashboard
  • Cross-chart filtering – select data points on multiple charts instead of using slicers
  • Filter control – choose to have the visual function as a filter
  • Bookmark support – save report view configurations
  • Drillthrough support – examine your data in detail

Use Cases

Advanced TimeSeries Visual is perfect for exploring change over time. Some of the numerous industry applications are:

  • Banking & Finance – stock exchange indices, capital ratios, transaction volumes, economic data
  • Information Technologies –network traffic, response times, syslog and error trends
  • Logistics & Transportation – inventory movement and turnover, loading time, fleet maintenance cost
  • Sales & Marketing – web traffic, audience reach, lead volume and sales revenues dynamics
  • Manufacturing –quality metrics, uptime and downtime, production output and cost




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