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KPI Column by MAQ Software
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Sam McKay

CEO & Founder

KPI Column by MAQ Software
Our Line and Column chart measures progress toward key performance indicators (KPIs). ​

KPI Column by MAQ Software combines line and column charts. Each column value changes color depending on its relation to a target line value. Columns represent performance, and lines represent KPI targets.

Business Use Cases:​

  • Sales – Measure upselling success ratio, quotation conversion, and other sales performance metrics
  • Marketing – Measure bounce rate, click-through rate, and other marketing performance metrics
  • Human Resources – Measure staff advocacy scores, diversity index, and other operational metrics
  • IT – Measure cost variance, schedule variance, and project tracking

Key Features:

  • Includes an optional target value for all columns
  • Represents forecasted data in columns, using the same target line
  • Displays translucent forecasted columns to differentiate them from actual values

When this add-in is used, it
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