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EDNA Learn
EDNA Learn

Tailored learning pathways. Learn via instructor led videos and events. Participate in challenges, assessments and more. Join an unmatched online community of data professionals.

Data Mentor
Data Mentor

Your daily dose of AI assistance. Boost your productivity and learning with advanced AI mentorship. Create custom queries, threads, documents and agents. Build your own data knowledge base.


Your personalized AI tutor. Select your preferred learning style and master new data skills in your own time and your way. Master new tools, languages, skills and more. Much faster than you ever thought possible.

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EDNA Learn

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Data Mentor

Amplify your daily

data learning and workflow
  • Generate, debug, explain, extend any code or formulas
  • Get advice, guidance and direction on any tools or languages
  • Develop your own personalized knowledge base on data
  • Build threads of information to share or keep private
  • Build a library of learning material using folders and documents
  • Use advanced AI agents to solve your projects or complex tasks
  • Access the most advanced AI technology in online learning!


A personalized tutor one click away
  • Choose your learning mode, and skills focus and get personalized guidance
  • Learn through a variety of styles; Q&A, Guided Learning, True/False and more
  • Feel like your talking directly to the instructors of courses
  • Utilize the most advanced AI models currently available
  • Deepen your understanding of any data topics

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Find help and support at Community Forum of data enthisiasts

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Take your learning journey to another level with EDNA AI

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Watch tailored exclusive courses and get certified

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Cover: Sam McKay
Sam McKay

CEO & Founder

  • 7+ years Power BI
  • 10+ years Excel and VBA CFA Charterholder
Cover: Brian Julius
Brian Julius

Enterprise DNA Expert

  • 5+ years Power BI
  • 30+ years Data Analytics/Statistics
  • 10+ years R
  • Data Career Guru
Cover: Henry Habib
Henry Habib

Enterprise DNA Expert

  • 5+ years Power Apps
  • 5+ years Power Automate
  • 8+ years Excel
Cover: Kedeisha Bryan
Kedeisha Bryan

Enterprise DNA Expert

  • 5+ years Power BI
  • 3+ years Python
  • 6+ years Data Analysis
Cover: Melissa de Korte
Melissa de Korte

Enterprise DNA Expert

  • 8+ years Power Query
  • 6+ years Power BI
  • 10+ years Excel
Cover: Gaelim Holland
Gaelim Holland

Enterprise DNA Expert

  • 9+ years Python
  • 6+ years Power BI
  • 12+ years Excel

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Next Generation Data Skills Training Solution
Next Generation Data Skills Training Solution

Learning data skills can be complicated

But it doesn’t have to be.
Learning data skills can be complicated

We don’t believe in wasting your time or you money. All of our lessons offer proven, real-world solutions.

We believe that we offer the world’s largest and most comprehensive data skills training community. Period.

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