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Training, tools, and guidance to unify and upskill the Power BI analysts in your workplace. Develop your own unique data culture and immerse your organization in valuable insights that drive informed decisions.

Set Your Team & Organization Up For Success With Power BI

Empower your Power BI users with everything they need from training, resources, apps, and guidance, all tailored to your needs

Enterprise DNA's On-Demand Platform

Enterprise DNA's Analyst Hub

Live Virtual Training Sessions

Group Advisory Calls

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Trusted by individuals and organizations all around the world

Over 6500 individuals with platform access

Community spread across more than 120 countries

Over 4000 business leveraging our content & resources

Well over >200,000 data professionals impacted by Enterprise DNA

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Get Complete Access To Enterprise DNA's On-Demand Platform

Full access To Enterprise DNA's platform, including: in-depth training content, resources, templates, support and much more....

Enterprise DNA Power BI and DAX Online Course Portal

Enterprise DNA's Learning Center

  • 100s of hours of training content covering Power BI and other supporting technology
  • Covering Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, Python, R, SQL, Excel, Machine Learning and more
  • Structured courses, webinar replays, and mini series modules
  • Customized learning map for each user

Showcase, Templates, Designer Kits & More...

  • We have Over 400 detailed Power BI model and report downloads across a range of different scenarios
  • Take advantage of our comprehensive Power BI strategy and deployment resources, dedicated to empowering data leaders
  • Get your team leaders and executives to take our custom assessment, and receive a detailed report evaluating if you are ready to build your data culture using Power BI
  • Gain access to PBIX files to see how quality Power BI models are created

Virtual Support & The Ultimate Community

  • User Forum Interact with Enterprise DNA Experts on our friendly user Forum to help quickly solve your Power BI problems
  • Data Challenges — Participate in our monthly Data Challenges, and receive detailed, individualized feedback from Enterprise DNA Founder and CEO, Sam McKay, and other experts
  • Power BI Accelerator — Engage in entertaining weekly skill-building exercises, developed and led by Enterprise DNA Experts, to equip you with essential tools and techniques
  • Enterprise DNA Community — Join a casual conversation with Sam and other experts to discuss Power BI, Enterprise DNA, and other data related topics

Boost productivity and collaboration with Analyst Hub!

  • Improving the speed and effectiveness of Power BI development work within organizations by a factor of 3x
  • A web based application built completely for Power BI users
  • Manage internal Power BI projects effectively with complete visibility of analytics development cycle
  • A community based app that brings tips and techniques together for all users to benefit

Setup Virtual Training Sessions For Your Team

Get live training for up to 100 users with our expert trainers and facilitators

  • Learn - how to use Power BI as an analytical engine, turning raw data into unmatched insights
  • Save - mountains of time by learning how to automate analysis and anything
  • Learn - how to look at raw data and then apply Power BI and DAX to find answers
  • Learn - how to find the insights that make a difference and add value to decisions making
  • Develop - compelling visualizations that showcase insights that will add value to business discussions and actions
Enterprise DNA Custom Power BI Workshop
Enterprise DNA BYOD Workshop
  • Beginner, intermediate and advanced Power BI training based on your specific requirements.
  • Get an in depth overview of the entire Power BI suite, tailored around your own internal data.

We can run virtual training sessions for any of the following technologies

And more...

Tailored For Your Industry


Banking & Capital Markets

Construction & Transportation


Energy (Oil & Gas)






Real Estate

Retail & Consumer Goods

Get Tailored Guidance With Group Advisory Calls

Let us support your deployment or development work in a targeted way with advisory sessions

Get the exact support you need right now

  • Purchase advisory packs/hours for your teams
  • Gain access to an expert from our team
  • Save hours on tough problems by getting the right advice during a live virtual session
  • Get support on Power BI and multiple supporting technologies
  • Get deployment and governance support

Enterprise DNA's Partner Technology Packages

We’ve partnered with all the best supporting technology for Power BI. Gain access at discounted prices and get our support when using them.

Customize Your CoE Experience By Selecting Below

You choose what you need and we can customize your CoE proposal for you

On-Demand+Analyst Hub

Live Training

Group Advisory Packs

Technology Packs

Paid Annually
Includes Analyst Hub

max 100 People
2.5 hours session length

> 40 - Custom Pricing

Regular Membership vs
Center of Excellence

Understand the differences between regular membership and Center of Excellence and see which one is best for you and your team.




On-Demand Courses
Learn from 80+ hours of structured, instructor led Power BI Courses.

Analyst Hub
Unify your Power BI approach. Create and share DAX code, reports, branding (colors, logos), manage projects, and much more.


Customized Training Programs
Get an in depth overview of the entire Power BI suite, tailored around your own internal data. The custom workshops will focus on how to use Power BI to extract compelling insights that will make an impact to your business.

Group Advisory Calls
Let us support your deployment or development work in a targeted way with advisory sessions.

Technology Packages
Gain access at discounted prices to the best supporting Power BI technologies and get our support when using them.

Library of Pre-Made Reports & Dashboards
Get inspired and gain an upper hand by downloading our extensive library of pre-made Power BI reports and dashboards.

Skillset Assessments & Learning Paths
Quickly get a Power BI assessment grade and customized learning path based on your skills.

24/7 Forum Access
Leverage our community of 6k+ active Power BI users by asking anything related to Power BI—technical, development, reporting, governance, DAX, etc.

Account Support
Gain ongoing support from our account management group as your team grows.

Progress Reports
Understand user progress and engagement with ongoing progress reports.

License Reassignment
Reassign licenses when an employee leaves or get transferred at no additional cost.

Analysts from some of the largest companies in the world are utilizing Enterprise DNA's Center of Excellence platform to master Power BI

"Material is always presented clearly, and with obvious enthusiasm. Attending one of Enterprise DNA's webinars or classes is always a pleasure because he clearly delights in teaching others how to improve their Power BI skills. Keep up the great work Sam!" - Heather R

"For me Enterprise DNA's Tutorials and course content have been invaluable. I am pleased I paid for the subscription. It is genuinely good value. As a kiwi living in the US I appreciate what EnterpriseDNA do to help businesses globally. Power BI is changing up every month so Enterprise DNA will keep us on top of it all!" - Dean Marris

"Thanks Enterprise DNA for putting so much effort in creating absolutely amazing content. All your videos are very clear, very professional, you are a great teacher. I found it so easy to understand concepts from your videos." - Grace

"Enterprise DNA is a like a light in the dark of Power BI world. We all sense the potential of PBI but having this resource with relevant examples and ideas has been so valuable to me and continually improves what I can provide to my colleagues, thank you" - Lizzie Tompsett

"Trying to learn BI at home with little knowledge was very difficult. Enterprise DNA's courses and resources pushed my knowledge forward very quickly. Their style and resource content are superb, everything was a wow moment. Everyday is a school day when you log on and I am now preparing reports I never believed I would. Thanks Enteprise DNA." - Michael Hutchings

"As a business user who is always looking for ways to present data in a more concise and clear way. I have found the Enterprise DNA's style of teaching broaden my understanding of how to develop Power BI solutions. Their visualizations are a part of the learning cycle I clearly needed. Highly recommended. Definitely one of the best and well worth the money." - Kevin Zandee

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  • Drive your Power BI approach to be more cohesive, collaborative, and impactful 
  • Connect planning, people, and learning across business functions like Accounting, Sales, Distribution, Inventory, and much more 
  • Accelerate report building, time-to-insights, and profitability across the organization