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Enterprise DNA Center of Excellence

Creating the most valuable analytical teams & organisations using Power BI around the world

With Enterprise DNA's Center of Excellence gain access to an unmatched offering of; on-demand training, extensive resources, virtual support, exclusive event invitations and so much more.

All dedicated to developing the most valuable Power BI teams and organisations around the world:

  • In-depth training videos for all skill sets and levels of expertise
  • Actionable dashboards tailored to specific business groups and challenges within any organization
  • Access to the community support forum, where individuals and teams can interact with global Power BI experts

Here's What You'll Have Access To

By accessing Enterprise DNA's CoE program you will learn how to maximise the data available to you through high-quality reports and dashboards. Actionable content is tailored to helping all analysts to solve core challenges in; Marketing, Sales, Operations, Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, Production, Distribution and more


Regional Profit Insights

Financial Reporting Application

Project Management Insights

Management Dashboard

Regional Analysis | Enterprise DNA

Regional Performance

Employee Insights


CoE Power BI Training Program Is:

Structured Training Programs From Beginner To Advanced

  • 50+ Hours of Power BI Courses 
  • Certification Program 

Virtual Video Training & Events

  • Virtual Webinar Events
  • Private Group Training 

Pre-Developed Power BI Models & Reports 

  • Hundreds of model downloads and reports for you to take advantage of
  • Tailored across dozens of core business functions 
Enterprise DNA Support Forum

24/7 Forum Support & Community Access

  • Seek advice and collaborate with thousands of the world’s most valuable Power BI Users

Enterprise DNA's Analyst Hub Access Also Included!

Through accessing our CoE Program you'll get unlimited access to the Analyst Hub for your Power BI users

The social network for Power BI users. Improving the speed and effectiveness of Power BI development work within organizations by a factor of 3x.

  • A web based application built completely for Power BI users
  • Manage internal Power BI projects effectively with complete visibility of analytics development cycle
  • A community based app that brings tips and techniques together for all users to benefit

Enterprise DNA Center of Excellence Pricing

How many Power BI users require training?





Per User, Paid Annually
1 - 50 Employees

Per User, Paid Annually
51 - 100 Employees

Per User, Paid Annually
100+ Employees


All Managed Within Our Center of Excellence Portal

Whether you’re a team of 5 or 5,000, easily plan, manage, and scale your company’s Power BI training through the CoE Dashboard —

  • Deployment Tools & Onboarding Management 
  • User Engagement Progress Reporting 
  • Surveys & Assessments 

Your Guide To Enterprise DNA's Education Platform

As a partner of our Enterprise DNA Center of Excellence program, you will have access to a variety of; structured courses, mini-series tutorials, compilation of events, resources, and much more.


Learn what's included with Enterprise DNA's Center of Excellence

With Enterprise DNA's Center of Excellence gain access to an unmatched offering of: on-demand training, extensive resources, virtual support, exclusive event invitations and so much more.

All dedicated to developing the most valuable Power BI users around the world.

Analysts from some of the largest companies in the world are utilizing Enterprise DNA's Center of Excellence platform to master Power BI

"Material is always presented clearly, and with obvious enthusiasm. Attending one of Enterprise DNA's webinars or classes is always a pleasure because he clearly delights in teaching others how to improve their Power BI skills. Keep up the great work Sam!" - Heather R

"For me Enterprise DNA's Tutorials and course content have been invaluable. I am pleased I paid for the subscription. It is genuinely good value. As a kiwi living in the US I appreciate what EnterpriseDNA do to help businesses globally. Power BI is changing up every month so Enterprise DNA will keep us on top of it all!" - Dean Marris

"Thanks Enterprise DNA for putting so much effort in creating absolutely amazing content. All your videos are very clear, very professional, you are a great teacher. I found it so easy to understand concepts from your videos." - Grace

"Enterprise DNA is a like a light in the dark of Power BI world. We all sense the potential of PBI but having this resource with relevant examples and ideas has been so valuable to me and continually improves what I can provide to my colleagues, thank you" - Lizzie Tompsett

"Trying to learn BI at home with little knowledge was very difficult. Enterprise DNA's courses and resources pushed my knowledge forward very quickly. Their style and resource content are superb, everything was a wow moment. Everyday is a school day when you log on and I am now preparing reports I never believed I would. Thanks Enteprise DNA." - Michael Hutchings

"As a business user who is always looking for ways to present data in a more concise and clear way. I have found the Enterprise DNA's style of teaching broaden my understanding of how to develop Power BI solutions. Their visualizations are a part of the learning cycle I clearly needed. Highly recommended. Definitely one of the best and well worth the money." - Kevin Zandee

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Sam McKay
Founder and CEO
Enterprise DNA 

Gio Avila
Corporate Partnerships Lead Enterprise DNA


How To Speed Up And Optimize A Power BI Deployment or Migration

  • Assessing Current State gaps
  • Migration best practices
  • Standardizing deployment process
  • Creating learning paths for all skillsets + upskill

Why choose Enterprise DNA's Center of Excellence?

Our Center of Excellence has been created to empower teams and organisations to master Power BI development


Create a collaborative team of data professionals. Utilise Power BI effectively for maximum impact. Increase speed to insights


Develop a data culture. Discover valuable insights in record time. Build teams of data focused analysts. Certify data professionals

A Summary Of Everything Included So You Can Master Power BI

  • All future course updates & additions included with your subscription
  • Customized Learning Maps and Guides to support your learning
  • Skills Assessments & Surveys to manage a Power BI deployment successfully
  • >50 hours of training videos to use as a detailed reference for future learning
  • 50 demo data sets for varied practice
  • 60 pre-developed Power BI models & reports to learn and practice on
  • 80 page DAX Reference Guide
  • Over 200 model downloads referencing nearly every analytical Power BI technique you can think of
  • Unique analytical concepts for Power BI only taught within these course modules
  • Access the Analyst Hub web applications to streamline Power BI development
  • Enterprise DNA Support Forum access
  • Enterprise DNA Ecosystems Community connect with other members directly in your industry and/or a business function
  • Enterprise DNA Knowledge Base guided learning documentation
  • Invitations to exclusive virtual training events Over 25 events per year
  • Individual course completion certificates
  • Become Power BI certified by Enterprise DNA and showcase your advanced analytic skills globally
  • Data Pulse Surveys to constantly monitor your Power BI implementation impact

Develop a Long Term Data and Analytics Culture

With us as your partner we will embed our best practices and expertise into your organization

Understanding and recognizing current state

Developing a vision for the ultimate state

Deployment & internal empowerment strategy

Implementation, governance & management

Develop your analytics and data culture flywheel

FAQs & Other Key Things To Note About Enterprise DNA's Center of Excellence

  • Can you create an invoice for my company?
    An invoice will be created by our team for you to settle your Enterprise DNA Center of Excellence's annual subscription.
  • What currency is the price in? All pricing is in USD for everything at Enterprise DNA Online. 
  • Do you offer one-off support or coaching? All support around Power BI and Enterprise DNA's online training content now occurs at the Enterprise DNA Support Forum
  • Can I buy one license and share it with other people? You can transfer your license if a user or employee leaves your organization or after user has had their license for one year.
  • Can I reduce the number of licenses for my company anytime?
    You can only reduce the number of licenses assigned to your company before you renew your contract.
  • Are there any limitations of what I can access?
    With Enterprise DNA Center of Excellence, you may access all courses, resources, Support Forum, and join corporate events anytime for as long as your license is active. All access is managed through the CoE portal.

"Having recently started my own data visualisation consultancy it has been a godsend to have such a great repository of guides and information for when I need to brush up on a skill or learn a new one when I come up against a requirement I haven't dealt with before. Enterprise DNA is fantastic website and great resource." - James Egan

"Great tutorials by Enterprise DNA to get someone who has no idea about Power BI up and running within a matter of days. I created my first visual dashboard for supplier tracking within 2 days of going through some of the tutorials on basic DAX and visualization. Possibly the best comprehensive training program I have ever been a part of! Great stuff!" - N Bhatia

"With 15+ years of software development behind my back (Object-Oriented, DB, ...), I started looking at Power BI. Looked at couple online sources, then a friend referred me to Enterprise DNA. I am really impressed by the amount and quality of the content. So, if you are serious about Power BI, then Enterprise DNA should be on top of your list." - Vladimir

Enterprise DNA Center of Excellence Pricing

How many Power BI users require training?





Per User, Paid Annually
1 - 50 Employees

Per User, Paid Annually
51 - 100 Employees

Per User, Paid Annually
100+ Employees