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About This Path

Embark on an enlightening journey to harness the transformative capabilities of ChatGPT in the realm of data analytics. This learning path meticulously weaves the revolutionary features of ChatGPT into the fabric of modern data analysis tools, particularly Power BI. 

To begin, you'll dive deep into the world of ChatGPT, understanding its architecture, best practices, and potential real-life applications. This foundational knowledge will set the stage for you to appreciate the symbiotic relationship between ChatGPT and data analytics tools. 

Subsequently, the path segues into the exhilarating fusion of ChatGPT and Power BI. You'll explore how ChatGPT acts as a trusted advisor, enhancing the quality of dashboards, expediting workflows, and offering innovative insights. Through practical learning examples, you'll see firsthand how the integration of ChatGPT can elevate your Power BI projects, making them more intuitive, efficient, and insightful. 

This path is not just about learning; it's about experiencing the future of data analytics, where AI-driven tools like ChatGPT become indispensable allies in your analytical endeavors. 

Who Should Take This Path

  • Data analysts keen on supercharging their analytical processes with the prowess of ChatGPT
  • Power BI users eager to harness AI-driven recommendations to amplify their projects
  • Developers and professionals looking to stay ahead of the curve by integrating AI capabilities into their toolkit. 
  • Individuals curious about the confluence of AI and data analytics and its potential to redefine the industry. 

What Are The Path Requirements

  • A basic understanding of Power BI and data analysis techniques for the second course
  • Familiarity with data modeling and DAX
  • Foundational knowledge of programming
  • An active Power BI account for any hands-on exercises involving Power BI
  • There are no prerequisites for the first course, but participants should have an eagerness to learn

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