Discover best practice Power BI development methods

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Management Insights in Power BI
Customer Analytics in Power BI
Multi Threaded Dynamic Visuals in Power BI

Management Insights

Understanding Your Customers

Multi Threaded Dynamic Visuals

Advanced Power BI development techniques with compelling visuals. Create detailed insights for management or executive groups

Learn everything you need to know from your customer data. Analyse trends over time, how customer sales are tracking versus last year and customer profitability

Create dynamic visuals that make your analysis stand out. Have multiple visual selection possibilities within one report page


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DAX Formula Reference Guide Download

Master DAX functions in Power BI Using This Resource

Details of what you will find in the download:

  • 60 Page Formula Reference E-Book
  • All major DAX functions reviewed & explained
  • Easy to navigate with linked table of contents
  • Sorted into intuitive formula groups
  • Learn the input requirements for each DAX function
  • Understand what each function does
  • Review how to use each major DAX function

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Free Power BI Training Courses 

Join many 1000s mastering Power BI at Enterprise DNA Online

Enterprise DNA Free Course Ultimate Beginners Guide to DAX

Details of what you will learn:

  • How to use Power BI as an analytical engine
  • How to automate analysis and reporting
  • How to apply Power BI and DAX to find answers
  • Find the insights that make a difference
  • Develop compelling visualisations
  • Develop a best practice Power BI model
  • Publish and utilise the Power BI online service

Details of what you will learn:

  • What DAX is and why you need to learn it
  • Formula syntax, writing comments & variables
  • How the data model and DAX calculations work together
  • What the most important concept of DAX is - CONTEXT
  • What the CALCULATE statement does
  • What table functions are and when to use them
  • Time intelligence functions
  • The importance of learning DAX well


On-Demand Workshop Series

All workshops contain resource packages for download

Customer Insights 

Dashboard Makeover Session

Scenario Analysis Patterns 

Customer Insights in Power BI
Dashboard Makeover Session in Power BI
Develop complex scenario analysis in Power BI

Create compelling visualizations:

  • That make consumers go "Wow!"
  • That use all the customisation features available
  • That engage consumers and make viewers come back for more
  • That set you apart from your peers

Use Power BI and learn how to:

  • Assess a data set and think about what insights you want to showcase
  • Architect a data model with the correct relationships
  • Use DAX to discover interesting insights
  • Develop an entire reporting dashboard that contains compelling insights within an hour

Develop complex Power BI solutions:

  • Deep-dive into scenario analysis capabilities
  • 'What if' techniques to shock business variables
  • Build predictive Power BI models that add value
  • Automate your advanced reporting insights