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Power BI

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Gregory I Felton, CA

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Execute On Your Data Culture Using Power BI

Take advantage of our comprehensive Power BI strategy and deployment resources, dedicated to empowering data leaders.

The Ultimate Power BI Deployment Guide

A comprehensive document detailing the best practices involved in a successful Power BI deployment.

Discover Enterprise DNA's philosophy and implementation strategies to enhance the data culture within your organization.


Power BI Deployment Checklist

A detailed checklist covering all the essential decisions and process workflows for deploying Power BI.

Power BI Implementation
Planner & Timeline

An essential timeline reference for managing the steps to a well-executed Power BI implementation.

Learn How to Develop Your Own
Power BI Center of Excellence

Get your team leaders and executive to take our custom assessment, and receive a detailed report evaluating if you are ready to build your data culture using Power BI

Enterprise DNA Power BI Deployment Essentials

Power BI Deployment Essentials

COMING SOON - A free course detailing essential advice and ideas around successfully deploying Power BI throughout an organization. Covering best practices, what roadblocks to avoid, tips on driving a data culture, technical considerations and so much more.

Power BI Licensing Planner

Need help deciding what Power BI license is right for you and your organization? We've simplified everything you need to know into one document, making it easy for you to quickly assess what fits with your Power BI deployment.

Need Solid Advice Around Your Power BI Implementation?

Check out all our virtual events and learn what it takes to successfully execute on your Power BI deployment

Check out our popular virtual events dedicated to informing our partners how to manage and empower their teams around all things Power BI.

Building Your Power BI Center Of Excellence

"I was having a lot of problems understanding DAX, and context, but after learning from Sam, I got better and now I can do a lot more and better and get easy and much analytical without complications, do to his technics and teaching, thank you Enterprise DNA!" Octavio Romero

"Material is always presented clearly, and with obvious enthusiasm. Attending one of Enterprise DNA's webinars or classes is always a pleasure because he clearly delights in teaching others how to improve their Power BI skills. Keep up the great work!" Heather R

"Enterprise DNA is excellent at explaining the content, it is broken down into nice little segments. After watching many Youtube videos trying to get started with Power BI, this is the only place where I can find well laid out, organized, material that truly guides me in understand the application. Thank you!" CJ Hurtig

"Simple and easy to follow presentation for absolute beginners. The content of this course was relevant to people who are new to Power BI. It is the most relevant course about introduction Power BI than any course available out there." Zamuxolo Wawa

"Clear examples and easy to follow and practice on my own. This course has given me an overall insight into Power BI tool with great examples that are well thought of to show different scenarios that we might encounter during an actual work situation." Tsinu Meseret

"Kudos and thanks for enlightening us on the full potential of Power BI. A lot of hardwork and commitment must have gone into this endeavor. It might well be that you may have spent more time on the product on an individual basis than the developers themselves." Sundaram Surampudi

Super Charge Your Power BI Development
The Analyst Hub

We've built the ultimate productivity and collaboration tool for Power BI users

Improving the speed and effectiveness of Power BI development work within organizations by a factor of 3x.

  • A web based application built completely for Power BI users
  • Manage internal Power BI projects effectively with complete visibility of analytics development cycle
  • A community based app that brings tips and techniques together for all users to benefit

Discover Best Practice Power BI Development Methods

Gain access to the below PBIX files to see how quality Power BI models are created

Management Insights in Power BI
Customer Analytics in Power BI
Multi Threaded Dynamic Visuals in Power BI

Management Insights

Understanding Your Customers

Multi Threaded Dynamic Visuals

Advanced Power BI development techniques with compelling visuals. Create detailed insights for management or executive groups

Learn everything you need to know from your customer data. Analyse trends over time, how customer sales are tracking versus last year and customer profitability

Create dynamic visuals that make your analysis stand out. Have multiple visual selection possibilities within one report page


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DAX Formula Reference Guide Download

Master DAX functions in Power BI Using This Resource

Details of what you will find in the download:

  • 60 Page Formula Reference E-Book
  • All major DAX functions reviewed & explained
  • Easy to navigate with linked table of contents
  • Sorted into intuitive formula groups
  • Learn the input requirements for each DAX function
  • Understand what each function does
  • Review how to use each major DAX function

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Optimizing DAX Download

General Guidelines and Best Practices

Details of what you will find in the download:

  • Data Modelling Do's and Dont's
  • DAX Optimization tips and tricks
  • Measures best practices
  • Vertipaq operator types

Extended Date Table Cheat Sheet

Benefits of downloading the cheat sheet:

  • An essential accompaniment to the Enterprise DNA Extended Date Table – the gold standard for Date tables within Power BI data models
  • Provides a comprehensive list of every field in the Extended Date Table with a sample value for each field, showing its form/format
  • New additions to this version: columns to show the data type of each field, and which field to use to sort the current field – proactively answering one of the most commonly asked forum questions

Free Power BI Training Courses 

Join many 1000s mastering Power BI at Enterprise DNA Online

Ultimate Beginners Guide to Power BI Laptop
Ultimate Beginners Guide to Power DAX Laptop

Details of what you will learn:

  • How to use Power BI as an analytical engine
  • How to automate analysis and reporting
  • How to apply Power BI and DAX to find answers
  • Find the insights that make a difference
  • Develop compelling visualisations
  • Develop a best practice Power BI model
  • Publish and utilise the Power BI online service

Details of what you will learn:

  • What DAX is and why you need to learn it
  • Formula syntax, writing comments & variables
  • How the data model and DAX calculations work together
  • What the most important concept of DAX is - CONTEXT
  • What the CALCULATE statement does
  • What table functions are and when to use them
  • Time intelligence functions
  • The importance of learning DAX well


On-Demand Workshop Series

All workshops contain resource packages for download

Advanced Budgeting

Effective Power BI Reporting 2020

Detecting and Showcasing Outliers

Budgeting Techniques in Power BI - Enterprise DNA
Management Insights - Enterprise DNA

Budgeting Techniques in Power BI:

  • Manage data at different granularities
  • Budgeting visualization techniques
  • Master advanced DAX functions & patterns
  • Highlighting key indicators
  • Reviewing the latest new Power BI features

Create compelling visualizations:

  • Master the key components of high quality model development
  • Comprehensive insights and resources available
  • Produce amazing insights including running custom scenarios on your raw data

Develop complex Power BI solutions:

  • Creating scatter charts and breaking-out outlier results
  • Comparing customers who are considered outliers versus those that aren’t
  • Showcasing dynamically how outlier customer groups change over time
  • Drilling down into what causes outliers through time