Mastering DAX Calculations

Create advanced analytical models by learning how to harness the power of DAX calculations for use within Power BI

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An outline of this training course

This training will take you from a beginner to advanced user of Power BI by utilising the powerful DAX language to the fullest. Covered in the course material are all the beginner theory that you must understand very well to harness the analytical power of DAX. Through real-world scenarios you will be taken through how to use DAX in practice to discover the insights you want to find in your data. Covered are every major DAX function and how to use these when completing calculations and in combination with each other. DAX is the most difficult part of Power BI to learn and put into practice well. This course covers all major tips and techniques that if practiced will have any Power BI user creating compelling Power BI reports and solutions.

Participants of this module should have basic knowledge and understanding of how to use Power BI and DAX. It is recommended to have completed the Ultimate Beginners Guide to Power BI and DAX, and the Power BI Super Users Workshop modules. No other advance preparation needed to take this course.

Details of what you will learn during this course

  • Learn - what DAX is and the journey required to master it
  • Understand - what you can achieve with DAX if learnt well
  • Review - DAX basics, including calculated columns vs measures, context & aggregation vs iteration formulas
  • Understand - why a quality data model is so important
  • Complete - a deep dive into simple aggregation and iterating functions
  • Review - the concept of 'context' comprehensively
  • Learn - the most important function in DAX, CALCULATE
  • Learn - all the major table and filtering functions
  • Review - how to use DAX in common analytical scenarios
  • Gain - a detailed overview of time intelligence functions and how to use within your models
  • Learn - advanced table functions and how to use them
  • Master - some of the most complex topics around how DAX actually works

What you get with the course

  • More than 9 hours of course videos
  • 1x demo data sets to follow along when practicing all DAX formula

Here are the specifics for the course

Learn how to:

  • Use DAX and also what you can achieve with DAX if utilised well
  • Structure and format DAX formula
  • Use DAX variables in your formulas effectively
  • Use calculated columns and measures in your models
  • Write aggregation, iteration and table DAX functions
  • Implement DAX functions in combination with each other
  • Visualise how the DAX calculation engine works via the concept of 'context'
  • Audit your formulas by understand filter and row context
  • Use the CALCULATE function in your analysis
  • Add additional virtual filters to your calculations by using table functions
  • Use DAX to solve common analytical scenarios you will face everyday in the real world
  • Use time intelligence table along with a quality date table
  • Use advanced table functions in unique calculation requirements

Program Level


Field(s) of Study

Computer Software & App

Instruction Delivery Method

QAS Self-study

CPE Credits Awarded

14 CPE Credits

***This course was last updated in December 2019

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Mastering DAX Calculations


Introduction to DAX


DAX Basics


Getting started with DAX


Introducing Simple Table Functions


Expanding on CONTEXT


CALCULATE statement


Time Intelligence Functions


Advanced Techniques For Variables


Creating Virtual Relationships


Advanced Table Functions


Ranking Functions


Advanced DAX Formula Combination Examples


DAX Theoretical Foundations: Power BI Concepts Explained Quiz


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