Analytics In The Life Insurance Industry

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Sam McKay

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Join Christine Greenleaf as she discusses how analytics helps the insurance industry. In this podcast episode, she also talks about how the lines between data science and data analytics are blurring, and how these two fields can help industries that have exponential data growth.
What You’ll Learn From This Episode
  • Data evangelism:get your small wins to get buy in
  • The lines are blurring between data science and dataanalytics
  • What to prioritize when it comes to analytics initiatives
  • Working with the initiated and uninitiated when it comes to BigData
  • How to show ROI on data analytics initiatives
  • Things to expect from the analyticsspace
About The Show

The Analytic Mind podcast provides an opportunity to learn from a diverse range of global data leaders. Hosted by Sam McKay, CEO of Enterprise DNA. Covered will be a range of data and analytics topics keeping you up to date with recent trends, organizational challenges, and opportunities for innovation in this exciting space.