Business Intelligence In The Aerospace Industry

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In this episode, Bruno Reis discusses the impact of business intelligence in the aerospace industry. He talks about the challenges he encountered and how building a strong governance model helped his organization scale up.As long-time fans of Power BI, Bruno and Sam talk about what’s still possible with Microsoft’s analytics tool and what users can look forward to from the Microsoft ecosystem.
What You’ll Learn From This Episode
  • BI in the aerospace industry
  • Obstacles while aggregating data and how to resolvethem
  • How to create a data structure that allows you to scale up
  • Using the Microsoft stack
  • Why you need to optimize yourdataset
  • Strategies on consumer engagement
  • Data-driven business is about the culture, not thetools
  • Howtoimprove your data initiatives
  • What’s possible with PowerBI
  • Things to lookforward toin theMicrosoftecosystem
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