Exploring ChatGPT And The Future Of AI

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About Brian Julius

Brian Julius is a data expert and a regular contributor to the Analytic Mind podcast. He has a keen eye for the latest trends and developments in the data industry. Brian is constantly testing and exploring new technologies, such as Chat GPT, to determine how they can be used to enhance data analysis and development. He is passionate about helping people understand and use data more effectively, and leveraging the potential of AI tools to increase efficiency and productivity. Brian is an incredibly knowledgeable and inspiring speaker and is sure to bring a wealth of insight to the Analytic Mind podcast.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode
In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. Why Chat GPT is not a threat to your Data Analysis career, but an enabling tool.
  2. Open AI's potential to upend Google's dominance.
  3. Insights on the recent Power BI Updates and Features
  4. A sneak peek at what Enterprise DNA has in store

Topics Covered: 

  • 02:17 - Brian's first impression of ChatGPT and how it has evolved since he first used it.
  • 05:25 - Chat GPT as an enabling tool for your Data Analytics career. 
  • 14:33 - Could Chat GPT upend Google’s dominance?
  • 21:40 - Insights on the latest Power BI Updates and Features 
  • 34:05 - Exciting thing going on at Enterprise DNA

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Key Takeaways
The use of advanced language generation models like GPT-3 in data analytics could increase the efficiency and effectiveness of Power BI processes, as well as enhance the skills and career prospects of data analysts. However, it is important to note that GPT-3 and similar models are still in the early stages of development and may not always be reliable or accurate. It is therefore essential to exercise caution and judgment when using these tools and to thoroughly validate and verify any results or insights they generate.
About The Show

The Analytic Mind podcast provides an opportunity to learn from a diverse range of global data leaders. Hosted by Sam McKay, CEO of Enterprise DNA. Covered will be a range of data and analytics topics keeping you up to date with recent trends, organizational challenges, and opportunities for innovation in this exciting space.