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In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. How Greg Hamper found his way into the analytics space from his previous career in the US Marine Corps.
2. The challenge of integrating data from different systems during a merger or acquisition.
3. How to develop an effective workspace environment in a large organization such as Parker Hannifin Corporation.
What You’ll Learn From This Episode

00:00 Introduction 

02:28 Marine Corps to Analytics Transition

06:55 First Encounter with Power BI 

10:00 Data Integration using Power BI, Power Query, and Excel

16:34 Workspace Organization in a Large Business

25:37 Notable Quick Wins

37:42 An insight into Greg's journey with Power BI

46:47 Why Data Architecture is Important

49:27 Greg's Thoughts on the Future of Power BI

01:05:09 Final Thoughts from Greg

Key Takeaways

Resources Mentioned 

MidJourney AI - 

ChatGPT - 

Enterprise DNA Forum -  

Enterprise DNA YouTube Channel - 

About The Show

The Analytic Mind podcast provides an opportunity to learn from a diverse range of global data leaders. Hosted by Sam McKay, CEO of Enterprise DNA. Covered will be a range of data and analytics topics keeping you up to date with recent trends, organizational challenges, and opportunities for innovation in this exciting space.