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There’s no question that it is important for companies to understand their data. The challenge most businesses face, however, is that they lack the time and manpower to gather, analyze, and report all of their relevant data. Moreover, big data has made it even more difficult for business owners to make decisions based on information spread out across multiple systems. How can businesses find solutions that will allow them to slice and dice data in many ways so that they can understand how different areas of the business perform?Pascal Kiefer is a Business Intelligence enthusiast and the founder of K Team Solutions Ltd as well as BI Samurai. He and his team of BI Samurais implement Power BI solutions for clients of all sizes and industries around the globe. His company K Team Solutions has developed a couple of Custom Visuals for Power BI. Pascal is coming from a finance background and used to work with SAP back in the days but quickly switch to Microsoft technology after opening his own business in 2016.In this episode, Pascal talks about what motivated him to establish K Team Solutions, how he manages the standardization and visualization of report design, and how he enables clients to get their jobs done.
What You’ll Learn From This Episode
  • Pascal's motivation for establishing K Team Solutions
  • What companies have in common with regards to data management
  • How Pascal manages the standardization and visualization of report design
  • Pascal's thought process for designing workspaces
  • How he enables clients to get their jobs done
  • How businesses can cope with Power BI's developing enterprise features
  • The most interesting project he has ever worked on
Key Takeaways

"You need to guide people through their own thought process. You need to understand what they do, why they do it, and then build this into the report. It's sort of one application that can answer not only the big question, but really drill down into the details and find specific and detailed answers to whatever questions they might have." Pascal Kiefer

"As Power BI has matured and a lot more enterprise features have been implemented into it. I feel like the maturity of a company strategy around Power BI has had to keep up and has maybe lagged quite a lot. The strategy pace of how you actually deploy an overall implementation of Power BI has become more relevant than it has ever before." Sam McKay

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