Marketing Your Data Analytics Skills As An Analytics Architect

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Data analytics skills are in high demand. Increasingly, companies are hiring data analytics skills not just to conduct research and generate reports, but also to act as thought leaders who will help companies gain a competitive edge by leveraging their skills strategically. No matter how experienced you are in data analytics, there are many marketing strategies you can implement as a data architect. You can demonstrate your value to employers by staying up-to-date on the latest technological innovations.Sam McKay interviews Reid Havens, the founder of Havens Consulting Inc. and a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP). You can learn about his thoughts on Data Architecture, how to offer your skills as an Analytics Architect, and gain insight from the MVP community as well as Microsoft.
What You’ll Learn From This Episode
  • The three cornerstones that solidify Reid's career in Data Analytics. His Attitude perseverance and tenacity, Certifications, and Network  attending local meet-ups.
  • The type of collaboration that occurs between Microsoft MVPs.
  • Know the difference between a Data Analyst and a Data Architect. Gain an understanding of the concept of Data Architecture and how to present yourself as a consultant.
  • Identify interesting applications around the Power Platforms that can improve Power BI applications within an organization or for an individual.
Key Takeaways

A lot of small to medium-size steps. I kept going for a lot of this stuff that eventually led to me to run my own business and everything. But I think with each one of those, it's kind of like Edison with the light bulb. Like I did not succeed my first time with a lot of these attempts to doing things. It was, many failure or attempts at looking at different things before I found a foothold in something that is related to my career. But it was really just like not giving up with a lot of the circumstances. I'm very happy where I am. It was a, I think a lot of appreciative opportunities. But also those opportunities came through because I just kept putting myself out there." – Reid Havens

"With a lot of these enterprise features that you've mentioned earlier, that has been developed and implemented and are now fully mature in the platform. They require a more high level governance, a high level architecture. And this is a way as an individual. You can sell your expertise and get high a value for your expertise, than just coming and building a report. That is my view. That features are there now. And it's just about coming in and showing users how to scale-ably implement Power BI." – Sam McKay

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