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Analyzing, interpreting, and monitoring data is crucial for a business or an organization, and things have never been easier than using Power BI.Microsoft Power BI creates an analytical environment for monitoring data and sharing reports. It delivers interactive data visualization BI capabilities allowing users to see and share data and insights throughout their organization.In this episode of The Analytic Mind Podcast, Sam McKay interviews Greg Deckler, Vice President (Microsoft) at Fusion Alliance and is also part of the team at Enterprise DNA, helping them move the needle on some great initiatives.Find out many exciting things that are going on with Power BI, tapping on automation and other possible features.Greg Deckler has been a professional technology consultant for over 28 years. He is also a Six-time Microsoft MVP for Data Platform and author of the books Mastering Power BI, Power BI Cookbook, DAX Cookbook, and Learn Power BI.Fusion Alliance creates digital, data, and technology solutions that keep you moving forward, with a team of big-picture thinkers, technology-minded creatives, data scientists, and technical experts coming alongside your team to deliver scalable, future-focused solutions for your most complex goals.
What You’ll Learn From This Episode
  • The reemergence of a radically different and revolutionary tool, Power BI.
  • Greg Beckler’s journey with the Power BI external toolbar.
  • The Power BI desktop API and its unlimited possibilities.
  • Fusion Alliance's strategic data management practice and type of engagements.
  • Data architecture and golden data set building.
  • Global adoption growth potential, untapped market, and huge learning curve.
Key Takeaways

”Everybody seems to want to build like this single tool that does like 50 different things, I guess, I think differently about that. I would rather have a tool and have it do one thing really well. It's specifically designed for a purpose. It doesn't have any kind of bloating or anything around it, when you want to use it, you launch it. And there you go. It's kind of weird. Some of these tools have five or six different things they do, and they don't relate at all to one another. It's just, 'Hey, here's some functionality.' I don't know if that's the right philosophy or not, but I tend to think complexity is evil. So I try to avoid it.”– Greg Deckler

About The Show

The Analytic Mind podcast provides an opportunity to learn from a diverse range of global data leaders. Hosted by Sam McKay, CEO of Enterprise DNA. Covered will be a range of data and analytics topics keeping you up to date with recent trends, organizational challenges, and opportunities for innovation in this exciting space.